car insurance

car insurance

I reserved a model x a few weeks ago. Just wondering for you model s owners. Is there any major price difference in your insurance premium since this is a very expensive car?


jjs | 14 mei 2014

The only difference I have seen is full coverage is higher than what I am accustomed to due to the higher price tag of the vehicle. This vehicle is more than twice what I have paid for any other car.

Anyone out there with more experience with other comparably priced ICE vehicles?

vandacca | 14 mei 2014

Great question! A follow-up question would be "did anyone have issues getting insurance because the vehicle is so new that the insurance companies didn't know what rates to charge?"


ADP | 15 mei 2014

I don't own a Model S yet but I decided to call my insurance company to get an insurance quote. The insurance premium was actually $400 per year cheaper than the insurance I currently pay on my Honda Odyssey.

I spoke to client consultants at the Tesla store and they told me current Model S owners are experiencing similar reductions in premiums. They explained the Model S is a very safe car. Secondly, the consultant said "you can't steal the car". That quote peaked my curiosity and I asked why. He said electric cars can't be hot wired and you need the key fob. If someone actually stole your key fob and tried to steal the car, you can call Tesla and they will shut the car down. Thus there is no market for stolen Teslas.

I'm in Toronto Canada.

Roamer@AZ USA | 15 mei 2014

ADP, and there is no market for parts since the car is so new. Since you can track the car on your iPhone even if stolen it would be easy to find.

Brian H | 15 mei 2014


Also, personal injury claims are rock bottom; repairs to the car are pricey, but this is minor by comparison.

txgreen | 16 mei 2014

When deciding whether to buy the model S I contacted our current insurance co, Amica, to ask about rates. They would not give me a quote without my providing them a VIN number! So, I requested a quote from Geico which seemed very similar to what we're already paying for our ICE vehicles. The rep at Geico said she had insured another Tesla in the past few days. | 25 juni 2014

I don't have my Model S yet but I've checked on insurance with Geico and my current carrier, AAA. I always though AAA was a bit more expensive but I've had them for 30 years or so and they have been very good with the very few issues I've had.

Geico quoted me $1,857 a year and AAA was $1,814 a year for the exact same coverage. I was happy to see that I would be staying with AAA.

I went on line to check on Progressive but they didn't even have TELSA in their list of autos.

I'm doing my test ride today but I know I don't need it. It was the same when I bought my Prius. No test ride, just plunked the money down. About 1/3 what the TESLA will cost but the TESLA will be 3 times the fun.

Brian H | 25 juni 2014

I wasn't aware the Prius provided any "fun". So 3X doesn't amount to much! | 27 juni 2014

Good point. Although the Prius has been a very dependable and inexpensive car to drive. 90,000 miles with nary a hid-up. But I guess fun shouldn't be used to describe it.

Brian H | 27 juni 2014


Someone actually opined that the Prius was more futuristic and beautiful than the MS. No accounting ...

Orthopod | 30 juni 2014

did anyone ever compare the insurance rice of a Fisker Karma, a MS, a BMW i3 and a Chevy Volt?

Brian H | 1 juli 2014

boiled or fried?

NumberOne | 2 juli 2014

Sounds steamed to me!

runonmd1 | 2 juli 2014

To ADP...

I think Spell Check (?SpellCheck) let you down.

I think it's "piqued your curiosity" rather than "peaked."

I enjoyed reading your post, though...

benemac | 3 augustus 2014

We went for a quote with Liberty Mutual in AZ. For 2 cars and a 12 month policy premium, we were quoted $994. Some of the discounts is early shopping, new to Liberty, multi policy, multi car...
We will have our Tesla early September along with keeping the Honda Del Sol. 100/300 and $500 deductible for the Tesla. $1000 for the Honda without collision. Surprisingly, the honda has higher costs for the Bodily Injury by $60 and Property Damage by $30, but the Collision makes up for it. And a lower deductible plays a part. We intend to insure the house as well. Nice thing about them is we're locked in for a year so if Teslas begin having large payouts, they won't raise it until Sept 2015.
I know there are many variables, but I thought this might help others. Make sure you mention the tracking system. It brought the price down and this was unknown by the agent. They may call the discount, Vehicle Safety. Good luck everyone!