"Car Needs Service" in red, screen frozen

"Car Needs Service" in red, screen frozen

Got in my car today and across the top of the touchscreen in a red bar it said "Car Needs Service". The screen was frozen. I touched the brake and the car did go to drive and then I put it back into park. I reset the touchscreen and when it started back up the message was gone and the screen was responsive.

I was in the car with my daughter going to soccer and we leave tomorrow for vacation. In other words, this is not something I wanted to deal with today so we took my wife's car and I will test everything when we get back in a week. I'll hop into the car later and see if the message is back but I definitely don't want to take it for a drive and get stuck somewhere when we have an early morning flight tomorrow.

Has anybody else seen this message? Do you think it was simply b/c the screen was frozen or do you think the fact that it said "Car Needs Service" means this is a bigger issue than a frozen screen?

Tâm | 27 april 2014

"Car Needs Service" is displayed when it is in the middle of firmware updating.

In that case, no big deal, just reboot the 2 screens and re-apply the update.

If you were not doing a firmware update then you should call Tesla so they can retrieve the log and tell you what happened.

Captain_Zap | 27 april 2014

Call ownership so that they can look and see what the log says. Tell them when you first saw the error.

You might try a driver's cluster reboot too. That is the two buttons above the scroll wheels. You have to hold them down several seconds until things go dark. The reboots are several seconds to initiate.

amitb00 | 27 april 2014

I had same problem when my Stela upgraded to 5.9. I called Tesla and they told me to reboot. Most likely you have no issue.

Captain_Zap | 27 april 2014

Regardless, still let Tesla know it happened!

jacklum | 26 mei 2014

I had the same problem as ks-man! My Tesla Model s 85 was still in the garage this morning. Called Tesla road service and I followed their instructions to re-set or re-boot the touchscreen. Now, everything seems back to normal. Tesla service told me to take my car to service tomorrow, since they are closed on Memorial Day.

lel1423 | 21 september 2014

How do you reboot the main touchscreen?

Bighorn | 21 september 2014

Hold down the two scroll wheels for about 19 seconds, until the screen blacks out. Be patient for the reboot.

Bighorn | 21 september 2014

10 seconds.

Captain_Zap | 21 september 2014

Sometimes, if you were updating. you will get the red warning if the update did not completely install.

Also, there is a less ominous message you can get that just tells you that the update did not install completely.

Sometimes Tesla can just send you a new update if you notify them.

Tesltoronto | 21 september 2014

I had got the message GPS needs updating (not same words) but I ignored it. Haven't had the "Car Needs Service" message yet.

xrayangiodoc | 23 september 2014

Same thing happened to me when I disconnected my HPWC and got in my 2014 MS. This was about a week before the V6 upgrade. Did a screen reboot and things have been normal since. Both V6 upgrades installed without incident. Didn't bother calling service. Figured that if the problem was real that the warning would still be displayed.

Drking112 | 19 augustus 2015

Rebooting screen did not solve problem any suggestions