center console

center console

I think teslaaccessories made a beautiful center console, albeit at a price that's higher than what I'm willing to pay. It also doesn't have the exact features that I personally would care for. So with that said, I took to exploring an alternate route.

Console Config: Two cup holders (not side by side but front back) followed by an iphone mount by followed by a tray followed by open space. The sides would be upholstered with matching leather. The top is TBD, but likely plastic so that you can trim it with any surface you want on top of it.

I don't have any fancy cad/cam drawings just a concept that I shared with a local upholstery shop. The price tag is about ~$500-$550. Which I think is still a bit pricey but may be able to get it down substantially like $350-$400 if we can organize a group buy and get 5-10 of these made. I am NOT looking to make any $ on this, just thinking of i) enough people like the config I'm suggesting ; and ii) want a cheaper (not as nice option as the CCI) it may prove viable.

Anyone interested?

riceuguy | 28 februari 2013

I'd be in on this in a heartbeat--mostly. I've been agonizing over the standard CCI from Teslaccessories and it's just not quite what I need and it's just more than I want to spend for something that's not exactly what I need. I'm a Galaxy S3 user rather than an iPhone user, so I'm wondering if there's a way to just leave a gap for a Proclip so that we can pick the appropriate one? You've nailed the price point, and if you go with black plactic it goes with most interiors. Please keep me posted. riceuguy (at) gmail (dot) com

jeroens | 1 maart 2013

I might also be interested.

cloroxbb | 1 maart 2013

That design is closer to what I would want.

Soflauthor | 1 maart 2013

@riceuguy: The CCI can accommodate the Galaxy S3 (and virtually every other smartphone) with no problem. We designed it so you can thread your own USB connecting cable. Therefore, as long as the phone isn't wider than 4 inches, it'll fit into the phone caddie.

If you want to stay up to date as the launch approaches, please get on the no-obligation CCI waiting list at our website,

Soflauthor | 1 maart 2013

@BorisT: Sorry about the above post, it isn't appropriate in this thread. Can't delete, so ... I misinterpreted the thrust the comments. Good luck with your project.

bp | 1 maart 2013

Wonder if we can get the design to 3D print a console at a lower price point...

The floor tray is tapered, making it pretty difficult to find anything off-the-shelf that will fit in the tray.

I tried adapting a cheap console from the local WalMart - and while I did get it to fit - with two usable cupholders, concealed storage and a place to hold cell phones - it looks very out-of-place in my P85! Though I might keep it in my frunk - and use it only when I need the extra cupholders for road trips - at least until I can find a better solution.

EVTripPlanner | 1 maart 2013

For those of you who want something simple, now and for under $40, mine works fine...with my S3 or an iPhone :-)

riceuguy | 1 maart 2013

@bp, can you share the detials as an interim option? I'm in the same's not my preference to do something ugly, but I'm pretty short and the current cupholder situation is really problematic for me!

jat | 1 maart 2013

@bp - The problem with 3D-printing is any reasonably priced printer is going to have a print volume of around a 5" cube. So, you would have to print it in segments and then glue them together. Also, the affordable ones don't have very good resolution, so it would still take some effort to sand them down to make the outside smooth. Finally, at the end of the day it will just be black plastic and won't look like it came as part of the car. But, the price is coming down and I suspect in a few years it would be feasible to do if you didn't mind it not looking like part of the car.

@Soflauthor - Personally, I would prefer the phone to be up near the front of the console held where it can actually be seen while driving - there are times I use it for navigation rather than the in-car navigation, because Google Navigation has the correct location for an address (like when I was going to Model S meetup!) or it is so much easier to just click on an address in calendar rather than having to retype the address. I also don't care about more cupholders, so as usual the difficulty is getting something that will please everyone.

strengthcoach4 | 1 maart 2013

Boris, count me in! I love the CCI, but in my personal opinion it's way too expensive. Not a knock against the product, it's just more than the value I feel I would receive from purchasing it.

BorisT | 1 maart 2013

@Soflauthor -- No worries at all. I really have a lot of respect for what you are doing in building a customizable high fit and finish product. Please by all means chime in - the topic is on point and let's give everyone all the options.

@riceguy -- yes you can install whatever mount you wish. The idea that i had is to create a spot that is toward the front-left of the car and wide enough to accommodate any smartphone (although I'm very biased to iPhones). The backplate will angle up which will allow you to mount any of the mounts you wish. I want it in the front-left so that you can see the phone's operations while driving and that it is NOT tucked away into an un-viewable position.

As for everyone else... Looks like there is enough interest so as to keep going. I'll get a price for 5 count and 10 count and let's see what we get.

As stated my thoughts are largely aimed at:
i) a nice fit / finish but not exotic (and I'm pretty picky)
ii) two cup holders toward the back (closest to usb plugs)
iii) a plate which will accept a phone mount on the left side (the proclipusa mounts will allow you to mount it at an upward angle)
iv) a tray that can store the misc. on the right side of the phone
v) and open space beyond that. I'd really like to put some concealed storage but I think that will get pricey.

Will keep everyone informed...

BorisT | 1 maart 2013

I've now firmed up a quote for this center console. I drew a picture (not to scale) but will serve as the guiding principle for the construction. I've committed to having 10 of these made for a total of $3,800. That's $380 per center console.

i) fit/finish: sides will be black leather; top will be black acrylic to match factory.
ii) two cup holders toward the back (closest to usb plugs) - see diagram
iii) a plate which will accept a phone mount on the left side (the proclipusa mounts will allow you to mount it at an upward angle)
iv) a tray that can store the misc. on the right side of the phone (i'm thinking sunglasses)
v) beyond that we would have a concealed compartment that would extend up to the factory tray. It would be accessed by some sort of roll up or flip up door (TBD)

Timing: Will be done inside two weeks.

Options/Colors: To quote Ford - you can have any colors you want as long as its black leather with the shiny black acrylic top. For this price he is not willing to customize colors. He's willing to add a second color combo but he would likely need a sample (donor car) to match it to and he would need several of the 10 orders in that color combo.

Location: Work is being done by an upholstery shop in Mountain View.

Can we get 10 people in the bay area who would like to pick up their consoles (as I really prefer to not ship these things around)? I'm not looking to make a dime on this transaction - I'll pay for mine just the same as everyone else and i'll have to give my car up for 3 days to have it built.

Now who's in?

Sid's Custom Upholstery

1917 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, CA

I have a drawing and will try to upload a picture and provide a link.

cloroxbb | 1 maart 2013

I would be down, except I would need shipping. Totally on the other side of the country :)

If you decide to do more of these in the future, please let us know!!!

BorisT | 1 maart 2013

and here's the iphone holder that i will use for myself -

AaronB | 1 maart 2013

I am very interested. If it looks good, I am game and could get it Mountain View.

Email me further details to Aaron at aaronburg dot com

blc1017 | 1 maart 2013

Boris...count me in. I am in the East Bay and can pick it up. Looks like I will get this before I get my car :(

JZ13 | 1 maart 2013

Great job Boris! I live in So Cal otherwise I would be interested. Will be watching with great curiosity.

BorisT | 1 maart 2013

3/10 down 7 to go... will send an email to everyone once we have a group.

nvjx | 1 maart 2013

Boris, I can pick it up from Mountain View - no problem. But I would like to see a picture or something which will show what it will actually look like.

nvjx | 1 maart 2013

Boris, My email is

Brian H | 1 maart 2013

HTML, not BBCode.
<img src="URL" width="600">

riceuguy | 1 maart 2013

Boris...I'm in Texas, but if you get to a point where you're willing to ship, please let me know! And definitely post pictures once you've got yours put in. I think you've really nailed the price point and the key features many of us want (two cupholders, a place for the phone, a covered spot for change or whatever, and a place to throw sunglasses, etc.). One suggestion...make sure the cupholders are good ones (e.g., springy things that grip the cups)!

riceuguy | 2 maart 2013

Oh, and if shipping means paying for shipping and a bit of profit for you to make it less of a hassle, I think most of us are ok with that! :-) Fortunately my car is still 4-6 weeks away... (ok, not having a good CCI option just yet is the ONLY good thing about the waiting!)

BorisT | 2 maart 2013

what cupholder do you guys like? Send a link? Open to recommendations there. I was thinking of going to a marine store as they have several.

kyleket | 2 maart 2013


Certainly post the finished product. You might make a lot of business for the shop (if they can handle it, that is), as a number of us are interested.

Great work!

GeekEV | 2 maart 2013

I am interested, but would like to see the finished product before committing.

The best cup holders I've ever had were in my civic. They'll hold anything securely...

BorisT | 2 maart 2013

@Greek EV -- A good suggestion although the piece has a tray and some angular work on it. However you gave me a good idea. The car the Tesla MS replaced was a 330i bmw and it had awesome cupholders. I also found them new for a reasonable price on ebay:

So I'm thinking that's the cupholder unless anyone else has a better suggestion.

Hills | 2 maart 2013

I am interested and applaud your effor, but like others, I don't know enough about what the product will look like or Sid's reputation to commit. Will the console slide under the current cubby? Will the console be easily removable?
If you wish, you can email me at

BorisT | 2 maart 2013

@Hills - I realize this is a bit of a gamble (and i feel the same way as well). The console will be removable as by nature i don't like anything that isn't reversible when mod'ing a car. Will see how many people we get - we might not hit the 10 mark in which case maybe will try to build 5 of them. Of course once the shop does them we may find that others will buy and can just work directly with the shop. To build just one is prohibitively expensive which is my motivation to get several done. Hope that makes sense.

Hills | 2 maart 2013

I currently have a small Michael's tote bag under the cubby. For $15 it can stash a lot of little stuff and is virtually invisible from outside the car which I like. This was @nickjhowe's idea and he posted pictures elsewhere. My assumption is that your center console will slide under the cubby and thus occupy the space where my tote bag is?

It is actually less about the money. What do women pay for purses? Soflauthor's product looks beautiful, but like you, I did not like the functional design.

Pungoteague_Dave | 2 maart 2013

Boris T,
The 330 cup holders are excellent. I am in if it looks good, will need to see the product pictures.

alfafoxtrot1 | 2 maart 2013

I'm almost ready to pull the trigger. Would you be willing to drop one off at a ups/kinkos store so they could pack it and ship it to me in Chicago? I would make the arrangements directly with them for shipping.

BorisT | 2 maart 2013

yes i can drop it off at a fedex/kinkos - that's easy.

As for the 330 cup holders I'm concerned they just won't look right. From an aesthetic perspective the cup holder needs to be a round hole that will be surrounded by the black acrylic paint. So I don't think it would be a good idea to use 330i cup holders as they are an integrated unit. They certainly are good and were cheap enough but I want to keep this looking as factory as possible.

Does anyone think i'm wrong?

I'm thinking of going with a stainless cup holder. like:

dr.jacks.tesla | 2 maart 2013

How much are the teslaaccessories CCI?

Suprkar | 2 maart 2013

I am also interested. If you would take mine to UPS store or Kinkos. Perfect price point.

alfafoxtrot1 | 3 maart 2013

Boris - I'm having second thoughts. My car is two weeks' out. I'm going to live with it a bit first. I fully support what you are doing, and this is a great use of the forum and TM community. Best of luck to you and the group that builds the Boris console.

ChasF | 3 maart 2013

@ dr.jacks.tesla

around $900 for the standard CCI. $1150 ish for the custom CCI (obeche, lacewood, etc).

gasnomo | 3 maart 2013

Looks great, I'd be in...but where do you see the Tesla designed one? Don't see it on Tesla gear...

jbherman | 3 maart 2013

cfriedberg: There is no center console offered from Tesla, so you won't find it in the Tesla online store. A 3rd party manufacturer is offering the one I believe you're looking for at

gasnomo | 3 maart 2013

Ah! Thanks for the clarification jbherman...

GeekEV | 3 maart 2013

@BorisT - The stainless ones certainly would make for an easier cleaner install, but functionality wise the ones you and I both mentiond would work better. I think the square ones would blend pretty nicely with the rectangular trays and hidden compartment you're proposing.

BorisT | 3 maart 2013

@Geek EV - thanks for feedback - i do agree with you. trying to balance a factory look with functionality. I can't seem to find round drop in cupholders with some type of tension/spring inside of them. That very well could be because you need added structural support for that?

@alfafoxtrot1 - I get it - no worries. I think where I'm headed is to make 5 of them.

kevonandmarion | 3 maart 2013


I would be interested I live in Sunnyvale but I would have to see a picture first.

My email:

Brian H | 3 maart 2013

These are VERY small run custom jobs. There is no manufactured item to photograph. Not happening.

Justin.h.Stottlemyer | 3 maart 2013

I'm interested. I just signed up for a car today, but the lack of anything in the middle is annoying. ( San Jose )

Brian H | 4 maart 2013

What reservation # were you issued? Important data point!

BorisT | 4 maart 2013

I'll take pics for the ones I'm having made and then we'll see who wants them. I believe enough people will buy them so I'm just going to take the risk and have five of them made.

Yes not having something in the middle is really annoying especially under acceleration everything tends to fly around in the middle there - to me it's a safety item as well as a convenience item.

GeekEV | 4 maart 2013

@BorisT - Fantastic! I can't wait to see how they turn out.