So it seems that the European charging flyer (posted on TMC a while ago) mentions that (I guess at least in Europe) "later this year" a CHAdeMO adapter will be available for the Model S.

I wonder if that would work for cars that aren't SuperCharger enabled. My understanding is that enabling the SuperCharger is purely a configuration change and requires no physical change in the car, so is the $2000/$2500 just for the use of the SuperCharger stations, or is Tesla going to restrict access to other fast DC charging stations as well?

I realize that most likely no one who knows the factual answer to this question is likely to respond here, so go ahead, speculate :-)

RIsquare | 11 juli 2013

Just another example of Tesla milking their clients. Extra folding seats, tech package, yacht floor mats, 21" wheels, maintenance plan etc. all sold at enormous profits to ignorant wealthy owners. Good for Tesla.

stealth_mode | 11 juli 2013

well - AFAIK cable cross sections and contractors ae different on the SC enabled MSs.
there is a difference between 20 an 120 kW... that's why it can't be retrofitted or upgraded!

create | 11 juli 2013

It is my understanding that there is hardware required for enabling the superchargers but recently they decided to put it in all cars so that it could be a config change.

Carefree | 11 juli 2013

All Model S have the supercharger hardware built in already - even the 60s. All it takes is a software update after a 60 owner pays up for the SC capability and they are good to go.

mikefa | 15 juli 2013

Hi Carefree - do you know what's the cost for SC capability?

Docrob | 15 juli 2013

Hmm Risquare all those things you mention sound like Tesla selling a product to willing customers, is there some lack of voluntary behavior I'm unaware of?
Carefree, yes, similar to the 40Kwh batteries it seems like so few people were ordering without SC capability that it didn't make sense to have to build multiple configs and was easier and lower cost overall to put the capability into every vehicle with the added benefit of giving people the option to pay for the capability at any point in the future.

dirkhh | 15 juli 2013

@mikefa: it's $2500 after delivery, $2000 before (but only for the 60 - the 85s all have SC enabled)

Jewsh | 15 juli 2013


Most companies practice selective enablement of features:

Xerox, Avaya (the worst ever for feature restriction... ever!), Microsoft, and more. BMW will likely sell you a car without seats unless you pay extra. Welcome to life. Although it would be nice to get everything and the kitchen sink for the base price, all luxury car makers do this.

ChrisPDX | 15 juli 2013

When I ordered, I added the SC option under the expectation they would require it for CHAdeMO or any other fast DC charging. In fact I originally expected Tesla to come out with an adapter before they ever got a SC out near me. Turns out I was wrong and I'll be using Superchargers before they ever release a CHAdeMO adapter. Go figure.

Brian H | 15 juli 2013

Yes, predictions are hard. Especially about the future!