Charging Frequency

Charging Frequency

I have been charging my Model S both overnight and at work. I've read that the battery has both a limited calendar life and charge cycle life. I have the 60KWh battery, and I rarely get below 90 miles remaining (Ideal Range). I typically start out with 219 miles remaining and arrive at work with 196 miles remaining. I can use my free Level 2 charger at work to top it off, but it seems counterproductive if I am just using up one of the finite number of charge cycles.

Schlermie | 20 mei 2013

Charge cycles usually refer to the number of full charges. If you're just topping off, that's a fraction of a charge cycle, so it's not as bad as you might think.

christurbeville | 20 mei 2013

Other threads cover this but my understanding is a "cycle" is from Vmin to Vmax. So your current habits (also Tesla's recommendation from my reading of the manual) are actually better for the battery than running the battery further down and then fully charging. They say "just plug it in" for a reason. By doing so you are letting their very sophisticated software manage battery life to the fullest. Give them an email or a call to verify but I'm pretty sure they'll advise plugging it in whenever possible. I've been trying to find a 110v in my garage just for cold and hot days at work.

cgiGuy | 20 mei 2013

Are you range charging? Only reason I ask is because you said your starting mileage is 219. My 60 has a consistent 190 start range every day.

If you have it set to range charge, I would definitely change that you standard unless you need the miles the next day.

christurbeville | 20 mei 2013

@cgiGuy Oh yea if he's range charging he is decreasing battery life for sure.

tylerhen | 20 mei 2013

I don't believe he is range charging, he says he uses ideal mileage instead of rated mileage. Haven't heard of anyone before this actually using ideal, since no one actually gets that. I use rated mileage and always get 190 miles on my 60.

hamer | 21 mei 2013

You can get ideal mileage if you get on a relatively level limited access highway, set the cruise control at about 45 or 50, and go. But who wants to drive like that? Otherwise, ideal mileage is fiction. Or ideal.