Charging Garage in Brooklyn

Charging Garage in Brooklyn

I'm thinking about a cross country drive, using the Sun Country Highway in Canada to get from Seattle to NYC. By biggest concern is how to charge once I arrive. I would be visiting my son and grandchildren in Brooklyn, and would like to garage the car there, using it occasionally over the week or so that I am visiting. Does anyone know of a garage where I could leave the car plugged in? I do see a couple of places on Recargo, but any additional information would be appreciated.

TheAustin | 22 mei 2013

I have had trouble parking in Brooklyn...A couple of places on ChargePoint/PlugShare/Recargo are already listed as not working. There is one on Schermerhorn Street that said it was working, but when I arrived there in February, it was not working, and the employees said it hadn't been working since it was installed. Who knows if it's fixed no or not.

I would call any specific garage and speak to the manager, or in the absence of a manager, anyone who speaks decent English and confir with them whether their charger is working or not. And don't rely on the phone numbers listed on ChargePoint/PlugShare/Recargo...Those photo numbers are usually for either the manufacturer of the charging unit, or the third part vendor that installed the unit - NOT the actual garage. FYI, to find the direct phone number of the garage, you have to look up the exact name and address of the garage, and then Google it to find the business listing.

Good luck...I wish I could have provided you with more positive news, but hopefully by heeding my warnings, you won't get as badly screwed as I did last February.

mcx-sea | 22 mei 2013

If my son really wanted me to visit, I'd have him do some first-hand checking of convenient candidate locations.

rkang | 22 mei 2013

You could recharge at the Queens service center, which isn't too far away.
There are some garages in Manhattan that have Chargepoint stations, too.
Try searching on PlugShare, too. Hopefully there is be someone in the area willing to help you out.