Charging in Storage Mode

Charging in Storage Mode

The Roadster manual has a section that states, "If you plan to leave the vehicle unused for longer than 15 days, it is recommended that you leave the vehicle connected to the High Power Connector and select the ‘Storage’ charge setting using the Touch Screen."

I'm assuming the Touch Screen is the touch screen inside the vehicle, which means Storage mode is controllable from the vehicle. I'm also assuming the Model S will have a similar mode and recommendation for storage. Does anyone know if the High Power Wall Connector is needed for Storage mode to work properly? (Or is it just as effective when plugged into a wall outlet?)

discoducky | 2 maart 2012

Wall outlet will be fine, I'd bet my life on it, at any storage ambient temperature, as it's the same as a trickle charger.

stephen.kamichik | 2 maart 2012

It should be just as effective if plugged into a wall outlet. I believe the High Power Wall Connector is for charging the battery pack at 10-20kw. The model S will have a storage mode (according to Stephen Smith of TM).