Charging while on the road

Charging while on the road

I'm fairly new to this. My configuration deadline is Saturday. When traveling and staying in hotels, what do you do for charging? Say you want to take a trip up the CA coast from the LA area. What are the best current options? Do many hotels (e.g. Marriotts, etc.) offer charging?

jat | 18 februari 2013

I have only been on one out-of-town trip, but I chose a hotel (Marriott Courtyard, though a Hilton Garden next door also had one) that had a Blink L2 charger present. I charged overnight the night I got there and the night before I left (even though it was well below freezing, the energy loss and extra heating use was no issue at all).

If you can't find a hotel, another option would be to use a nearby public L2 charger and walk/bus/taxi to it - you probably won't need more than 2 charges while on the trip, unless you drive a lot while you are there.

bioengr | 18 februari 2013

Thanks jat. What charger options did you choose?

jat | 18 februari 2013

L2 Blink charger, 30A@240V

EVTripPlanner | 18 februari 2013

Just stayed at the Creekside Inn in Palo Alto, which has chargers. In Vegas, there's a charger between Luxor and Mandalay Bay at the valet. Found them the way you'd think - Google - (add city of your choice)

While there are superchargers between LA and SAC on the 5 corridor, there's nothing along the 101. The must-have phone apps to find chargers are (not all apps list all chargers):


And today I charged at an RV park in Bakersfield - NEMA 14-50 is common RV hookup. Charged at about 37 mph. Not supercharge, but can do in a pinch.

I have quick-ref sheets at

hsadler | 19 februari 2013


"While there are superchargers between LA and SAC on the 5 corridor, there's nothing along the 101."

Gilroy is on 101.

DarrellH | 4 maart 2013

Whatever you do, don't stay at the Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, CA. If you ask (which I did multiple times over a month's time) they say the definitely will provide a charging solution. But when you get there, they say there is nothing available.

DouglasR | 4 maart 2013

The charging apps/websites that cliff lists are certainly helpful and essential. But what they all lack, and what I think we really need, is a way to filter on hotels, motels, and other overnight accommodations. There are plenty of public chargers in shopping malls, parking garages, Walgreens, etc. But curiously, not that many hotels have chargers. I would love to see an app or website that lists all the places that offer a place to charge while staying overnight in a given city or location.