Chicago electrician recommendation

Chicago electrician recommendation

Chicago electrician recommendations
I'm on the verge of pulling the trigger and getting an S.

The one unknown for me that remains is how I'll get 240V outlet in my garage.

I live in a 115 year old house (in Andersonville) with a detached garage, accessed via the alley. The garage has on existing 110 outlet (for the door opener). There is a very old single fuse box in the garage (with a screw fuse). The electric meter is on the back of the house, with the fuse box in the basement.

The electricity to the garage must be underground. Digging up the back yard, which isn't really an option given the extensive hardscape and decking. So I guess a line would need to be run overhead to the garage.

Anyway, I'm clueless about all things electrical, so have no idea how this might be accomplished and at what cost. Maybe it's not that big of a deal, but would like to know this part of the puzzle before I take the $100,000 plunge....

Can anyone recommend an electrician in Chicago that might be up for this challenge?


Vanny Thompson | 14 september 2013

If you're planning to get a 240V in your garage, better ask a guidance or help from someone who has an experience of electrician training or course.

Brian H | 14 september 2013

Vanny, that's what he's asking for. Know anyone local?

In-Line.Electric.NJ | 14 september 2013

Argelious, I am a licensed contractor in NY and NJ but not in your state, but allow me to see if I can provide you with an answer, based on the information that you provided, the only way to give you a 240v 50Amp line is to either run it underground in 3/4" pvc conduit which it requires digging and of course more money or, run an over head line to your garage, if you decide to run a line my advice to you is to have the electrician install a sub panel and tap right out of the sub panel for your outlet, to give you a rough estimate, a 240v 50A line will run you between $750 to 1500 depending which route you go, but for a few dollars more just add a subpanel instead, and if you are hiring an electrician dont mention that is for a car charging system, just tell them that you need a 240v 50a line with a 4 wire NEMA 14-50R outlet, the moment you mention "Tesla Charger" to a contractor the price increases by double. Hope this helps, if you need further help feel free to ask.

emfpowercompany | 8 december 2015

If you are interested in having the service preformed, EMF Electric out of Northbrook does great charging station and home electrical for Tesla and other EV cars. Feel free to call them at 224-415-3139.

brickayola | 8 december 2015

Ask Tesla who they recommend in your neighborhood:

To charge at home, you'll need a 240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet or a Tesla Wall Connector installed near your parking space.
Find an electrician

brickayola | 8 december 2015

Sorry link would be more helpful: