Clock is on London time ... but I live in LA

Clock is on London time ... but I live in LA

Drove home tonight and noticed that the clock reads 8 hours ahead (it's tomorrow @ 3am), though the minutes are correct. Has anyone else had this problem? | 1 augustus 2013

Haven't had that problem. I assume you're internet connected. Dids you try a reset (reboot)?

ian | 1 augustus 2013

OK, gotta ask. The steering wheel didn't switch sides too did it? Just wondering if your car is having a national identity crisis. ;-)

Tâm | 1 augustus 2013

I can't find any options to manually change the time, so I guess you have to call Tesla.

R3dStang66 | 1 augustus 2013

I noticed that as well. It was 6am on my way to work and then it was 2pm. It corrected itself a few minutes later.

GeekEV | 1 augustus 2013

I'm pretty sure it pulls the time from the cell carrier signal. If that's wrong in your area, then your clock will be wrong. I've heard they're using AT&T and I've had that happen once or twice on my AT&T cell phone too. Never (yet) on Verizon though.

peggykay | 1 augustus 2013

You all are very funny; thanks for making me laugh! It did reset itself. I need to find bigger things to worry about :-)

GeekEV | 1 augustus 2013

@R3dStang66 - Look at the bright side, if you're heading in to work at 6am and it's suddenly 2pm - that means you get to go home in an hour!

tobi_ger | 1 augustus 2013

It's always 5pm... somewhere :)

ian | 2 augustus 2013

I thought it was always happy hour somewhere.

Oh yeah, I guess we're saying the same thing aren't we? ;-)

tobi_ger | 2 augustus 2013

Yup :)

defmonk | 2 augustus 2013

Had the same problem in Southern Cal yesterday. I suspect it was the carrier, since my wife's iPhone showed the same behavior.

Brian H | 2 augustus 2013

That was Pacific Daylight Time!