Columbus OH Service Center Now Open

Columbus OH Service Center Now Open

My ranger just called to inform me that instead of coming to my house tomorrow, I can go to the Columbus OH Service Center... 2 weeks ahead of the projected March opening! The local paper had already published an article stating the address... 9 miles from my house. I am excited to meet the service manager and check out the facility. Tesla keeps doing things to make my Tesla grin bigger.

da_benj | 19 februari 2013

I'm in Columbus, anxiously waiting my delivery within the next several days. So how was service center? Did they have any cars there to be prepped?

mikeadams | 19 februari 2013

I am also in Columbus, OH awaiting my car. They may not have been quite ready to receive mine at the time. I was told me last Monday that my car was in transit to Chicago for inspection/detailing and estimated to arrive on Wed. Then last Fri was told that payment was received and the car was released for delivery on the next truck heading my way (whenever that is). Still awaiting the final call for dropoff. I am P5323 with VIN 3954. I will try making contact tomorrow if I don't hear anything. Knowing my car is paid for and only five hours away for the past week is killing me. I know buckeyevet was waiting for his car too. He may have gotten it though because I haven't seen him post recently.

da_benj | 20 februari 2013

@write.mikeadams: Interesting. I'm P7304 VIN3158. I received the final signed MVPA on Saturday and was told that it would take around 48 hours before it would be ready to be transported to Chicago. I'm likely to call someone later today for an update but it just seems unfortunate that the car has to be transported to Chicago instead of utilizing the new service center in Cbus.

I also drove by the place yesterday. Although they don't have any obvious large sign or placard where all the other business have their name listed, the do have their name on the door (Suite 110).

buckeyevet | 20 februari 2013

Unfortunately I have not received mine. MY final MVPA was signed on feb 7th and was to be sent to PenFed for loan approval. Despite multiple e-mailrg equesting a status update I only got assurances that it would be sent. I sent a rather terse message last night and got an immediate response that it had been overlooked but was not sent. We are now waiting for PenFed to give final aproval (I have preapproval) and I do not know how long that takes. My DS did tell me that my car is in Chicago so I hope that Tesla has the sense to transport it to the Columbus service center with write.mikeadams car and hope that that will speed things up a bit.

as aside note for those of you who have not arranged financing yet, My DS told me that if I sent a picture of my check and fedex label together it a would speed up the delivery process by a few days (they will not have to wait for it to be received and processed?). Something to consider.

@da_benj I have driven by the service center a few times. It is only 3 miles from my house! The furniture is now unwrapped and they have finished the concrete ramp in the back that allow access. Have not driven by during business hours.

@write.mikeadams If you pick yours up at the service center any time soon. Let me know if they have mine there OK? Pearl white VIN 4704. Thanks!

spazthecat | 20 februari 2013

Very exciting! I"m jealous of you guys. I still have a few months to wait but it's good to know the Service Center is coming together. I'll have to drive up there and check it out. I don't suppose they'll have any cars there to just look at? I'm dying to see one in person.


buckeyevet | 20 februari 2013


None as of yesterday but If you want to e-mail me offline at the address above I have offered anybody in the columbus area a chance to see and drive (reasonably) once mine arrives. I know I would have appreciated the same if I the roles were reversed.

da_benj | 20 februari 2013

@spazthecat When I drove by I didn't see any Tesla cars, but I did see a "hitch" that is identical to the type used to deliver the car (when its pulled by one of the large F150 or F250 type trucks) so I wondered if they have actively been delivering.

I just called Tesla and was routed to my PS (Laura is great-I thought that at this stage she would be handing off the responsibility to the next stage but she was very helpful) who said that instead of my car going to Chicago its now en route to Columbus! I received my PenFed check and the temp registration info from Tesla today, so off they go to Palo Alto and I'm hoping that I can actually pick up the car next week.

@write.mikeadams heh....that's the color of mine, with 21" gray rims.

mikeadams | 20 februari 2013

Update! I just recieved a call from a Delivery Experience Specialist out of Chicago about an hour and a half ago. Must have been working late. He asked me if I had received a FedEx package from him. Sure enough there was an envelope tucked half way under my welcome mat (normally I just check my street mailbox and come in through my garage). It contained a Illinois temporary tag and paperwork for Tesla to transfer my title. I was asked about my avaiability. I told him with 24 hours notice I can make myself available. Was told that a Sat delivery is most likely but he could not commit %100 yet. It sounded like until a truck is lined up and I get my 24 hour notice, not to hold my breath.

sleeper141 | 20 februari 2013

Hi, this is my first post, and tomorrow thanks to this forum, I will be visiting the service center with the hopes of seeing a Tesla up close.

its at 4140 Tuller rd. in Dublin

buckeyevet | 20 februari 2013

boy with any luck my tesla is on that truck!

Just a thought but is seems like between the four of us and one or two others I have seen posting we have a little columbus community growing. I was wondering if it would not be more appropriate to move this discussion over to the Ohio forum. nobody seems to be using it. I will post there now to make a gneral call for columbus tesla owners to join in the conversation. If you guys disagree then dont respond and i will direct people back to this thread.


Brian H | 21 februari 2013

Aw, it's fun listening in. And your experiences are instructive for everyone. Don't go hide in a corner and mutter together! 'Course, getting a local "club" going is worth doing ...

mikeadams | 24 februari 2013

Anyone from the Columbus area have any recent updates on getting their cars? I am trying to be patient, but if I knew my vehicle was going to be delayed in Chicago this long, I would have planned a one way flight up and planned a weekend adventure driving it back. My guess is that if they are starting to send cars direct to the Columbus service center, that they probably are trying to get the last remaining cars from Chicago destined for Columbus together on a truck and something might be holding up one of the cars.

mikeadams | 24 februari 2013

Spoke just a little too soon. Just got a call from the truck driver who has just left Cincinnati. ETA of about 4:15 - 4:45 dropoff today! Since they are in a huge truck, they can't easily get into my development, so I am having them drop it off on Dimension Dr. near the Marcus Crosswoods Cinema. Was told that it was loaded up originally in about a half a foot of snow so it does have some salt grime on it, but just happy it is finally coming home. Anyone nearby is welcome to come watch or check it out if you see this message in time.

mikeadams | 24 februari 2013

They missed the turn and unloaded near Lazelle and Rt.23 just now, sorry if anyone came to watch. (probably not since I only posted a little bit ago)

da_benj | 24 februari 2013

Awesome! Congrats! I'm hoping mine will be ready for pickup in the next couple of days at the service center.

buckeyevet | 24 februari 2013

Good for you! I am still having som issues with Tesla and the speed of paperwork. I hope to have everying done in the next 1-2 days and after that it is just a waiting game. sorry I could not make it but if they had a big truck, did you see any other Teslas on it? It would be nice to know my car is ready as soon as I have the paper work sorted out.

mikeadams | 24 februari 2013

@buckeyevet - The driver had got into town a few mins early and had unloaded my car and closed thier gate before they called me back. (they missed the right turn into the first shopping center I was referring to, but turned into the next large parking lot a little further up) I was so focused on carefully inspecting my car, that I forgot to ask what other cars she might still have on board. Sorry about that. I just put some details about the delivery itself in the actual deliveries thread.

da_benj | 26 februari 2013

I finally received my car today at the Columbus service center. The manager is great and he said that although he has serviced several Teslas (he also does the ranger service) mine was the first one where a customer was able to "receive" their car at the facility. They are still settling in, but I think the site is going to do very well.

Oh, and of course I love the car. Going from a two door sporty car to a four door beast that's faster than my G37 is fantastic!

RacerX | 26 februari 2013


Congrats sounds light you all need to form the Columbus Ohio Tesla Club or the Ohio Tesla Club.

nickjhowe | 27 februari 2013

Congrats all!

buckeyevet | 27 februari 2013

Thank you. I took delivery of my p60 today. such a long wait but worth every minute. have not ahd a long time to play but have already given a few ride alongs for friends and family. everybody seems most impressed with the regenerative braking. I have yet to really hit the brake pedal! For those that emailed me for a look, I will be getting to you soon. I would be all for forming a tesla club in c-bus. I am impressed with how many of us there are!