Configuration recommendations

Configuration recommendations

Obsidian Black or midnight silver? They look so similar from the Design Center. Thoughts on which is a better "black"? Actual photos from a Model X or S?

And is it ludicrous if I choose the P90D without opting the Ludicrous mode?

And did Tesla just raised the price of the Model X? When the Sig was available, there wasn't a price difference between the 7-seat and 6-seat. Now there is a $1K dif. Auto pilot is another $2.5K. Seems like I would've been better off getting the fully loaded signature series for $140K.

ian | 7 december 2015

Yes. Sigs got a bit of a price break.

The midnight silver is definitely a dark gray. If you want black, get black. Use google to find pictures. There are lots over at The S has has had these color options for a while now. With the exception of regular Silver, that one disapeared from the S choices earlier this year.

Ludicrous is definitely a bit over the top. I can't imagine using it very often, except to show off to friends. Doesn't mean I'm not considering it though! ;-)