Conspiracy Theory? by Leilani Münter, Race car driver, environmental activist.

Conspiracy Theory? by Leilani Münter, Race car driver, environmental activist.

Dennis | 31 december 2013

I think this is the most persistent claim i hear. "global warming has stopped!" i don't understand how these views persist.

jkn | 2 januari 2014

A sample from a article from Independent (UK):

the critics pointed time and again to graphs showing the rise in the world’s average surface temperatures has slowed down since 1998 – a fact extensively interpreted by many vocal opponents as a fundamental failure in the basic science of climate change.

Now the scientists appear to have come up with an explanation. That much-vaunted “pause” in global warming can be largely explained by a failure to record an unprecedented rise in Arctic temperatures over the past 15 years, a study has found.
Their study, to be published in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, found that if these Arctic surface temperatures were included in global temperature estimates, then the average global increase went from 0.05C per decade to 0.12C per decade – effectively eliminating the “pause”.

Lesson to learn from this: Don't make statistical conclusions from too small sample! It is equally foolish to calculate probability for MS to catch fire after three battery fires in six weeks.

jkn | 2 januari 2014

That worked. I tried with link and failed. I'll try to post link separately. Not accepted... Denialist spam filter!

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Mel. | 11 augustus 2015

What is the FDA doing to our rivers? Does anyone know what they are doing and why?

Red Sage ca us | 12 augustus 2015


carlk | 12 augustus 2015