Detroit Electric

Detroit Electric

Hi All - For those of you that have not seen, another contender has entered the electric car game. See

The most interesting part of their product is that the car's battery can be used as an auxiliary power supply for your house in the event of an outage. A sort of reverse-charging circuit.

Does anyone know if a feature like this would ever be implemented or even possible with Tesla?

I'm not sure if I'd ever need this but it is cool. There is potential to cheat if you are near a super charger you could power your whole house by supercharging then parking at your house to power it. You'd have to be really sneaky to do that.

cgiGuy | 22 mei 2013

..and you would have invested $70-100k to save yourself $200 a month in electricity.

SamO | 22 mei 2013


Solar City already has systems to use Tesla (panasonic) batteries into a battery backup for PV. However, this seems like a software fix for Tesla sometime in the future so that in the event of disaster, your home will still have power if you have PV and a Tesla Model S.

ArieK | 25 augustus 2013

Small setback for Detroit Electric proves again it isn't so easy to start as a new car manufacturer as Elon makes it seem.

L8MDL | 25 augustus 2013

Somehow Detroit Electric sounds like an oxymoron to me...

rodrussell | 25 augustus 2013

@ArieK - it may look easy for Elon now, but it wasn't always (see "Revenge of the Electric Car")

Brian H | 25 augustus 2013

Easy? He described it as "chewing glass".

The article quotes another as saying the "immediate fate" of the company will be revealed shortly. I predict Kaputs-ville.

ArieK | 31 augustus 2013

@ Rodrussell - Very very true.

Some news from Detroit Electric, leaving the US for now.

madbuns | 31 augustus 2013

"'s battery can be used as an auxiliary power supply for your house..."

@KOL - this may be a problem for car insurers - when I went for quotes, Progressive, GEICO and State Farm asked if the vehicle could be used as a power source/generator. If so, evidently, they will either not insure the car or offer greatly increased rates - not quite clear why, but...