Ding Protection

Ding Protection

I recently bought a Mercedes and the dealer offered me a Ding Protection Plan. They charged me $400 or $500 (don't remember) and they would pop out any number of dings for next five years. Awesome deal! It even includes touch up paint, if the ding happens to have paint missing in the middle of it.

I wish TESLA would offer something like that. So far, my delivery specialist did not show any interest in doing something about it.


Captain_Zap | 8 oktober 2012

How long was the ding protection plan good for?
I got the first door ding in my car after 13 years. Not only are parking spots more narrow now but, appears that people are either more careless, disrespectful or preocupied now.

mohan | 9 oktober 2012

13 years, wow, that must be a record.

This plan was for 5 years. They already took one out within the first six months for me.

I seem to get door dings on my cars pretty frequently, whereas on Infiniti FX50S, not even a single door ding after 4 years. Go Figure!

Steve841 | 9 oktober 2012

My protection plan is cheaper...

Park as far away as possible because 99% of the public are so lazy they will drive around until they can find a spot 10ft. from the door to anything.

petero | 9 oktober 2012

My favorite, SUVs squeezing into compact car parking spaces. A guaranteed recipe for a door ding, perhaps multiples.

I too park in the boondocks, my wife hates it.

Michael23 | 9 oktober 2012

It's the dang kids getting out of cars and whacking your doors that kills me.

mrspaghetti | 9 oktober 2012

I opened my door once and a gust of wind ripped it out of my hand, banging hard into the car next to me. What made it worse was there was an old lady sitting in the passenger seat of the car I dinged! I thought she was going to kick my @ss...

Ever since I got my reservation I find myself thinking, "Where would I park my Model S?" whenever I go somewhere. Already have a couple prime spots picked out at work :)

Brian H | 9 oktober 2012

Another tactic I see used often: park at an angle across the divider between two spaces, ... At your own risk!

BYT | 9 oktober 2012

I have seen car's get a nice key line or two after double parking because around were I go, there is no such thing as available parking. Finding a spot without a car next to you, almost impossible to find unless it's a public holiday. I have never gone more then 6 months without a ding on any of my new cars... :(

olanmills | 9 oktober 2012

That doesn't really seem like an awesome deal at all unless you expect to get a lot of dings.

My current car, which I've had for 4.5 years, has only ever had one ding. It cost me $100 to fix, and that was without shopping around.

jhuang | 9 oktober 2012

Just find yourself a local DentPro... over the course of 8 years, you may find a ding that can easily be fixed for $100. Why pay ahead?

MandL | 10 oktober 2012

More and more places around here have EV parking with chargers. Usually right up front and almost always empty (thus far). Even if you don't need a little extra free power, it's nice to have the dedicated space and in my (admittedly brief) experience a plugged in Model S attracts even more attention than an unplugged one.

bsimoes | 10 oktober 2012

I drive a Prius (2nd one), and the thickness/thinness of the metal to keep it light is fairly ridiculous. I swear, I could dent it with my finger if I wanted to. Also, there is no protective strip in order to aid with aerodynamics. I don't remember ever having dings before owning Prius. (Jerry, what is the plural, again?) Anyway, I was wondering about the thickness of the aluminum used...will it dent like a tin can? I remember reading or hearing that the doors, themselves, were quite thick, but I'm curious to know about the metal. Has anyone who has taken a tour noticed this? Thanks in advance. Barb

MB3 | 10 oktober 2012

When I was at the SC event, I saw a guy get out of an S and swing the door sharply into the open door of another S. The collision was edge on face and is as good a test as any. I closely inspected the face and I didn't see any mark. I was impressed.

bsimoes | 13 oktober 2012

mboedigh--excellent news and thanks for your response. Barb

jerry3 | 13 oktober 2012


The plural depends on where you are. In most places Prius is the plural for Prius. In North America Toyota had a website vote and Prii was voted to be the plural.

As far as dings go, I received the first one in my Prius the first day I drove it to work (the second day of ownership). Mostly I don't worry about dings--they're going to occur and there is little you can do about them. The best solution would be door coverings made of the same material that bumper coverings are made of. Then there wouldn't be any dings.

Brian H | 13 oktober 2012

Like wearing a raincoat to the dinner table to avoid spills. Effective, but unattractive. ;)

ColonyGolfer | 17 oktober 2012

My wife refuses to park next to a two door vehicle because the doors swing wider, increasing the ding frequency

mrspaghetti | 17 oktober 2012

Maybe I'll get someone to make a plastic cover for my Model S, like my grandma used to have on her furniture :)