Door handles as the chrome shows your fingerprint

Door handles as the chrome shows your fingerprint

I keep cleaning the fingerprint all day, Any solution like wrap the doors handles? or any other I can't think of? brushed the handles.....

Rheumboy | 29 oktober 2013

That's the way you open the door. The car recognizes your print. It's a security issue. :-)

TikiMan | 29 oktober 2013

If you have the handles set to present, when you approach your MS, you can actually open the door without the need to place your thumb on the front surface.

Teaching this to your passengers is a whole different thing, being most people are conditioned to apply a fair amount of force to open a vehicle door.

Mathew98 | 29 oktober 2013

I ordered a roll of 12" paint protection film and cut out a 2" strip for each handle.

Apply soap/water/alcohol mixture on both sides of the film. Affix film to the handle and smooth out the outer side with squeegee. Then use a utility knife to trim each piece to the exact shape of each handle.

Tada, no more finger prints on my chrome handles.

carolinagobo | 29 oktober 2013

Mathew98- Where did you order it?

David Trushin | 29 oktober 2013

fingerprints on paint protection instead.

Mathew98 | 29 oktober 2013

There's quite a few listings for paint protection film in Amazon.

No, the fingerprints do not show up on the film.

hsadler | 30 oktober 2013

Wear gloves

carolinagobo | 30 oktober 2013

hsadler- I work as a Mimo at the Mall at time I finished work I'm tired of my globes. :)

jaycweber | 30 oktober 2013

Someone should try breaking into an iPhone 5s by lifting a fingerprint from the Model S door handles :-)

Brian H | 30 oktober 2013

Where do you wear your globes?