Drove my Model S in a local parade today

Drove my Model S in a local parade today

I drove my Model S in a local parade with a number of other EVs (and a Volt) from EV Club of the South members. It was fun, and I felt like a rockstar. All the people were so close, I had to be careful not to hit any of them. Since the cars were silent, it was easy to hear people telling each other "That's a Tesla" or asking me what it was. There were a couple of people that asked if it was a Fisker or a Volt :).

One lady wanted came running up and wanted to ride, so I let her in and she rode for a block. It was pretty crazy the reaction that the car got.

Before the parade, I am pretty sure I sold a couple. One guy said he had been thinking about it and asked a bunch of questions, then came back 30 minutes later with his whole family, taking pictures of each other sitting in the driver's seat. When his wife got out, she asked him when they could get one -- and that wasn't even driving it, which is the most amazing part. The most common question when people could look around was "where is the engine" :).

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rchiang | 27 april 2013

I have my P85 for about a week now and only taken out for a ride 2. I would taken more times out for a spin but the problem is having that California paper on my rear window, I hear alot of people getting pulled over for it. I think I'll just wait until I get my real tags. Just having taken out my car twice, I had 5 times someone to wave me down saying that I had the coolest car in the road. One time on the Hwy woman was honking her horn on the hwy like a crazy woman. Don't know what she was saying inside the car. I think I don't like all that attention and hopefully it will not continue like this in the future.

AreBeeAZ | 27 april 2013

It will continue. If you are in the witness protection program you have a big problem. Otherwise enjoy!