Ebay Scam?

Ebay Scam?

There is a guy on Ebay (whale654321)who claims to have reserved a Model X. He is auctioning his 'place in line'on the X.
People are actually bidding on this.
Only trouble is...Tesla will not allow a line swap so the seller first must buy the car, take possession, and then resell to the 'winning bidder'...if you can call him that!

ian | 20 januari 2015

Caveat Emptor. | 20 januari 2015

Good catch. Report it to EBay. Oh, before you do, what is the resevation number?....

CorinneNJ | 20 januari 2015

I think his reservation is #16...or so he told me in a PM. You can look up the post on Ebay - search 'Tesla Model X'
I flagged the listing to ebay; however their reporting system is cumbersome and I could not find a way to free text my actual complaint to them. | 20 januari 2015

I was just kidding.:-)). "Buyer beware" in any language says it all.

jordan.hart | 21 januari 2015

I saw that... who in their right mind would pay some guy 20 grand on faith that he will hand over the car once it arrives. I'd rather wait 3 more years than risk my money like that.

hmn4858 | 22 januari 2015

Maybe I missed it but I didn't see where it was an auction for his place in line. Just based on what I read I'd think he'd be on the hook for providing the car at whatever the auction goes for.

gerardP | 22 januari 2015

Isn't thay the cardboard Model X?

NumberOne | 22 januari 2015

This is really funny, because the seller added a note yesterday that the winning bid does not include the purchase price. Technically this auction is in fact not legal, because the seller is not in possession of the vehicle. So the seller intends to take the 25k or so, allow the winner if the auction to select all the options, and get the car early, right after the original purchaser gets the $7.5k tax credit, as it only applies to new vehicles. It does not seem like a very good deal to me. Pay 25k more than the actual cost of the car and then not be able to get the tax credit.

GLO | 22 januari 2015


You are correct. Once the seller takes possession, he gets the tax credit. Too funny!

pvetesla | 24 januari 2015

Ok. How do I list mine on EBay?!?!

This could end up paying for my car!!


jpnock | 21 augustus 2015


I agree

jpnock | 21 augustus 2015

This may be the case

TeslaRossa | 24 augustus 2015

People have been doing eBay auctions like this for years for limited edition cars like new BMW M3's, M5's and even the Mini Cooper S when it was the rage in the U.S. In 2002. Many people put their money down at the dealer and got a. Early place in line. Then as the release date approaches they sell their spot and let someone else pick what they want and get the vehicle. It's certainly not for everyone. To me it's a sign that the economy is fairing well and their is some irrational exuberance. Or at least their was before the recent stock corrections...