Elon, please make the falcon doors optional!

Elon, please make the falcon doors optional!

I want to see Tesla succeed yet I am concerned that forcing a new vision for rear-car access via the falcon doors may turn many buyers off. I love the concept. I see the benefits of the falcon doors. I even like the style of them. But they will not work for many people. Those who want a roof rack, those who have low-ceiling garages, those who are concerned about rain or snow falling into the cabin when opened, etc. There are just too many potential negatives to some demographics. Therefore, if they were optional they would not hinder sales. Yes, I know that engineering an optional traditional door would cost more, however I'm sure the additional sales would more than make up for it. You already have rear doors on the S so I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult to design a traditional door for the X. Even further, allow the option of having just 1 falcon door and 1 traditional door. That would free up some roof space for racks.

Webcrawler | 15 december 2013


I am reasonable sure that s a 8' or 9' garage door...

ian | 15 december 2013

@Webcrawler - Did you see the height estimate at the bottom of page 2 and top of page 3?

Just to recap, Alex K used the side by side picture on the Model X page to calculate the height of the X based on the known height of the S (56.5 inches) and counting pixels to determine the height of the X with the doors up of 79.5 inches. That is 6' 7.5".

Based on that, I doubt those doors are as high as you think.

Cheers! ;-)

Webcrawler | 16 december 2013

I took the simple approach to the picture. There appears to be a standard door in the wall in the picture. Here in the U.S doors are almost always 7' to the top seal. The garage door rails in the picture are obviously at least a foot higher in the picture than the top of the door seal....

Webcrawler | 16 december 2013

Also, I am not sure that is a real photograph. I looks like a photoshop of two dire rent images to me...

Brian H | 16 december 2013

What you are not factoring in is the effect of the double-hinge. The door is bent in the middle while open. The location of the bend is what you need to measure.

Webcrawler | 17 december 2013

I am not sure the double hinge has anything to do with it. In the picture the car doors almost hit the garage door and the edges are just barely below the door rails. The garage door is at least a foot higher than the door in the wall indicating that what we are seeing is an 8'+ garage door.

They would hit a 7" garage door in my opinion...

However, Like I said before, it am not eve sure that is a real picture...

ian | 17 december 2013

Which is why I'm basing my estimates off of Alex K's guesstimation using the height of the S as a starting point.

ashwats | 19 december 2013

+1 for regular door; and those who want falcon have it too.

Lush1 | 25 december 2013

Two words: Pocket doors!

AFAIK, only been done once before on the front doors of a boutique 50s sports car I can't recall the name of at the moment. Probably not practical because they would take up a lot of interior space and would be an engineering nightmare, but could be cool.

Sorry, I'm incapable of keeping my posts to 2 words.

JZ13 | 3 januari 2014

Elon has stated that the X will have sensors on the doors to prevent them from hitting anything.

runeloenne | 6 januari 2014

I have reserved a Model X and My Biggest Wish is that Tesla make the Falcon Wings optional. I just wanted to raise my voice here on the forum as well as all you other have, and hope someone from Tesla Top Management read it.

Tesla with Falcon Wings = reservation cancelled.

Tesla without Falcon Wings = Cayenne killer

niclas | 6 januari 2014

I live in Norway and REALLY hope the Falcon Wings are optional. I have a Model X reservation. But I'm really unsure if I will go forward With the Falcon Wing doors.

Reasons being snow and roof rack for snowboard, bike, skis, kayak etc.

So please!! Optional!!

barrykmd | 7 januari 2014

I concur. I have a reservation for an X and hope standard doors are an option. The falcom wing doors seem like a marketing gimmick to me.

cloroxbb | 7 januari 2014

Why are some of you reserving a vehicle that has no inclination of coming with standard doors? False Hope?

NumberOne | 7 januari 2014

+1 cloroxbb. There has never been a possibility of anything other than falcon wing doors for the rear doors of the Model X, so anyone with a reservation should not be surprised by this! Snow should not be a problem. A roof rack is another issue, but I recommend taking a look at the production model once it is released before making any conclusions.

barrykmd | 8 januari 2014

Clorox - for me, it's not a deal-breaker, just a preference. My priority is an AWD vehicle. If Tesla introduces an AWD MS before my MX is available, I'd consider it.

cloroxbb | 8 januari 2014

barry - I was more targeting those people who claim "I have a reservation for an X, but am going to cancel it if it doesnt come with normal doors."

NumberOne | 8 januari 2014

One more thought that just occurred to me. I have a Ford Flex to use as my family transport, and have done my share of diaper changes under the rear liftgate, as well as the tailgate of my F150. One more benefit of the Falcon Wing door is that you can perform this task in more privacy since the open door will be on the side, rather than the back. Also, as Elon has pointed out so many times, you will no longer throw your back trying to position children through a door that cannot open completely.

I personally have neither of these issues, but there are other benefits for me. Need the doors to be able to close remotely, although I currently use my foot if needed. We have to remember that the target market for the model X is mainly (though not exclusively) females 35 and over. (It is not rocket science to figure out who can afford the car and who would need to deposit a child in a car seat.) The all wheel drive is a must for me because my driveway has an incline of almost 15 degrees.

Paddlegirl7 | 9 januari 2014

I agree it would be nice if falcon doors were optional. They are what made me decide to buy the S (the fact that I could put racks on the pano roof) and not wait for the X (I'm more of an SUV girl).

I love my S, 2000 miles in, but will buy an X if the falcon doors ever go away. They are neat to look at, a smart choice for families and they definitely have a place on the X, just not for everyone.

sjoshuaj | 11 januari 2014

Here are a few solutions that allow cargo on the roof of the Model X.

sjoshuaj | 11 januari 2014

Here are a few solutions that allow cargo on the roof of the Model X.

PapaSmurf | 11 januari 2014

The Falcon doors are amazing. If you don't like them you should buy a Model S instead. Elon clearly intends those Falcon doors to be the signature feature of the Model X.

Keep the doors Elon !!! I will be getting a Model X. I am just waiting until they have produced about 10,000 of them so that all of the production kinks are worked out first.

Brian H | 12 januari 2014


vogel.peter | 13 januari 2014

sjoshuaj; Love the creativity there! The only issue I see with any of them is that back when I had a roof rack on my Neon I frequently opened the back door so that I could step up on the threshold of the car to reach into the roof box or manipulate a bike on a rack. With the falcon doors you are kind of blocked :-)

That said, I LOVE the falcon doors and would happily carry a step stool in the frunk to enable me to access the theoretical roof rack with the back doors closed :-)


Surf Dog | 15 januari 2014

I remember Elon Musk saying that he is a big proponent of optionality.

I live a very outdoor lifestyle which includes Whitewater Kayaking (I have about a dozen kayaks)and sometimes I need to take four or more with me to go paddling with friends. The boats have to go on the roof and the rest of the gear has to go inside. There is no way I could do this with the Falcon Doors. Many others use their vehicles to carry and move things.

In order to serve the broadest market, an SUV needs to provide versatility and Optionality.

We need to have an option other than the Falcon Doors.

Malibu_Two | 15 januari 2014

Are those roof rack options real or are they mockups? Those look great. In particular I like the last one as it would allow something long like a kayak or surfboard. I can live without the full mobility of the falcon wings if it allows kayak-mounting!

PapaSmurf | 15 januari 2014

@Surf Dog,

I think your option will likely be a different type of car. They cannot design the Model X for every scenario.

sjoshuaj | 16 januari 2014

Sorry, I should have stated that these are just mockups. They are not official.

jchealy1 | 19 januari 2014

Great discussion, hope that Tesla hears its customers regarding the falcon doors. We do a lot of skiing and bicycling. Those doors present a problem to putting the bikes, etc. on the roof. Snow on the roof is another problem as well. We had an SUV that put the snow on the roof into the passenger compartment; sold it the next year!

NumberOne | 20 januari 2014

I have probably said this before, but I will say it again. One should always clear the snow off one's roof before entering the vehicle.

Anzir | 20 januari 2014

I'd cancel my order if the X didn't have the falcon doors. I understand that there is an issue with snow up north, but down here in Florida the rain is the biggest issue. Rain gets in the car whether the doors open up or out, so the falcon doors are a non-issue. In torrential rain, I'd just drive another car.

Billc | 20 januari 2014

OMG! What's the minimum ceiling height needed for an X to spread its wings in my garage?

ian | 20 januari 2014

OMG! Nobody knows for sure yet since all we've seen is a prototype and Tesla has yet to announce any specifics.

There have been some estimates though. Check the top of page 3.


Malibu_Two | 28 januari 2014

While test-driving the S last Friday (awesome car, by the way!), the Tesla rep told us that he believes Tesla is looking to make the falcon wings optional. That was very exciting to hear, although he said that he really doesn't know anything more than what's on the website.

bevguy | 28 januari 2014

As a TSLA shareholder I hope they make the falcon doors optional. That means those who don't like them will buy a Tesla with regular doors . And those that do like them will buy a Tesla with the falcon wing doors as an expensive option.
Either way Tesla makes more money. Which I like as a stockholder.

cvalhalla | 28 januari 2014

Most people who buy SUV's don't put stuff on the racks 99% of the time. But they do want the option. If they figure out a way get a rack to work or ditch the falcon wing doors the Model X will be a huge success. Look at the percentage of Porsche sales that are Cayennes.

NumberOne | 28 januari 2014

If some types of doors must be optional, it think that should the non-falcon wing doors. If this happens, I am fairly certain that the people wanting non-falcon wing doors will be placed on a wait list. i.e. As with the Model S, Signatures first, then 85kWh then 60, then 40 which ended up to simply be software limited, because the demand was not there. This of course applies to initial reservation holders before production actually begins. It is all about retooling and programming the robots.

BanoraWhiteX | 13 februari 2014

Guys , I understand the concern for having optional doors for snow and rain but I'm sure Tesla has thought of this because they mentioned the car being practical . You can't already say you don't want them because no one has experienced the Model X. I don't think they would make the falcon wing doors optional because they are really pushing for practicality and promoting the doors . It's like asking for a 17 inch touchscreen to be optional. It removes the real experience and functionality of the vehicle.

In Tesla We Trust

sosmerc | 13 februari 2014

I like the Falcon doors, but agree that they should be optional because the idea of a true SUV is that it must meet a number of "utility" missions for the particular user. Falcon doors clearly get in the way of the users that desire to put stuff on the roof, or maybe want the glass roof option so they can enjoy fair weather motoring with the roof open. I personally will be VERY disappointed if the factory doesn't provide some options to facilitate towing.
My guess is that all of these issues will be addressed. That may indeed be part of the reason it is taking longer than expected to bring out the X.

Brian H | 14 februari 2014

If you want pano and racks, you want an S. It will carry as much, or more, than most SUVs.

XMikeX | 15 februari 2014

I predictthat we will get some real world solution allowing for all sorts of things to be carried on the roof (maybe even regular door option, eventually) followed shortly by loud complaints about how the rack & the stuff on it KILLS RANGE. Duh

ian | 16 februari 2014

+1 XMikeX. Exactly.

hitesh2269 | 17 februari 2014

How about who ever has problem with ski,bike,surfing board and much more stuff that goes on roof rack how about use small uhaul behind the model x that might solve all your problem.
and this way you can store more stuff in small uhaul than roof rack.and this way you can still enjoy the falcon doors thruout the year.

Jewsh | 18 februari 2014

I highly doubt Tesla can afford to have two Model X body styles.

ian | 18 februari 2014

I agree Jewsh. As easy as people think it is to offer an option, it would require two different safety certifications and that costs quite a lot to do.

Bubba2000 | 21 februari 2014

Tesla needs to ditch the Falcon doors because:
1. The Falcon doors add complexity and cost to manufacturing. Another piece of hardware to break down. The less number of moving parts, the better. Keep it simple!
2. In most of the cases, the doors are not practical. They take too long to open and close. Folks like to open the door in few seconds and close in fewer seconds. In majority of the cases, the 3 row seats are not being used. Just the 1st an 2nd row.
3. 3rd row can be accessed via sliding seats like the minivans. No perfect, but good enough
4. Roof rack easier with regular doors. Less problems with snow
5. Less risk - This the 1st SUV. Why risk with weird doors? If they make it look like minivan, folks will run away from the product. Porsche Cayenne, MB SUV, etc sell fine with regular doors. Save the experimenting for later. Time to market is important.

Tiebreaker | 21 februari 2014

Bubba, both Model S and Model X are one huge experiment.

NumberOne | 21 februari 2014

Well, I have said this before, but I guess I will say it once more. This is a family vehicle 1st, not an adventure vehicle to take off road etc. In order to put a infant in the car without throwing your back etc. a regular door would have to be opened all the way, and there often is not enough room. With falcon wing doors, this will not be a problem. Tesla is aiming to change the way most people travel/drive. Their target market is not the very small number of people that actually go skiing every weekend.

The snow argument is meaningless because it should be cleared before getting in the car anyway.

I really do not see how these doors are not practical. The Model S has been so successful that the Model X doors pose no risk. Why? Just look at the number of reservations. The X is already outnumbering the S for same stage pre-production reservations.

I have stated before also that every single reservation holder made their reservation with full knowledge of the falcon wing doors, so trying to act as if they are being forced onto you is kind of silly.

jm.tully | 21 februari 2014

I think the falcon wing doors are great and bring a lot of advantages as clearly stated by Tesla. However, I see the concerns of others and suggest a simple solution. Why not consider a slider like many of the automated minivan doors. It would have minimal clearance, a wide opening for rear access and could also open up a small segment of the roof to make entrance easy!

barrykmd | 22 februari 2014

"Why not consider a slider like many of the automated minivan doors."

Because I want an SUV, not a minivan.