Elon...A little Love for those waiting...and waiting...and waiting....

Elon...A little Love for those waiting...and waiting...and waiting....


Can you throw in a little somethin' somethin' for those waiting for OVER 2 years for this car?

Maybe an Wall Charger to go with the Model X?

I think we've earned it. No?

Long time Tesla X Waiting List member!

rossRallen | 4 augustus 2015

Roger that! And a choice of interior colors for the seats. White wouldn't be the best choice for my needs.

morin.karen | 5 augustus 2015

and interest please on my 5K stock?

DTsea | 7 augustus 2015

I waited a looong time for my model s. Why do people expect giveaways?

rossRallen | 7 augustus 2015

Because we are getting frustrated with the information blackout and endless delays?

Roamer@AZ USA | 7 augustus 2015

I need replacement chargers. The original ones I installed last year may not be operational by the time the car delivers.

NumberOne | 7 augustus 2015

While I do not expect a giveaway, it would be nice to include the option (as an option an no extra charge or even just at a discounted rate.) of third row seats to people who reserved in 2012 or before it was announced that the third row would not be standard. My HPWC has been in my garage since June of 2013. When I originally bought it, the car was due in the fall of 2013, but I did not have it installed until after the first delay was announced. | 8 augustus 2015

I am hoping for a free car. I am expecting to pay a lot when it arrives
Next year or so.

e-randy | 10 augustus 2015

I'm a huge of fan of Elon Musk- so neat to see a brilliant person making such a dramatic impact on society.
I'm a huge fan of my family and want the safest vehicle(s) for them.
I'm not in the top 1% financially- actually probably at the lower end of the market for a Tesla. In other words, the $5,000 capital gain if I had purchased more Tesla stock instead of making a deposit is a significant sum to me.

A little "consideration" from Tesla would be greatly appreciated. | 12 augustus 2015

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NumberOne | 12 augustus 2015

I was hoping to get my car by and for my birthday, which is coming soon, but it is clear that it will not happen. What may happen though is that I might get to see the design studio. I am expecting to pay around $100k or a little more when I get my car, so I will take any freebee they are willing to throw in, but I am not holding my breath. I will be going to the Tesla store soon to see what accessories I might want to add to my collection. It is entirely possible they have something there that is not available on the website.

aljjr2 | 12 augustus 2015

ahhh. We all could have Tesla deliver our birthdays...we'd never grow old.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

jjs | 12 augustus 2015

@aljjr2 - That was funny! :)

Yes, in the world you describe our birthday's would all be coming soon. But we would never grow older.

jlutz | 13 augustus 2015

"We will provide more information as death nears"

NumberOne | 13 augustus 2015

@jlutz I was laughing at @aljjr2, because it is true, although my is near the end of Q3, when the first deliveries are supposed to take place. Yours was pretty funny too.

The only things that are absolutely certain in life are death and taxes, as they say. At least you know when the tax man cometh.

Epley | 14 augustus 2015

While it may not make you feel better, the anticipation in my 2 year wait for the Model S made the delivery all the sweeter. It was like Christmas as a kid.

kamala | 16 augustus 2015

#8030 in the US. I just want mine before next summer, and I'm afraid at this point even that is too much to ask. | 16 augustus 2015

@kamala: Please don't drop any more rain on my Falcon Wing parade. My number is higher than yours.:-((
I'm pretty sure you will get yours by Feb. 2016 barring any "unlucky" Tesla suppliers.

kamala | 16 augustus 2015

Sorry @georgehawley. I've been waiting since Feb 2014 (when we actually made our reservation). When my daughter was in preschool. Our plan was to have this car until she graduates from high school. She is now in first grade. (Maybe our new goal should be when our 3 year-old son graduates from high school.)
Believe me, I'm ready! But I've been provided nothing but delays for 18 months. I want some solid answers, and eventually a car!

rossRallen | 16 augustus 2015

It would be interesting to know how many early reservation holders have actually passed away while waiting for their Model X. | 16 augustus 2015

Hey! I resemble that remark. Let's not be morbid here.

ken | 16 augustus 2015

Hey, hey, hey, let's leave age out of this!

ian | 16 augustus 2015

I've no dog in this fight as I have a lower reservation number than george. Had one lower than ken too until he cut in line. ;-)

Brian Vicars | 17 augustus 2015

Since many of us have been waiting a long time for this vehicle, wouldn't it be nice if Tesla readjusted the reservation sequence numbers to reflect the age of each buyer? In respect for the older folks who a unlikely to reap the rewards of driving their vehicle as long as the younger set? Responses from people younger 65 will not be appreciated. Excuse me mam, as a move my walker ahead of you in line.

eric.zucker | 17 augustus 2015

@brianvicars1: No way. You'll have to march over my dead body if you want your MX before I get mine ... :-) unless you already have a lower reservation number that is.

Eric. GP MX 3276 - MX120DLT. Or whatever. Max battery, dual motor, fun, and towing.

TonyInNH | 17 augustus 2015

Actually I'd be happy if Tesla would readjust the sequence numbers to take into account cancellations.

vandacca | 17 augustus 2015

I very much doubt that Tesla would ever readjust the sequence numbers, because it would require a lot of work for them and it provides Tesla with no added benefit.

Tesla's communication has been very poor and there are many other easier ways for Tesla to provide their reservations holders with more information without having to do much work.

ken | 17 augustus 2015

brianvicars1 | AUGUST 17, 2015

What a great idea, I couldn't possibly agree more with age related sequence numbers, sort of an AARP sequence list. Only problem is, it is possible that that might put King George ahead of me, but probably not. So I am in favor of implementing that, seniority rules (age that is).

@ian, it's amazing what an extra $35K can do for you, sorry to move ahead of you, make way for my power-chair, it's electric you know!

jjs | 17 augustus 2015

As someone decidedly under 65 I have to say I have no problem with deferring to my elders. Oldest first. Works for me.

PS - We will just send the old fogies a Pontiac Aztec. They're old, they won't know the difference. Don't worry about keeping this a secret. In ten minutes they won't remember it.

Me thinks I'm about to get pelted with cyber tomatoes. Bracing, bracing, FIRE.

ken | 17 augustus 2015

@jjs, you young punks don't even remember that we had electric cars in the 20's, mileage range of 20 miles per charge. However, we didn't have super highways so couldn't go anywhere anyway. GM and others killed that idea along with the oil companies. Remember the RIO, or the Stanley Steamer (no not the carpet cleaning company), or the Studebaker, Nash, HenryJ, etc. Think you know cars, you need to visit the Pioneer Museum in Minden, Nebraska. Bet you thought Ford invented the V-8 engine too, but you would be wrong. There is a lot to learn, just listen to we old guys. Tomato toss #1.

ian | 17 augustus 2015

Money talks, [BOLSHEIVIK] walks! Hahaha!

No worries ken, just throwing some friendly jabs at my fellow X waitlister and mid July birthday boy. ;-)

ian | 17 augustus 2015

+1 jjs. Not sure how close we'll be in line with that plan but as another one that's well under 65 I think that's a great idea. ;-)

jjs | 17 augustus 2015

@ken Nebraska? Wow. How do get there? Does anyone go there? ;)

Tedsla | 17 augustus 2015

Hey, watch what you say about Nebraska. I know their legislature has not been friendly to Tesla’s sales model. I know some of you think it is just “fly-over” country but when I get my MX I plan to drive there. Like every state, Nebraska has many fine qualities. I have fond memories as I met my wife there. I was stationed in Nebraska as a 20 something AF Lieutenant and went to grad school at University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Nebraska will be one of the 48 states I plan to drive to in my new Tesla. Now come on Tesla – Supercharge Nebraska! I am sure there are enlightened people in Nebraska that would buy cars if Tesla showed some love there.

jjs | 17 augustus 2015


I AM from Nebraska. I was born here. I live here. I have been to Minden and the Museum ken referenced in his post. I own a "classic" S VIN in the low 3000's. It has 75K miles on it. I am an early adopter of Tesla tech. My post had a twofold purpose: A) A gentle jab at Tesla for Supercharging I90 prior to I80 and B) See if anyone would bite. Thanks for that! :)

Yes Nebraska is a great state with many great attributes. The twisted humor of some of it's residents not being one of them.

@ken You probably have said before, but where are you from?

ken | 17 augustus 2015

@jjs, I am originally from Missouri but my wife is from Western Iowa and when we travel back there from AZ or UT we always end up traveling through Nebraska. However, many of my relatives including my grandfather spent his childhood in Bennett, NB just outside of Lincoln. The Pioneer Museum, in Minden, is truly a great place to visit as you probably know. Now only cars, but trucks, farm equipment, etc., etc. Loved taking my father there when he was in his later 80's and again when he was in his 90's, he could relate since he had spent his childhood on a farm using much of that equipment. As I remember, I think the Corn Huskers open their season here in Utah, they are still playing aren't they?

jjs | 17 augustus 2015

@ken My wife is from Iowa too. Looks like we both married up. :)

Yes, the Huskers still play, just not as well as they once did.

ken | 18 augustus 2015

@jjs, well being a UTE fan I am rooting for you against that other Utah team down south. BTW is your wife from Western Iowa?

jjs | 18 augustus 2015

@ken GO UTEs!

My wife is indeed from western IA. Primghar to be exact. Ever heard of it? It's the only one in the world.

Tesla introduced me to Utah. How? I was so taken by the idea of the supercharger network and driving long distance on electricity that I drove out to San Diego. (And repeated two more times!) Had no idea what a beautiful state it is. The second trip to San Diego we stopped at Zion National. Outstanding. Then on the third trip on the way back stopped at both Zion National and Moab. I'm quite taken with the natural beauty of your state.

fretim | 18 augustus 2015

Also a Husker and also been to Minden

Cancelled my original X reservation from the day it was announced and then made another one after I bought my S

Just sold the "S" as it was from early 2013

Waiting on pricing and features to see if I go for S or X

jacksiart | 19 augustus 2015

@ fretim,
It sounds like you had some problems with the early S. Can you tell us what they were, and why Tesla couldn't fix them? I have read about Tesla making Herculean efforts to correct MS defects.

ken | 19 augustus 2015

@jjs, yes it is advertised as "Primghar, the only one in the world", on Hwy 59, just west of Spencer. My wife is from Schleswig, also on Hwy 59 South of Primghar.

To both jjs and fretim, "Go Corn Huskers", all we UTES are pulling for you.

Yes, you are correct, Utah is a beautiful place, when you get a chance next time visit, Bryce Canyon NP, Canyon Lands NP, and Arches NP, you won't be sorry.