E-Mail Update from TM

E-Mail Update from TM

Join us this Friday, Saturday and Sunday as we bring together the Model X Design Prototype and FOUR Model S Betas - One in each Signature color: Signature Red, Pearl White, Silver, and Black.

Not only is this a historic moment for Tesla Santana Row, but it's a HUGE milestone for the Tesla Factory. The Signature paint lines are up and running! Our robots are hard at work painting more Betas and perfecting the process before production starts. Deliveries are just around the corner and we can't wait to share the excitement with you.

To celebrate, Tesla Santana Row will also unveil our new Model S Design Studio!


Tesla Santana Row
333 Santana Row, Suite 1035
San Jose, CA 95128


Friday: March 16th 4pm-9pm
Saturday: March 17th 10am-9pm
Sunday: March 18th 11am-7pm

Schlermie | 14 maart 2012

Last night, they also confirmed they'll have a Model X design prototype on display to the public for the first time. There are also some special events for Model X reservation holders...

We've planned a thrilling weekend at Tesla Santana Row and we hope you'll join the fun. The Model X Design Prototype will be on display to the public for the first time! For Model X reservation holders, we have set-up two exclusive event times throughout the weekend. No appointment necessary.

Model X Reservation Holder Event Hours
Friday: March 16th 11am-3pm
Sunday: March 18th 10am-11am

Four Model S Signatures, one of each color, will also be on display together for the very first time. To celebrate, Tesla Santana Row will unveil our new Model S Design Studio and many other surprises!

kevjo | 14 maart 2012

It's unclear to me if what they are calling the "design studio" means the online design studio or is this a "brick & mortar" design studio? If it's online, why have they not released a statement that it will be opening on a specific date?

jd3tm | 14 maart 2012

it will be an interesting weekend since it's supposed to RAIN pretty much the whole weekend!

I'm also uncertain what the "Design studio" means at the showroom. My understanding is that it will include physical samples at the store for material things like leather samples, etc. I think the website will be updated at that time to include the "packages" and options that probably won't be on display.

Regardless, those of us in attendance will take photos and post!!!


Schlermie | 14 maart 2012

I'm sure the design studio at the store will be the same as they did for the roadster. They'll have sample materials and paint chips next to a big screen TV that's connected to the online design studio.

Brian H | 16 maart 2012

Or maybe a local software setup not available on the web.