Falcon Wing doors for the driver!

Falcon Wing doors for the driver!

How many of you chauffeur-less potential X buyers/owners, want/wish to have the option of entering the vehicle with Falcon Wing doors for the driver and front passenger use & enjoyment.

MyXinTx | 15 december 2015

Personally the FW Doors seem to be a well engineered and very cool "gadget", but I suppose I do see the value of easy access to the 2nd and 3rd row...

Are you suggesting an additional set for the front or a redesign so only the front has it?

For an SUV not so much, but for the Roadster that would be very cool.

sp_tesla | 15 december 2015

Additional set for the front! as a driver/customer I should be the one to use & enjoy it!

Yoyo, the designer robot did this his own way, errr

Red Sage ca us | 15 december 2015

Once again, not necessary. Autopilot will be able to park your car. No chauffeur required.

sp_tesla | 16 december 2015

Hi Red, very luxury feeling necessary!!! walking toward a rising Falcon Wing doors & welcome you to occupy next generation seats, priceless!

eric.zucker | 16 december 2015

If I had to choose between front Falcon Wing doors and the huge windshield, I would keep the windshield.
There is no way the front Falcon Wing doors could be supported without an A-frame.

Red Sage ca us | 16 december 2015

As long as there is a second row of seating, there is no need to remove the panoramic windshield just to have Falcon Wing Doors for the front seat. Keep in mind the shape and position of the Falcon Wing Doors on the Model X are to allow ease of entry to the third row. If there were a Model S Coupe or Model X Coupe, then it would be for easy access to the second row. So you would end up with a rather long door panel on either side, that still attached and hinged behind the first row.

sp_tesla | 16 december 2015

If I had to choose between front Falcon Wing doors and the huge windshield, I would keep the Falcon Wing doors!

jordanrichard | 16 december 2015

Even in the X had a roof/windshield similar to the MS, where would the hinge go?

ian | 16 december 2015

@sp_tesla - It's a good thing you weren't involved in the design of the X then. You have admitted to not having ever been in an X. Trust me, I'd rather have and enjoy all the drive time under that big front window than the momentary cool factor of opening and closing falcon wing doors every time i get into or out of the vehicle.

sp_tesla | 16 december 2015

As a driver I am also enjoy very much the larger bigger windows which offer larger visual driving area & make me feel a lot safer watching/reacting to the moving cars around me.

Too many drivers not turning their heads when entering or changing lanes.

As a passenger I also will enjoy all the drive time under that big front window looking at the not traffic related surrounding,(Sky, birds, trees, landscaping, unique objects, etc).

Red Sage ca us | 16 december 2015

The reason why big windows, all around, are no longer present in vehicles is because of changes in crash testing over the past 25 years. Offset frontal, simulated pole into driver side door, and rollover tests did not exist in 1990. In attempts to pass these tests, car designers have had to raise the beltline of vehicles, thereby decreasing the available window space all around. They are not much more than portholes or gunnery slits now. Even worse with increases to rollover resistance, the supports for the rooftop have grown thicker and thicker. That results in heavier vehicles and worse fuel economy.

Once again, only a two-seater vehicle with a Falcon Wing Door would prevent a panoramic windshield installation. Otherwise, a two-door coupe could have a Falcon Wing Door design that serviced both front row and passenger row seating. While Franz Von Holzhausen was with Mazda they experimented with such ideas. Though, they admittedly did not include the panoramic windshield, I still believe it could be done with relative ease.

Ankit Mishra | 16 december 2015

That is a cool looking car.

Boredwithnames | 18 december 2015

If they did a Model S Coupe like this i would sell a kidney to get one.

And maybe a testicle.

And even a Lung too.

sp_tesla | 18 december 2015

"Boredwithnames | DECEMBER 18, 2015 NEW
If they did a Model S Coupe like this i would sell a kidney to get one."

Hey, Yoyo the robot designer are you listening????????????????????

eric | 18 december 2015

Sorry to highjack a thread but this Luddite can't figure out how to start a new thread. Can someone please help?

Ankit Mishra | 18 december 2015

Push back button. You reach main page of X forum. There you will see 'post new topic'. Click and make a new thread.

eric | 18 december 2015

On my main X forum page I don't see 'post new topic'. The first column is "New?". My columns are labeled:





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How am I missing it?

AlMc | 18 december 2015

@Red:Thanks for the info and picture. While I am not onboard with TM spending so much time/money on the FWDoors for the X....If they show it to be reliable I would support the model3 looking very similar to the pix you have posted.

eric | 18 december 2015

Just figured it out. Apparently the problem was with Internet Explorer. At the suggestion of Tesla support, I switched to Chrome and the missing "Post New Topic" button magically appeared. Thanks for the help Ankit Mishra.

EVino | 18 december 2015
Ankit Mishra | 18 december 2015

What's that wierd contraption on the top of rear end? Also, that's a lot weight on those hinges as the sliding mechanism has no where to go towards front end of car. Must be an aesthecally challenging look from the back with those strange rear wheel covers.

sosmerc | 22 december 2015

I have always liked the idea of a sliding door that could provide access for both driver and passengers.....but I suppose that meeting crash test standards may be a bigger factor that restricts vehicle design more than most people realize. Designers and engineers have alot to deal with these days.

mclary | 24 december 2015

sp_tesla - Silly idea!



Red Sage ca us | 24 december 2015

So hath spoken the Warden of the Asylum.

kittylitter | 24 december 2015

@Red Sage CA US. Nice!!

sp_tesla | 24 december 2015

mclary | DECEMBER 24, 2015 NEW

Silly Flag!


ian | 24 december 2015

Well said Red!

@sp_tesla - Appropriate response. Actually, probably the best one I've seen!

Red Sage ca us | 24 december 2015

May we all remain content Outside the Asylum.