"A Few Million"

"A Few Million"

Consumer Reports' new article discusses projected sales in 2025, new factory near the east coast and more. | 14 januari 2015

Generally good reporting on what Musk said, but the starting line of the article looks wrong to me.

" sell 500,000 units a year annually when the Model 3 compact EV starts production in 2020. That's a three-year delay from its original timeframe."

There is no 3 year delay. I think the writer is confused and thinking there will be no sales of Model 3 until 2020. Elon continues to state production will start in 2017.

Red Sage ca us | 14 januari 2015

This falls in line with what JB Straubel said at Stanford in September 2013. Tesla Motors will work toward doubling their capacity year-over-year to reach their goal. Actual production may be less than capacity for some time. That's OK.

I think some reporters may be genuinely confused... I think too many of them know full well what Tesla Motors means in all their announcements of future plans... Yet they choose to misreport Tesla's intentions anyway and on purpose.