Fire at Tesla Factory - Not sure if confirmed

Fire at Tesla Factory - Not sure if confirmed

Just saw this flash by my computer. If true, this has to be some record for string of bad luck...

DTsea | 13 november 2013

Accidents happen in factories. They are dangerous. High energy equipment, heavy objects....

eddiemoy | 13 november 2013

saw it was confirmed. what a string of bad luck!!

RBats | 13 november 2013

Big drop in stock after news came out but bounced back nicely...

AmpedRealtor | 13 november 2013
NKYTA | 13 november 2013

I hope the workers are okay and didn't suffer any major burns! :-/

JPPTM | 13 november 2013

Update at 1:09 pm from KCBS radio--'industrial accident with pressurized equipment. No fire, no smoke. 3 injured with burns transported to local hospital'.

Somewhat discordant info....

JPPTM | 13 november 2013

Official statement:

There was a failure in a low pressure aluminum casting press. Three employees were injured by hot metal from that press. We are making sure that they receive the best possible care.

Gizmotoy | 13 november 2013

That's terrible. Hope the workers are OK. Taken by ambulance to burn unit + announcement they were injured by hot metal = not good.

Captain_Zap | 13 november 2013

No fire. It was an industrial accident. Tesla made a brief statement.

JPPTM | 13 november 2013

Quote from SJ Mercury MNews:

"We had an equipment failure with an aluminum casting machine, which spilled hot metal on three people," Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said in an e-mail. "Two (workers' injuries) sound relatively minor, one more serious. (I) am going to visit them in the hospital later today and will personally ensure that they receive the best possible care."