First Swedish review (?) - Aftonbladet Bil

First Swedish review (?) - Aftonbladet Bil

I think that this is the first swedish review, from Aftonbladet Bil (paper magazine).

Summary, swenglish translation :-)

To own: 3/5 expensive, the 85 kWh performance version costs around 122 000 $ here in Sweden

Drive: 5/5 "Silent and lightning fast, but easy to drive. Model S can compete with the worlds best.."

Comfort: 4/5 great, but they're complaining about "the fat 21" rims"

Safety: 4/5 hasn't been crash tested in Europe yet (?) so they gave it 4/5

Practicality: 4/5 They're complaining a little about the headroom in the back, thus the 4/5 and not 5/5

Feeling: 5/5 "You should avoid announcing something as the world's best, but it's really close here. The Tesla Model S feels thought true, modern and complete. I'm only waiting for the quickchargers and then i'm the first to replace my ICE engine car.."

And to sum it all up:

"The Model S is not only great because of it's electric drive, the import thing is that it's also great as a reqular car. It can compete with the best conventional cars of today. And if you think about the future, it'll beat them"


"This is without a doubt the worlds best interior and menu system"

"We're gliding over the legendary Golden Gate bridge and the only sounds comes from the traffic around us. V8 engines, roaring truck diesels and rattling Harley Davidssons. Our own 416 hp electric engine remains is silent as a mouse. Suddenly, all other cars feels hopelessly outdated"

"in my eyes, Tesla has done the right thing, the've taken the conventional car, turned everything upside down and made something new. Unfortunately, Sweden is not yet ready for the electric car. We're lacking will and infrastructure. But i can only congratulate the 1000 Norwegians that have already completed their orders. Keep up until the deliveries in July, it'll be worth the wait. I promise"

daoops | 26 mei 2013

Finally some attention in Swedish media, thanks por posting Björn. We need to shape this up, people over here does hardly know of tesla and if the know of it they think of the roadster. C'mon Swedes :).
I sent an email to göteborgs stad the other day and got a nice answer back thanking me for the letter and saying they do not receive very many letters regatding tesla and evs. I was asking about charging infrastructure in the city.

How many swedes are there in this forum by the way, hands up please.

We need to give this country a kick in the butt!! The norweigans will laught at us untill the end of times for driving veteran cars (ice), we don't want that do we..? ;)

GeirT | 26 mei 2013

@ OlaCarlander

Norwegians laughs at Swedes all the time ;-)

But seriously, the benefit in Norway is the non-tax/VAT situation we currently enjoy. In Sweden, car prices are in harmony with rest of the world more or less (except for poor Danes as car taxes in Denmark are simply insane) due to Volvo and Saab. The Tesla becomes a very pricy car, and lots of great brands to chose between. The same situation asGerman friends has described here earlier.

Svante | 26 mei 2013

Here's one Swede, living outside of Uppsala. It's true, people know almost nothing about Tesla here, and ever since I made my reservation last summer I've found it very strange not being able to find a single word about the Model S in any Swedish media. I look forward to starting to spread the message in earnest myself once I've taken delivery of my P85+ in September :-)

Lessmog | 26 mei 2013

Also a Swede. Also near G-burg (and Oslo). But I need to periodically go to Stockholm, which is just out of range (currently; let's await part 6 of Elon's five-part trilogy;) So I'm still saving up, partly in TSLA stock.

I actually had occasion to mention Tesla & the VAT situation to a local politician the other day, who was on his way to the party national congress. Well, we must do what little we can.

JoachimS | 26 mei 2013

Another Swede here, located in Stockholm - The Capitol of Scandinavia (just could not resist that dear Norwegians).
Also read the article and I was really surprised by the fantastic review of the car - theonly complaint was about "noise" from the hard 21" rims and a bit low head space in the rear.

I am awaiting my, since already in 2009 ordered, Sig P85 in July - felt as a real early adopter (and a geek) then but it seems that the long wait will finally end this summer :-)

daoops | 26 mei 2013

Geir, ha ha I know you do. But for a change you have a very good reason also ;)
The taxes thing is very true. Good point, I don't think we know how to tax electric cars quite yet in sweden come the day when people have an option for a GREAT car that is electric. We should at least match the $7,5k+ you get if in the U.S, at least. We will be caught off guard, just sayin.

Lessmog, for sure we need an SC between gbg and sthlm! Smart move with the stocks, doing the exact same :).

Svante and Joachim, congrats to a great car!! :) Jelaous!! Been testdriving it a few times in Chicago, it is truly an amazing car.

So you think we are only a handfull Swedes here?

Lessmog | 26 mei 2013

@Ola: Not as many as our Norwegian brother folks, that's for sure! I saw a map some time ago.

I did put forward a few concrete suggestions on another thread, which might be beneficial to travel in the triangle Oslo-Stockholm-Gothenburg and further south to Öresund straits and Teh Continent! Perhaps some points on E4 and E22 would strengthen the web. Also, northwards into skiing territory (Åre, Sälen etc) and the Norrland coast. But being self-interested, I stressed what would be essential for myself ;-)

But a bit more political canvassing is welcome. The nationalized car makers of France and the German colossus with foreign vassals will doubtless fight it, but us small nations may still gnaw at their ankles...

bredell | 26 mei 2013

Here's yet another swede, living in Uppsala. I got the "time to build" email 5 weeks ago but haven't ordered the car yet. One reason for this is that I still haven't had a chance to test drive or even see the car for real yet. That will change next week when Tesla comes to Stockholm. I'm also waiting for the swedish tax authorities to set a tax value on the car, this will be ready in a few weeks. The swedish tax rules for the Tesla are actually quite good if you use it as a company car.

Brian H | 26 mei 2013

Yes, demand your lawmakers sweden the deal. >:) (For non-native English speakers, sounds like "sweeten" with a stuffed nose.)

martin.sjoberg | 27 mei 2013

Here is one more Swede. Living in Stockholm and I will get my Tesla aorund August / September.
@Bredell is Tesla comming to Stockholm??!! Where and when?

daoops | 27 mei 2013

Nice, more swedes. And you are most welcome guest Brian H, not sure you know it but you have gothenburg humor (famous for playing with words) so we could count you as a swede easily. ;)

@Bredell Thanks for the tax update, I was wondering about when they were to decide that. Do you know the numbers, in the ballpark?
And to quote Martin: "is Tesla coming to Stockholm??!! Where and when?" A store or just for a show?

bredell | 27 mei 2013

Tesla are coming to Stockholm on friday, May 31. They will be at the Connoisseur Car Day at Steninge Castle just outside of Stockholm. They've been participating in the car day every year but this is the first time they will show the Model S.

Tesla have been working with the swedish tax authorities for some time now and the authorities will have the numbers ready any day now, they expect to have it published on their web site at the end of this month.

I did some calculations of my own. The law says that when assessing the cost of the car you should deduct the additional cost of the EV drive as compared to a similar ICE car. I looked at the tax authorities calculations for the Tesla Roadster where they say that you should deduct 535.700 SEK from the cost of the car. Since the EV drive of the TMS is probably very similar to that of the Roadster, I assumed that I could deduct 535.700 SEK from the cost of the TMS as well. I'm looking at a TMS 85 with a price tag of 81.000 EUR plus VAT, if my calculations hold true that car will get a taxation value of 1.700-1.800 SEK which would mean that it would only cost around 600-700 SEK a month for the driver (90-105 USD). I really hope the tax authorities agree with my calculations!

Also, when you use the TMS as a company car and pay for the electricity charging it, you are allowed to get 9.50 SEK tax free for every 10 km you drive the car, even though it will only cost 2-3 SEK to charge it. If you drive a lot in your work you can get a lot of money that way.

Brian H | 28 mei 2013

Drivers over here discover that they are looking for and enjoying long routes to their destinations, to prolong the driving. So begin planning as many "reasonable" detours as you can. Get off the freeways and toll roads and autobahns and enjoy the countryside on the byways!

daoops | 28 mei 2013

Bredell, lets hope you and rsv (irs) agree on that :). Remember how many priuses showed up all the sudden 2005? Made me think for the first time actually how it would be if everyone had a TMS.. In some strange way I would like to be a bit unique. Hmm, strange feeling. What shall we all do after the conquer of the roads is complete..? Get self driving tesla model G(oogle) perhaps...
And no, I do not doubt for a second that Elon will kick some cans in a new field worthy to nerd in on. Hyperloops, mars trips and stuff. So is this my life, a disciple of Elon..? Oh well, could have been worse.. ;)
sorry for spacing out off topic completely...

JoachimS | 30 mei 2013

I have actually been in conact with the tax authorities and this morning got the information from them - Finally we now have the real Fringe benefit levels for the Model S as follows:

Model S 60 kWh: Fringe purchase price 284600 SEK (incl VAT
=> 2242 SEK/month fringe benefit value (= 1121 SEK/month net cost)

Model S 85 kWh: Fringe purchase price 335100 SEK (incl VAT)
=> 2675 SEK/month fringe benefit value (= 1388 SEK/month net cost)

Model S 85 kWh Performance: Fringe purchase price 438900 SEK (incl VAT)
=> 4500 SEK/month fringe benefit value (= 2250 SEK/month net cost)

Model S 85 kWh Signature: Fringe purchase price 462800 SEK (incl VAT)
=> 4925 SEK/month fringe benefit value (= 2463 SEK/month net cost)

Model S 85 kWh Signature Performance: Fringe purchase price 548000 SEK (incl VAT)
=> 6425 SEK/month fringe benefit value (= 3213 SEK/month net cost)

This actually means that if you can get your employer (or your own company as in many case in this segment) lease a regular Model S 85 kWh and you are only taxed as if you drove a Skoda Octavia Elegance costing some 180,000 SEK!

Lessmog | 30 mei 2013

Brilliant, Joachim!

Dennis Gunske | 14 oktober 2013

Annother swede :-) Little bit more in the north; Hammerdal near by Östersund. And actually there are charger stations from Sundsvall to Trondheim, but I dont know what type of chargers (Have no experience neither with electric car nor with the best car in the world...yet ). So going to Åre with your Tesla becomes closer :-)