Flat tire

Flat tire

I unfortunately apparently ran over a nail and after 1000 miles had a flat tire. The car was towed to my nearest service center and they are repairing it today. A simple flat tire required towing and even with an inflator the car still had to be brought in. Are there any recommendations to avoid this significant inconvenience for a simple and common problem? Run flats, small space saver spare? Any help will be appreciated.

gt1485a | 13 mei 2013

I've used one of these before:
Requires some work but this plus fix a flat and a portable compressor should be all that is required for anything but a sidewall puncture.

L8MDL | 13 mei 2013

Couldn't you just buy an extra wheel/tire and a jack w/lug wrench and throw them in the frunk? In the old days we called it a spare. They actually gave you one with the car!!! It may affect your range, though.

mrspaghetti | 13 mei 2013

It is my understanding that a full-size tire will not fit in the frunk, though I'm sure a donut would.

rmbod | 13 mei 2013

There is another thread on this topic (actually several). one in particular shows a photo of a full size with 19 inch rims in the frunk. Owner said the wheel doesnt fit flush to floor of frunk but low enough to close the hood.

JKL | 13 mei 2013


Do I need a jack to use this kit?

gt1485a | 13 mei 2013


Good point JKL. I've never done it without a jack and taking the wheel off but I suspect it could be done.

Sudre_ | 13 mei 2013

I have used those plug kits without taking the tire off or a jack. The hard part is finding the leak with the tire on but takes less time than taking it off. Just use an air pump to inflate the tire then inch the car forward until the puncture is at around 4 or 5 o'clock. Putting a piece of tape on the sidewall to indicate where the puncture is at works well. The S will probably make this easier since you can pump up the suspension.

gt1485a | 28 juni 2013

Well got a chance to test things out... luckily i was close enough to work that i had many other tools at my disposal. I ended up taking off the wheel. Much easier. I kept track of the tools i need and it came down to the following:

Torque Wrench
21mm socket
4-6 inch extension.

I got the following off of Amazon and the torque wrench fits perfectly in the frunk cubby!

I will have to go find a cheapo jack at the local goodwill.

AmpedRealtor | 28 juni 2013

Those who have successfully put spares in the frunk, can you post pictures?