Good News on the ticker

Good News on the ticker

Do any of You guys in here know anyone who drives one ?


ian | 23 mei 2013

Nope. Nobody here owns or drives one. ;-)

Those that have been rumored to have driven one report that it was an awful experience and would never own one even if they were given one. Ha!

Brian H | 23 mei 2013

Now $92, and headed north. Wonder why? LOL

ian | 23 mei 2013

Probably still quite a bit of that niche of folks who already have 3 cars and want an S as a "toy" to fill. :rolleyes:

These hacks that purportedly know so much sure are clueless sometimes.

I was reading some comments to a Forbes article today and one person from Indianapolis couldn't understand where all these S's were being sold because they hadn't seen one yet. LOL

negarholger | 23 mei 2013

There is a lot more work to be done... last weekend we were at Pacific Grove ( between Monterey and Carmel and not too far away from Silicon Valley which is littered with MS ) and parked next to the ocean... every 30 sec some one came by and asked "is this the car they talk about on TV all the time?", "is the a Tesla?"... I couldn't believe it.

Pale | 24 mei 2013

@goneskiian: Yes, I rolled my eyes at that, too. But the talk of these two was very positive. I liked just how they talked about it. And they even have a Tesla grin on their faces despite they give the impression they haven`t ever seen a Model S. Thats weird, huh ? :)

@Kleist: I tell You that this is nothing compared to the work that will have to be done to convince people over here in Germany. The press over here is finally aware of Tesla and the Model S and the journalists have turned quite positive during the last weeks. But every article is commented by a rat-tail of scepticists who still think what the Model S does is not possible bla bla etc. We who know better are doing a lot to stem against the tide of criticism, hate and ignorance towards the EVs and Tesla Model S in particular.

I know the Model S-effect will convince many people over here in due time but atm its a pain in the ass. So You are right: There is a lot of work to do !

The cars will do the work when they hit the streets...