(You are not alone. We all are getting it! Even on the Model S Forum)

I don't know who to contact, but I often hear people say they have the contact info for certain employees.

This spam is friggin getting ridiculous.
Please someone bring it up to Tesla and get this idiot blocked...

Poster keeps changing his ID

ken | 12 augustus 2015

We need to get a message to the Tesla web master, I will try.

eric.zucker | 12 augustus 2015

I've flagged all those I found, Tesla did some cleanup, but he keeps coming back.

ken | 12 augustus 2015

I have sent a message to the webmaster but not sure how long it will take. We can bump the pages that we want to see.

JeffreyR | 12 augustus 2015

Check out the Tips & Tricks in the General section for searching, posting pictures, and other useful tidbits like my filter spam bookmarklet.

ken | 12 augustus 2015

@JefferyR, will that work when the hacker keeps changing his/her name?

ken | 12 augustus 2015

I have been trying to bump these but I am fighting a losing battle.

vandacca | 12 augustus 2015

I wouldn't bother @ken. Tesla will eventually figure out how to get in front of this attack. Also, one way around this is to look for New Replies. The spammer threads all have 0 replies. Quite annoying, and I can't imagine there being any financial benefit with all this Spam.

vandacca | 12 augustus 2015

...besides, he has to run out of Universities sooner or later. Anyone know how many universities there are in the world??? Looks like he is moving through Canadian universities now...

JeffreyR | 12 augustus 2015

It can be used multiple times for a single page load. It looks for a part of the username and hides the element using DOM tricks in JavaScript. Not a permanent fix, just less "ennoyimg" as my daughter would say. I need to reverse engineer the "flag" so we can do it w/o loading the OP.

JeffreyR | 12 augustus 2015

Oops "ee-noy-ing"

ca-blessed | 12 augustus 2015

Thank you Tesla!!

Spam is removed

ca-blessed | 12 augustus 2015

Now....back to your regularly scheduled programming:-)

Have a great day Model Xers.
I'm headed back to Model S land now.

vandacca | 12 augustus 2015

Not all of the Spam is removed. Who is this Ken+1 person??? ;-)

ken | 12 augustus 2015

It is me, I was trying to bump the ones that we all read.

vandacca | 12 augustus 2015

I know ken...I was just kidding. :-) I appreciate you trying to tackle an impossible task.

ken | 12 augustus 2015

vandacca | AUGUST 12, 2015

I'm just old, not spam yet. My wife might disagree.

ir | 12 augustus 2015

The one constant in the spam seemed to be their contact info and the word "university". Not hard to filter once the moderator has their coffee.

ken | 12 augustus 2015

ca-blessed | AUGUST 12, 2015

I had sent a message to the webmaster telling him/her about the hacker, he gave me a call back within an hour asking if we had seen anything further and saying that they had taken care of the problem. Interesting to note that they are quite obviously monitoring the forum and communications addressed to the webmaster. I forgot to ask him if I could configure my MX, damn, missed opportunity.

grant10k | 12 augustus 2015

@Ken. Oh, that's what you were doing. Now that the spam is gone, all the +1s look retroactively obnoxious. I guess it's kind of a moot point now, but maybe you could have wrote "+1 (why?) with a link to the post where you explain all the +1s, and how many remaining 1's you have left to +.

ken | 12 augustus 2015

grant10k | AUGUST 12, 2015

Sorry, was just trying to help, but it didn't work.

grant10k | 12 augustus 2015

I figure you get a free pass on the +1s for the attempt at pushing down the spam (kudos, btw), and calling up the webmaster to further help out.

jjs | 12 augustus 2015


Thanks for your efforts to keep the useful posts at the top. For future reference "bump" is often used to bring a thread back to the top of the forum. +1 is "I like/agree."

ian | 12 augustus 2015

Damn. They're back.

sbeggs | 12 augustus 2015

Do something please! | 12 augustus 2015

I busty-bumped them down to page 2 for starters.

timf2001 | 12 augustus 2015

Could we please stop bumping threads? Tesla will get to the spam quickly enough, and it's annoying to have to go through 20 threads without meaningful new posts just to reset the New Replies indicator.

ram1901 | 12 augustus 2015

The general forum has been overrun with the Chinese university spam attack. last check it was over 15 pages deep and growing..

vandacca | 13 augustus 2015

Yes, please listen to @timf2001. No human is capable of outperforming a 'bot when it comes to posting on a forum. It is futile to try to beat it via bumping threads. The moderators are the only ones that can fix this.

sbeggs | 13 augustus 2015


I think you're right.