Gotta hand it to Tesla for their secrecy

Gotta hand it to Tesla for their secrecy

For the hundreds of staff that have dealt with the X, and have had to design it, build it, test drive it, SuperCharge it, park it randomly if need be, you gotta hand it to them for not letting too many juicy (if any at all) details slide about the features it will have.

Aside from the towing capabilities slip-up (if it was allowed or not), really not much has come out other than a few misleading pictures. No interior shots, no "Anonymous Source Says Model X Will Have 120kWh Option, etc.", not much for details other than at the initial media release.

Kudos. There's either really big incentives for keeping everything hush-hush and hidden away from prying eyes (No SuperCharging unless necessary, etc.) or else Elon will have to be giving out gold stars by the truckload.

eric.zucker | 19 augustus 2015

I expect things will move forward soon.

Are there any signs of preparation around Tesla HQ and/or the Fremont factory? Tents going up, parking lots cleaned up, flowers, trees, bushes planted, lawn manicured, food and drinks delivered, TV and news trucks, satellite transmission vans, lighting, cameras, visitors from outer space?

What's going on? it's unusually quiet ... Frustrating to be kept in the dark.

EternalChampion | 19 augustus 2015

Their information embargo is definitely impressive. Of course the employees involved with the building of the X may not be human...

Area 51 recently had a new giant hangar built. This is probably where the extraterrestrials are putting the vehicle together. The project lead is unhappy with the finish of the plasma paint as it doesn't immolate bugs as efficiently as the engineers originally estimated.

NumberOne | 19 augustus 2015

The only way to keep things under wraps is to keep the circle small. While still impressive, it is not necessary for too many people to be in the loop before production actually starts. While some new training had to take place, it is somewhat compartmentalized, so individual knowledge of the entire car is very limited. Also, regarding all of the rumors about vendors, there are only a few people who are involved in selecting vendors, and they may simply be holding out to be sure they get the best products and prices. Most of the car will be produced in-house, but parts such as trim, seats, carpet/liners are sourced. The steering wheel, gear shift, pedals etc. will likely be the same as Model S.

All will be revealed soon enough.

vandacca | 19 augustus 2015

You guys are all so funny. You really think Tesla intentionally kept all this quiet? The reason why very little has leaked is because there is nothing to leak. They're still trying to figure all this stuff out so very little has been finalized.

I'm exaggerating a little, but I really do believe that up until a few months ago, the designers hadn't finalized specs. And even if certain specs were finalized a few months ago, they reserve the right to change their minds at the last minute.

And even after they announce the Design Studio and reveal the car, they can and will continue to change their minds. The Model-X is a fluid, constantly changing design that won't ever stop changing.

ram1901 | 19 augustus 2015

Wed. Aug 5th - Quarterly earnings webcast - Elon Musk - paraphrase 'the Model X Design Studio will be up in about 3 weeks.' That would put it sometime during the week of 8/24 or the beginning of 8/31.
and 'first deliveries will be in September' We hope he meant Sept. 2015. :)

This is like waiting for Christmas morning and we're all sneaking around the house looking in the closets and the attic or that secret space in the garage to see if we can get an early peek at the that special gift.

Putting 8/28 on my calendar as a reminder to see if the Design Studio is up. | 19 augustus 2015

You have to be careful about hiding Christmas presents. One year I hid some of the special gifts in the frunk of a VW beetle parked in the driveway. We had an ice storm over night and the frunk lid was frozen shut. I think there won't be many surprises for this canny group that has collectively doped out virtually everything there is to know about the X.

carlk | 19 augustus 2015

Kind of like how Apple treat their new products. Or at least how they were treating their new products when Jobs was around.

There was a famous story that (Apple cofunder) Steve Wozniak usually lines up at a store to buy every new Apple product at the release day. Once a store employee showed him the new phone half an hour before the store opens. That fellow was fired after it became known even after Wozniak called Jobs asking for leniency.

Roamer@AZ USA | 19 augustus 2015

I think the level of secrecy may be hurting more than helping. Last year this forum was alive with excitement. That interest and excitement died off months ago. I haven't recommended anyone check out or look at the car for months now. I feel sorry for my friends that I excitedly encouraged to make deposits years ago.

Maybe a great car with a novel reveal will get the excitement back for the X program. Right now it is just a dark hole with little hope or excitement.


vandacca | 19 augustus 2015

@Roamer, it's the calm before the storm... | 19 augustus 2015

It's all over for Tesla now, or is it.

Audi is not being so secretive about their 310 mile electric Crossover:

carlk | 19 augustus 2015

In Apple's case they don't want to reveal any trade secrets to competitors and imitators. I don't know what are Tesla's reasons if there are any.

I do suspect Audi, and some other companies, are making big noises on those "concept" cars or products many years away in the attempt to slowdown the bleeding of customer base moving to Tesla.

ian | 19 augustus 2015

Exactly carlk. Trying to plug holes with every finger they have. We'll see how the specs on this vaporware change if it actually gets produced.

proven | 19 augustus 2015

@ram1901: I thought Elon just said that the first cars would be configured in about 3 weeks, not the design studio would open in 3 weeks. Although I could be wrong, I didn't watch it--just read about it later.

paradis | 19 augustus 2015

@carlK - +1 . Classic soonware to maybe be produced in 3 years, by which time who knows what the MX range will be. I don't understand the low coefficient of drag claim with that big square front end and I see visibility issues with the very low windows. Bring it on Audi!

vandacca | 19 augustus 2015

BTW, the 310 mile range is the exact same range as the Model-S. It is using the European NEDC standard (not EPA). Therefore, it's not as impressive as it sounds, probably more like 270 EPA miles. The article did a poor job at figuring that out. | 19 augustus 2015

Good point, Dan!

By the way, I sent my possible invention idea to JB and also to a Board member. Got no response. Published the letter in a Model S thread titled "Don't drive like my brother." In case you missed it. Got some positive posts.

johnse | 19 augustus 2015

I went looking for your post but couldn't find it. Link please?

timf2001 | 19 augustus 2015


Elon didn't use the words "design studio" exactly, but he did say the configuration would "go live on the website" by the end of the month. This was far more specific than a few months ago when he said July, when he merely said they would "ask people to configure". | 20 augustus 2015

@johnse: have to run. Don't have time to hunt for it. The idea is for what I call Custom TACC (also applies to other autopilot functions). Basically, there would be a mode where you drive and train the car to drive like you. The results go into your profile. Then you have the option of having the car drive like you instead of big brother Tesla. ( Don't drive like my brother...). Maybe Tesla removed it?

jjs | 20 augustus 2015

@george - That's odd. I searched for it using and could not find it. It is rare that Tesla removes threads. Was there objectionable content somewhere in the tread. Or perhaps you have hit upon one of the enhancements in a coming software release?

sdj | 20 augustus 2015

@jjs found it by sorting on topic in Model S Discussions, 5th page, with "Don't drive like my brother"

jjs | 20 augustus 2015

@steven - Thanks. I will go back to volkerize and figure out what I did wrong.

jjs | 20 augustus 2015

Mystery solved. It is a private thread. volkerize does not find private threads. I think I knew that....doh!

vandacca | 20 augustus 2015

Thanks George. I had to search through 13 pages of Model-S threads to find "Don't drive like my brother". I feel dirty.

I will comment after I read through it all. | 20 augustus 2015

Didn't mean to divert this thread. It is kind of related to secrecy. I made it a private thread because, as a potentially valuable idea, I thought that would be the best course. I was hoping for an email from someone in JB's office acknowledging receipt, even if it was a " Thanks but we already thought of that" kind of response but nada. There have been a number of threads about shortcomings of TACC and comments to that effect on other threads. The OTA software upgrade-capable Tesla vehicles would be ideal candidates for such a feature to my way of thinking.

larmorfreq | 20 augustus 2015