Has Anyone heard of the at Blink Stations?

Has Anyone heard of the at Blink Stations?

Alex K | 1 februari 2013

Article says:

If you drive a Tesla vehicle: To avoid melting your adapter, dial your charge current down from 30A when using a Blink (or any other EVSE with a REMA connector). We know that 16A is pretty safe and 30A isn’t, so be careful when going above 16A.

Good advice, but this makes charging at Blink stations almost useless.

Also check out Blink / Rav4 Blows Out a Contactor Pin (with gory pics):

nora-te | 1 februari 2013

Yes, we just discovered them last evening at a McDonalds' in San Ramon, CA. We went there specifically because they had J charges listed on the Recargo Phone ap, and we wanted to see how they worked.

Since we did not have an account, we used he Blink Charger as a "guest". The cost was $2.00 per hour and we got about 20 miles charge in the hour (30 AMP). If you join Blink, it is only $1.00/hr.

It is certainly not a Supercharger, but it is good to know they are around in a pinch!

dahtye | 1 februari 2013

I've been using Blink chargers at work for the last 3 months without issues on my Model S (using the J1772 adapter), running at 30A. These chargers were installed about a year ago, so perhaps don't have the faulty crimp on the connector.

Does anyone know if this is an issue with recently installed Blink chargers? | 1 februari 2013

Sounds like a one-time event. I wouldn't be concerned about using 30A.

For the Model S, the good news is should this happen to any of us, only the small adapter might need replacing. It wouldn't damage the car's connector. You'll still be able to supercharge and charge at home.

gibren | 1 februari 2013

We have blink stations all over the Phoenix metro area. Haven't used on the Model S yet, because I don't have the car yet. Have used on the Leaf. If you sign up it is $1.00-1.50/hr depending on your program. It sounds like a winner to me.

gregv64 | 1 februari 2013

Just to be clear, I believe the title is meant to be "Has anyone heard of the overheating at blink stations." The OP is asking about information related to the overheating mentioned in the linked article, not just general Blink information.

Mark Z | 3 februari 2013

I noticed the J1772 adapter being unusually warm when using a Blink charger for an hour at a Wal*Mart in Corona, CA. The adapter is never warm when using the 30 amp Charge Point charge station at home. (Continuing to wait for Tesla to ship the High Power Wall Connector.)

July10Models | 3 februari 2013

Heating is indication of a bad connection as the Mobile adopter is capable of 80 Amps continuously. You can dial down the charging current but that is no fix for a bad connector.

SD Supercharger | 3 februari 2013

Anyone else use the Blink chargers with the J1772 adaptor? It would be great to get more input on this!

Seraph | 3 februari 2013

I have used three different Blink stations now with no issue - they are hard to avoid in Southern California.. The adapter does not appear to get unusually warm during charging.

Earl and Nagin ... | 3 februari 2013

My experience, based on the one I got through the EV project, is that Blink has very poor quality control. I would recommend caution if charging a Model S or Roadster at 30 amps. The Leaf and Volt, which predominantly use the Blinks only draw 15 amps so they won't have as much of a problem with overheating.
That said, I regularly charge our Roadster with our Blink at 30 amps at our house and have used them in public a few times and haven't seen any overheating issues. Clearly, sometimes, they get their wires crimped correctly.

olanmills | 3 februari 2013

There's blink stations at my work and at one of my grocery stores, and I know there's a bunch more around.

I've used the one at my work a couple times (only because I was late for meetings actually, and it's better/faster parking space, lol).

I used the 30A charging, and I'm still alive, and so is my car, so there's that. Also it's only $1/hr, which isn't too bad.

However, the first time I charged, the charge only lasted for < 2hrs, and so I got charged $2, but I didn't move my car for 4 or hours. On the second time though, it was the same situation, I only needed an hour or so of charge, but the Blink station recognized that I was still plugged in and parked there for 5 hours, so it charged me $5, which, in my opinion, is what they should do.

jat | 3 februari 2013

@SD SC - I used the J1772 connector with a Blink charger at 30A in Chattanooga with no problems, both times over 7 hours.