Have you seen an S on the road today?

Have you seen an S on the road today?

My wife and I, waiting for our S, play a silly game: "Seen a S today on the road?" Then we look at where we saw them. So far I have the record: just 2 in a day so far. All but one were in the mid-peninsula area. One black one seen entering I85 in Cupertino. Somehow it is satisfying to me to see them showing up. None seen so far appear to be demos: no copilot. Res number P7214 with Feb-Mar est delivery.

fritzlan | 14 juni 2013

I see one on most days. I live in Marin County, just north of the GoldenGate Bridge.

In about six weeks I'll be looking at one of my own.


portia | 15 juni 2013

I don't have the HOV sticker since I don't have to commute over the hills (silicon valley), but last week Thursday coming back on hwy 85 southbound around 4pm, in the fast lane crawling with the traffic, 3 model S with HOV stickers passed me in the carpool lane, white, silver and grey, respectively. Were you one of them? I was in the sig red stuck in traffic.
and yesterday I saw a blue one in the Swfit st parking lot for the first time at that location, and the first time that car, did not see the owner around.

ssarker | 15 juni 2013

Had MS charging buddies 2 days in a row at downtown Chicago parking garages.

Silver 4xx EL at 20 E. Randolph garage on Thursday 6/13/13
Black 7xx EL at 17 E. Adams garage yesterday 6/14/13 (Vivek was that yours?)

my first multi MS day. Also a grey 4xx EL at the Oak Park Country club last night

TAD_CA | 15 juni 2013

I saw this thread and realized my reality is not shared with the rest of the country. Working a mile from the Fremont factory and living in the SF East Bay, I see at least 10-20 per day, easily.

I have had mine two weeks, and on my commute on 680, I used to see a half dozen passing me in the HOV lane while I was slowed in the normal lanes. Now I don't see them as often during my commute as I am in the HOV lane as well, so they are no longer passing me.

Just last night, eating dinner at our country club, there were 3 other MS parked near each other on the curb and mine made 4.

I am definitely seeing many more MS than new MB S-class, BMW 7s, or Audi A7 or A8s. I am interested if the sales statistics would support that observation, at least in CA.

Skotty | 15 juni 2013

I've never seen one. Ever. I live in Kansas City. I suspect the first one I see will be when I travel several states away to test drive one, and the next one after that will probably be the one I will buy (assuming test drive goes okay). I would love to see one in person.

portia | 15 juni 2013

Skotty, I am sure if there is any Model S owners near you, they will gladly show off their car to you and maybe even let you drive it.

Tomas | 15 juni 2013

Good one today.
I was at a traffic light in West LA yesterday. A black MS pulled up behind me. After admiring it (and yes, checking out who the cool drive was) in my rear view mirror, I looked up and saw at the light across the street a blue one. Three at the same interection? Is that a tesla trifecta?

cloroxbb | 15 juni 2013

First one I saw was at the Showroom in Washington DC. I thought I would see more since I assume many people own them in Maryland and DC but I haven't.

david.cheney | 23 juni 2013

My father asked if people were asking about my S, or waving as we passed. I told him that I missed out on that: "three months ago I was like "OH WOW! A Tesla!"; two months ago it was "that's three Teslas this week"; a month ago it was "that's the second Tesla I've seen today." Today I saw three, not counting mine. And yes I do live in the south bay.. prolly more here than anywhere :) But wow, in four months!

negarholger | 23 juni 2013

Yesterday from San Jose to Half Moon Bay and back... seven Teslas - 3 white, 3 black and finally a MC red... Later at shopping another white one in the parking lot.

JackB | 23 juni 2013

Three at the Folsom Supercharger, eight on a car hauler going East on I-80 in the Sierras, and one going the other way as I climbed the Mt Rose Highway out of Incline Village.

Jack Bowers

Brian H | 23 juni 2013

Teslas here, Teslas there, Teslas, Teslas everywhere! And the Telanami hasn't even started.

mcx-sea | 23 juni 2013

Still seeing only a few in Seattle. Lots more when across the lake inn Bellevue, Redmond, Medina, etc. Closest one in this neighborhood was black, two miles away.

ppape | 23 juni 2013

How neat to see Teslas out there!
Driving home tonight we saw a RED Model S, just like ours. We were turning at the green light and they were at the red light.
My husband noticed them first and then they honked at us! I started waving back. I got so excited to see another red one!! My son was in the back seat and thought I was nuts! He said "Mom, do you wave at every white Prius you see? " (Prius is my car, MS is hubbies) I thought to myself, well that would just be ridiculous! Ha.
If I waved & honked at every white Prius, they would think I was nuts too. But this is a pretty special club. The Tesla Club gets it! What a fun club to be in!

My son is 14, he prefers his dad drop him off at school in red MS, instead of me taking him in the Prius. So I know he gets it!

By the way, was that you Shop or Kol2000?? We were right by Montgomery field.

If you are in San Diego driving your Tesla and you see a white Prius honk at you you'll know its me.

Jackie :-))

Xerogas | 23 juni 2013

There are very few in in North San Diego County, but yesterday while I was at the Escondido Trader Joe's in my S, a roadster owner tooted his horn behind me and waved. Then a few miles later I saw a black S heading my way on a surface street in San Marcos. The only one I'd ever seen in San Marcos before was my own ;)

ppape | 23 juni 2013

@xerogas.... I may run into you... My son plays hockey at Iceoplex, so we are in No. County often! What color am I looking for?

Jackie :-)

Xerogas | 23 juni 2013


Mine's flat white, and I head South via 78 -> I-15 past Iceoplex ~9:15am most days, and ~4:45pm on the way home.

ssarker | 23 juli 2013

Black (possibly blue) MS driving north on Wolf Road in Hillside, IL.

ssarker | 26 juli 2013

Another black (?blue) MS driving west along 31st St in LaGrange Park. Maybe the same one

ironmikeii | 26 juli 2013

I hardly see any MS's on my daily commute (25 miles each way). I don't understand this, as I know there have been lots of sales in the New York Metro area. As I continue to wait for my P85+ (August 17 delivery date), I have to drive into the bottom of the parking structure at the Short Hills Mall to get a peak at these beauties in the flesh. The Tesla Showroom keeps their fleet of test drive cars down there, and they have one in my Green Color :-)

Orangeman96 | 26 juli 2013

@ironmikeii I can't wait to see your Tesla in pictures and possibly in person. I too frequent the Short Hills Tesla showroom and parking garage to drool and admire the beauty of these cars.
Going to schedule another test drive on a slow period next month.
Perhaps your delivery date will be pushed up too!


reitmanr | 14 november 2013

Counting boring. May get better when we count MX!:-)