Haven't seen one on the road yet!

Haven't seen one on the road yet!

Usually after ordering a car, you see the car you ordered, usually with your exact color combination EVERYWHERE! I live in Nassau County, NY just a few miles from JFK and I have yet to see an S on the road.

dschulner | 9 mei 2013

Come to LA. You are guaranteed a one a day sighting.

GLO | 9 mei 2013

Anywhere in California. I saw one on Highway 5 in the middle of the state yesterday. 3 in my neighborhood.

selectinvestments | 9 mei 2013

I live in Western Suffolk and have seen probably 12-15. I should be getting my P85+ Multi Red/Tan in a couple of weeks. What color combo did you order?

dsecrist | 9 mei 2013

Same thing in Seattle and the eastside suburbs... I usually see at least one when I am out. During commuter travel times, I usually see two or three. I have yet to see a multi-coat red though! Mine arrives in less than 2 weeks. :)

J.T. | 9 mei 2013

I'm getting flat white, tan, piano with panoramic and 19" wheels. Order finalizing Saturday.

AlMc | 9 mei 2013

I have yet to see one on the road in the greater Wilmington, Delaware area. We were the potential home of Fisker and I have seen a number of them on the road...but no MS.

kafahsholtz | 9 mei 2013

I live in Kirkland, WA and see several every day. One of my son's school teachers has one (she alternates between an Signature MS or a Roadster every day) which I don't even count.

A couple of weeks ago there were two of us getting on the freeway at the same time. So, at least on the Eastside, they're getting pretty common. Kind of cool...

steve | 9 mei 2013

The highest count of random sightings I achieved when I paid attention in the LA area was 8 in the same day.

FLsportscarenth... | 9 mei 2013


Very well paid teachers you have there in Kirkland... Glad I do not pay property tax in your school district...

At least she puts the money to good use...

TimInNOVA | 10 mei 2013

Here in the northern VA, Washington DC area I see no less than 2 a day during my commute. One day I counted 5.

elguapo | 10 mei 2013

In MD (right by Service Center) I never see them. I know they are around, but have seen three in 60 days.

jbunn | 10 mei 2013

Tesla did not do any conventional advertising. The Santana Row design center in San Jose (Silicon Valley) was the first of the new S stores. Seattle also had a presence early on in the Roadster days and got one of the earlier design stores. I believe in the US, you'll find the number of Teslae you see on the street correlates to the amount of time Tesla has had a presence in your area and the density of stores in your area.

Out here on the left coast, Tesla has been around for a long time and has a big presence. Early in the Roadster program, you could only get them in areas with service centers. Seattle for example (since I'm familiar with it) has both a design center and a service center. I think that service center has been there now for at least 5 years.

So advertising is by word of mouth. Come out here to the left coast and we'll see a few a day.

Brian H | 10 mei 2013

A colored "density" map would be a fun mash-up. Anyone have enough data to attempt one? | 10 mei 2013

In the Bay area (CA) it's an unusual day if I don't see one. Yesterday 3, today only 1 (that followed me for a couple of miles).

bsimoes | 10 mei 2013

@FLsportscarenth... | May 10, 2013 new

"Very well paid teachers you have there in Kirkland... Glad I do not pay property tax in your school district...

At least she puts the money to good use..."

I'm a teacher and this was a worry of mine...that people would make just such statements. I didn't expect such comments here. I am always very clear to state that I held two full time jobs for more than ten years. I teach full time, and I ran a B&B. I gave up the B&B a few years ago, and the car is what I chose to spend that hard-earned money on. Maybe the woman came into an inheritance; maybe she won the lottery...please don't assume.

As many of us have said on this forum, we are not rich, but we believe in everything this car stands for and is. I spent one and a half year's gross salary to get my car. I want to do my part to kick-start EV's. Yes, I will vote with my wallet. I will do what I can to have people in this neck of the woods realize that there don't have to be any compromises with electric cars. I build in extra time for every drive I take, in order to talk with people who want to see the car or know more; I will love every minute of it. | 10 mei 2013

+1 bsimoes

shaneosullivan1 | 10 mei 2013

Come to Silicon Valley. I'm the third at my work just with the red paint :-)

deeptesla | 10 mei 2013

I got mine 6 weeks ago and it was the only one in my parking lot. Now there are 4. I see easily 3-5 more on road every day and more if I swing by Palo Alto. They are taking over :)

lnxcar | 11 mei 2013

Just drove from Belmont to Redwood City and just in that time (< 5 minutes), I saw 3 other T's. Big happy family :)

RanjitC | 11 mei 2013

A friend of mine drove up to the bay area last weekend. He says he saw at least 20 Tesla's on the way there.

RussellL | 11 mei 2013

I see 3 a day between Cupertino and San Jose.

Hills | 11 mei 2013

Well, the HQ is in Palo Alto, the Factory is in Fremont, show rooms are here, service centers are here.
As I drove into San Francisco Friday, a Model S was right behind mine, and another pulled right beside me. I believe the Model S in the Bay Area is outselling every other luxury car right now. I also believe the rest of the country will follow the Bay Area adoption curve.

AlMc | 12 mei 2013

Hills...Agreed. We will see sustained growth (good for earth and stock in the brand with the CR repost and more appearing in the Midwest and on the east coast, especially mid-Atlantic and New England areas...They are rarely seen in the Baltimore-Wilmington-Philadelphia area where I travel.