Highest Mileage

Highest Mileage

What is the highest odometer reading on a Model S?

I only have 5,300 miles.

David Dennis | 12 juli 2013

How long have you owned it? (And that's something anyone replying to this thread should add).

dayoreo | 12 juli 2013

Delivered March 2013, 5,300 Miles

hsadler | 12 juli 2013

April 29 6100 miles

SD Supercharger | 12 juli 2013

Multiple people have discussed taking their car in for the 12,500 mile check-up on other threads

SCCRENDO | 12 juli 2013

april 13, 6700 miles. 1 free tire rotation

Equest | 12 juli 2013

Almost 16K

Jewsh | 12 juli 2013

March 18th: 8,125 miles.

ginsbergr | 12 juli 2013

April 9th, 5700 wonderful Tesla grinning miles...getting ready to go in for y 6k tire rotation.

TikiMan | 12 juli 2013

Oct 2012, Sig 736, at 15,600

amneet | 12 juli 2013

DEC 2012, P2348, at 13700.

JayBoy | 12 juli 2013

Delivered 3/17/13; 10,200 miles (three long trips)

My5bAby | 12 juli 2013

Dec 22, 2012 P85 Non Performance

29,041 miles

July10Models | 12 juli 2013

January, 9000 miles

keichhor | 12 juli 2013

WOW 29000+ miles in 6+ months! How much extra is the insurance premium for mileage like that?

ppape | 13 juli 2013


What does P85 'Non Performance' mean??


gill_sans | 13 juli 2013

@My5bAby, have you noticed any range degradation in your battery after 29,000 miles of driving? (I just clicked Submit on my order last night, and this morning I woke up thinking, "Oh crap, when am I going to have to replace that battery??")

My5bAby | 13 juli 2013


Absolutely noticed no degradation what so ever. It is unbelievable. As for battery replacement, my guess is I will end up changing the battery by choice once new cheaper more power batteries are designed years from now. However by then Super chargers will be everywhere so I might just keep what I have, so I can try and have one of the high milage vehicles.

If you think I am exaggerating, consider the fact that no Prius owner has had to replace a battery. The original Prius was built in 1997. Now add to this the fact that the battery management on the Prius is significantly inferior to that on the Model S.

No significant increase in insurance.

Lastly I don't have the highest milage. Roughly 2-3 weeks ago when I was at 25K I was told by a Tesla employee that someone had 30K.

I was concerned about degradation when I ordered the car but now that concern is not even on the radar

Thrak | 13 juli 2013

A guy I work with last year had his 2006 (I think) Prius battery fail. But this seems to be rare after googling. My 2005 Prius has 150k miles and the battery is fine. Heh, anybody want to buy it? Need to sell to make room soon for my grey 60 ms coming in a few weeks!

keichhor | 13 juli 2013

Hmmmm...We are getting off topic. My sister in law has a 2nd generation battery (Honda Civic Hybrid) that has had to be "tweaked" 2 times already. So she is basically only getting 2 MPG better than the traditionally Honda Civic now.

jman | 13 juli 2013

Besides battery degradation, since that isn't a concern, has anyone who has racked up big miles 15,000 plus, had any problems besides the usual door handle difficulties that have been posted?
I mean things like changing tires before 20,000 miles on the 19" tires, or poor windshield blades, or scraping on the ground unexpectedly..... thanks! Jman from northeast.

gmd530 | 8 februari 2014

Delivery June 23rd 2013 Model S P85

Current (2.8.2014) ODO reading is 49953

lph | 8 februari 2014

My5bAby has just reported 62,000 miles on another thread....whoa, that takes the cake.

jkn | 9 februari 2014

My5bAby about 4800 miles/month
gmd530 about 7100 miles/month

Your car would go high in this:

b1berns | 9 februari 2014

Delivered Oct 21, 2013. 3560 miles

minervo.florida | 9 februari 2014

should't we call this over 50k miles, who cars if you have 5k or even 20k at this point?

gregguy | 9 februari 2014

Delivered 11/11/13 S60 12700 miles

billbaggy | 9 februari 2014

Delivered 12/22/2012
27,000 mi
Ideal Range - 285mi

Ideal Range was down at 280mi and had been since initial drop after first few months. According to another thread you can get the range back by doing full range charges for a period of time. I did this as a test and in just a few days it was back up to 285. I don't particularly worry about the slight loss (<10%) and I don't like to drive w/o regen when the battery is full, so I stopped the full range charges. The experiment seemed to be successful enough to satisfy me.

Brian H | 9 februari 2014

You didn't like be an un-regenerate high charger? ;)

Brian H | 9 februari 2014

typo: "like being an ..."

gmd530 | 20 april 2014

Ive taken a few more trips since 2.8 and now im at 81,303

GAGSTESLA | 20 april 2014

I don't even have mine yet, yet I think I have driven it several hundred thousand miles in my mind. Its getting to the point of sleepless nights, feels like Christmas is coming in May for this ol guy!

Newampster | 20 april 2014

#13853, July 12, '13. Now at 11,500. But leaving in 2 days for a 3800 mi XC trip. Excited to see this puppy run.

drp | 20 april 2014

#53xx delivered 3/2/13. 38,000 and runs like a champ!!!

jman | 16 november 2014

For those who have the MOST miles, what has had to be replaced due to wear? The rotors, calipers, ect ???

Brian H | 16 november 2014

The rubber.