Home Electrical Upgrade Costs

Home Electrical Upgrade Costs

Hey folks!

I'm wrapping my brain around a completely different experience which is Tesla and am working on the wife about taking the plunge :)

For those of you in Northern California, how much did your electrical upgrades run? I'm looking at both the HPWC and the NEMA 14-50. We already have an 8.1 kWh solar array on the roof (the max we can get with the roof geometry) and I know there will be variations in cost based on whether the box itself needs more upgrades.

Though I understand the cost of ownership will be less with a Tesla, selling a well running two year old X5d to get a Model S isn't computing yet for the wife :)

wojahn | 16 mei 2013

Have her take a test ride. You may not have to say anything more to her.

PaceyWhitter | 16 mei 2013

There are two main things that are going to affect the cost. First, as you mentioned, you are likly going to need to upgrade your box. Second, you need to know how long of a run you aer going to have to install from your box to your outlet. Without knowing those things there is no point in guessing.

SonomaDriver | 16 mei 2013

Depending on the placement in the garage, it will be a 30 to 40' run from the main electrical box to the points in the garage. With the NEMA plug, I don't think we'd need to upgrade the overall amperage of the box. With the HPWC, absolutely. I get the impression not many folks spend the $$$ to put a HPWC box in their garage given the costs involved and the fact most folks can recharge their car from a NEMA plug in a few hours given their driving patterns.

Getting her from Sonoma County to Menlo Park to test drive a car...lets just say she's boycotted the last few car purchases. I will try to combine it with a shopping trip to San Francisco to take the edge off :)

jasonsc | 16 mei 2013

I just had to upgrade my box, I ended up putting in a new subpanel, for the HPWC (I wanted to be able to get a quick charge if necessary) and my labor and parts were under $750 in SoCal. I was lucky in that I didn't have to do a long run, but there was a pretty good deal of labor. If you don't have a good electrician, I would check on Angie's List.

negarholger | 16 mei 2013

Stanford Shopping Center is also an option... it is just across the street from the Menlo Park showroom.

zwjohnston7 | 16 mei 2013

I was able to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet and 50A circuit for it for a grand total of $57.00 Electrical box is in the garage right next to where I wanted the outlet. Installed myself. So depending on your situation it can cost just about anything up to thousands of dollars.

jman | 16 mei 2013

I am looking to purchase a Model S. After having gone over the finances with the wife and the fact that we can afford one, the only thing holding her back is the cost. We went on a test drive and she liked it.
I showed her a power point, any other ammo I can use to get her to take the plunge?
Part of me thinks she doesn't want to be seen as one people who show off with their car. Her parents are pretty modest people. The car makes sense in every possible way to me. What was the cost to have a 220 outlet put in the garage?

alsettesla | 16 mei 2013

My installation is probably the ideal case. I hade an existing box mounted in the garage with service to spare. I had a professional electrician install a NEMA 14-50, and the total cost was $92.

reitmanr | 16 mei 2013

With a short run from a subpanel and acolocated 120v outlet, my 240 outlet cost $300. Located in Menlo Park Ca.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | 16 mei 2013

I took the opportunity to upgrade my electric range to gas as I love to cook. This freed up a 220 breaker in my garage. My installation was simple as they just installed the outlet a few feet from the box at less than $100.

I also installed a Level 2 Clipper Creek charger at work for myself and employees, some of which have the plug in Prius. It was $1500, and our maintenance team installed it.

I still have my HPWC which is still in the box. The power company has to upgrade our panel at work before I can have that installed.

I would get at least two estimates, as they can vary quite a bit. You might tell them it is for your electric grill instead of your Tesla or the price will go up.

carlf9121 | 16 mei 2013

I solicited 3 estimates to ensure the bids were competitive. 1st was from Solar City whereby they didn't come to my home but used Google Maps to estimate the run of ~ 125' conduit & wiring, routed from the main panel in the rear of my yard, around the perimeter of my home and into my garage. Over $1100. Another electrician quoted $4700 for the exact same work. The 3rd bid came in at $1200 and the electrician was willing to run the 6 gauge wiring from the main panel, beneath the subfloor and into the garage, much more asethetically appealing than having conduit running around the house and not impeding any future plans of home expansion. Some electricians refuse to crawl under the house. Maybe a phobia of the bugs or what they may find. In addition, I asked the electrician to install & prep a 2nd 240V receptacle in the ceiling of the garage to provide versatility where to park the car. Located Cupertino CA

SonomaDriver | 16 mei 2013

Carl was this for HPWC or the 14-50 240v plug? I'm assuming its a 240v plug.

Keith72 | 16 mei 2013

To get the full capability out of your HPWC you'll need to connect to a 100 amp circuit. Do you have enough capacity in your existing panel (my house only had 150 amp service)? If not, you'll need to install a new panel or expand the existing one (if that's possible). I'm assuming you're ordering your MS with twin chargers, because you'll need them to get the full capability of the HPWC.
Just out of curiosity, why are you going for the HPWC? A 50 amp, 240 V circuit will provide 30 miles per hour of charge, which would fully charge your battery overnight. Unless you're going to drive more than about 200-250 miles per day (assuming you have the 85 kwh battery), not sure why you would need to charge at 60 miles per hour. Plus, if you are driving more than 200-250 miles per day, you'll still need to get back home at some point during the day to connect back up to the HPWC and get some more range.

Rfgray11 | 16 mei 2013

$1980 least expensive quote.

Only panel that was not full was an outside panel on my house.

So have a 50 A circuit breaker with a long run of that expensive copper wiring (Romex 6/3) wiring?) under the house in to the garage to a NEMA 14- 50 plug and a gang J- box/(the electrician's words, not mine). Plus some outside conduit to protect wring until it goes under house. May need a permit.

I did a trade through my business and now the electrician's wife gets $ 900 of Botox so I paid $1080 after the Botox trade. Business car so it is a business expense to install.

SonomaDriver | 16 mei 2013

Keith72 - I did some more research and I don't see a need for the HPWC in my situation. My driving patterns don't mandate that high speed charging.

That means I can go without the twin chargers and and could go with the NEMA 14-50 plug instead. The high output DC rechargers (like the Tesla SuperCharger) go straight to the pack so the number of chargers aren't the issue.

I likely need an upgraded central box anyway but looking at whats needed for the HPWC, the benefits aren't worth the costs.

carlf9121 | 16 mei 2013

SonomaDriver - Yes, dedicated 240V, 50A line

ajamison | 16 mei 2013

rfgray11 Good use of bartering there, anything to make his wife happy is likely to be a sure bet in terms of conditions for a discount. Any married Man will know what I am talking about when I say if you can keep the wife happy just little bit more then she was previously then your life is about 40% less stressful ;)

Shakespeare | 18 mei 2013

Had 14-50 40amp with 50 amp breaker installed by electrician. I have my meter near my garage so cost was
$150.00. three other bids all more than $300.

RanjitC | 18 mei 2013

The main reason for a HPWC is EV-TOU. You get a separate meter on which you are charged a low rate and the HPWC shows that you can't use the the power for any thing else other than charge your car.