Hot motor?

Hot motor?

Today i rode a little bit faster than usual, but within 30kW range not faster than 140km/h. the indicator went into the yellow zone. After leaving the autobahn i slowed down into the 200W/km range but even then the indicator rose to yellow 2. after having problems with the air-blower for the PEM I fear similar problems with the identical blower for the motor. Did someone have similar experience. OutsideTemperature was around zero celsius.

eberhard | 23 december 2010

i just got the news, that the blower for the motor has some drop out and need to be replaced. will get a new blower soon.

Timo | 23 december 2010

This is kind of interesting. There are breaking points in Roadster as well as no-so-well designed parts. Air cooling blowers, roof making noise, poor floor insulation and heating.

What version of the Roadster do you have? 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5? Maybe those problems have been fixed in newer versions.

I hope that next version of the Roadster which will be build like Model S does have a bit better job in small details like those.

Douglas3 | 23 december 2010

It's odd that eberhard is having so much trouble with fans... maybe they got a bad batch or something. I've not heard anyone else complain about the fans, and I've certainly not had any trouble with them myself.

eberhard | 24 december 2010

i just picked my car up direct in Hethel five weeks ago. I already replaced a blower by myself after it was replaced one week before at the Tesla shop in Zürich because of contact problems caused by corrosion. its a model 2.5

eberhard | 24 december 2010

the replaced air-blower was for the PEM-cooling

Timo | 24 december 2010

Corrosion? That makes me immediately think about "too cheap components". Maybe Tesla is trying to make it cheaper to produce a little too much, and has started to cut the prices a bit too much. Cheapest option is not always the cheapest in long run.