How can falcon door save space, given the front row uses normal door?

How can falcon door save space, given the front row uses normal door?

I have a very tight garage, so this is essential to me. Since the front row uses normal door, which needs quite some space to open, it seems that the over all width needed is the same as a usual SUV, isn't it? Is this a design flaw?

jeanyvest | 22 augustus 2013

It's not a design flaw, it's THE design.

bent | 22 augustus 2013

A normal door wide enough to cover both rear rows of seats would be much wider than the front door, and would take a lot of space out around the car when open.

Take note that the designers wanted the rear door to open up far enough that you can gain easy access to the third seat row. Other cars of this type don't do that because it would make the door too large, instead they require you to squeeze uncomfortably into and out of the third row seat. The Model X will let you step in and out without effort, because it has the falcon wing door. The falcon wings also let you stand upright in the third row when the door is open, which apparently is useful for helping kids get in and out etc. A regular door would never allow this however wide.

jxu | 22 augustus 2013

Sorry I didn't make it clear. I mean my garage is so tight that even the driver cannot get in and out easily. Since model X has the same driver door as other SUVs, I'm concern that I'll have the same problem.

Can model X use scissor door in the front? (so driver can get it easily without open wide.) Together with the falcon wings in the back, that'll be perfect.

bent | 22 augustus 2013

If the falcon wings will open in your garage, you could possibly enter and exit via them?

Brian H | 22 augustus 2013

Yes, if your garage is too narrow to let you squeeze in and out via the driver's door, climb in from the second row! >:)