How many Signature will be made?

How many Signature will be made?

Just curious, Does anyone know how many Reservations were taken for Signature Model X?

Tsla-Up | 25 augustus 2015


eric.zucker | 25 augustus 2015

I'm at GP #3276. so definitely fewer than 3000 Sigs. More likely 1200 to 1500.

gerardP | 26 augustus 2015

I remember that early in 2014, Tesla limited the US signatures to 1200, and I had reserved at the time EU signature #280. I believe they should have worldwise between 2000 and 2500 Sigs.

ljornow | 26 augustus 2015

I have EU sig #493, so it's probably at least 500 just for Europe

the bonnie | 26 augustus 2015

North American (US & Canada) is at 1200
Unsure of the other geos

tomgibson9 | 26 augustus 2015

Eric.zucker - I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Tesla keeps separate lists for signature and non signature reservations. The 1,200 U.S. Signature reservations will be filled first, followed by general reservations. Your #3276 means you are #4,476 in U.S. I am GP of 1,938 and figured like you did until someone on this forum disabused me of this notion.

vandacca | 26 augustus 2015
eric.zucker | 26 augustus 2015

@tomgibson9: I'm not in the US, Switzerland. Some would argue we're not in Europe either.

I was told not to expect my MX before Q1'16, I'm happy if it arrives anytime before next summer.
This said, I believed the GP count started at some number after the Sigs.

I can't really believe nearly half the MX reservations in Europe will come to Switzerland. Tesla sales rep confirmed over 2000 MX were headed here. I'm supposedly in the first third.

ken | 26 augustus 2015

For what it is worth, maybe I can shed a little light on this. I was reservation holder 10,083 but was on the waiting list for the Signature series. A few months ago I was moved to the Signature Reservation list as number 1,436. Since then at least a few others have been moved to the Signature list per a few posts to this forum. I assume that there had been at least a couple hundred cancellations for numerous reasons. Therefore, I assume that they will be manufacturing about 1200-1250 Signature Series MX's. It could be as many as 1,400 but more likely, in the 1200 range.

AOe | 26 augustus 2015

where do you guys see a spec regarding EU? I just have #160 but is this for all of EU or what?

rossRallen | 26 augustus 2015

@ken - From what I've heard, new SigX upgrades were given sequence numbers on top of the original SigX build number (1000 - 1200, I recall), and SigX holders (like me) haven't had their queue number changed with cancellations of earlier reservations.

So, if you're #1436, then there may have been 235 - 435 cancellations and transfers over to Model S over the past 3+ years. Interesting.

ken | 26 augustus 2015

rossRallen | AUGUST 26, 2015 , yes that is correct. Just after I was switched to the Signature, and after I had paid my additional $35K, I was given a Sig#1436 which was on my profile site for just a couple of days, and then it went back to my old sequence number, but listed as Signature. So I assume that you may well be correct that a couple of hundred Signature reservation holders either cancelled, or switched to the MS. On the other hand maybe they are going to build 1200-1500 Signature vehicles, when I asked the Tesla Rep, she said that that information was not being shared. We will soon know.