How many Superchargers will there be in Europe? And will ALL the European countries get Superchargers? Eastern Europe as well?

How many Superchargers will there be in Europe? And will ALL the European countries get Superchargers? Eastern Europe as well?

As many as in the United states?

At least 150 Superchargers in Europe? But I would prefer even more.

It wouldn't be nice if a certain part of Europe is left out.

negarholger | 23 juli 2013

@Chacsam - who drives 55 or 65 in the US ? 100 to 120 miles distance between SC like in the US should also do it in Europe. The lower distance from the orginal US plan is required for the SC enabled 60 kWh models.
In Europe ( or at least in Germany which carries most of the long distance travel ) you have these great fast in fast out rest stops every 30 miles - perfect locations for SC. Start with a enabling network and then fill in as needed.
The MS is not designed for the European market - it is designed for the American market... too big for European garages, not enough top speed for German Autobahn,... I think Tesla needs to learn from the MS experience and incororate the lessons into Gen3 which just size wise fits much better into Europe.
In the US the MS heavily depends on home charging ( most garages have a high power dryer outlet ), in Europe this infrastructure does not exist - even if you own a house it is mainly curb parking. There we need fresh ideas.

Chacsam | 23 juli 2013

@Kleist who buys such a car and drives 85 on highways in Europe? ;-)
Let's not even mention Germany and their free autobahn.
If the announced top speed of 210 kmh is real, it should be enough for most people: even on those autobahns, you don't see that many people driving above 200 kmh.
Regarding the garages, people buying a 100k€ car usually have a fair garage (city parkings is another story indeed)

Jolinar | 23 juli 2013

yea, people buying 100k€ cars definitely have own garage in most cases. I don't remember anybody with such expensive car parking regularly on the curb. Well, at least in CR.

negarholger | 23 juli 2013

Think beyond the 100k Euro car - same problem exists for a 30k Euro car.
One of the major conveniences of the Tesla in US is the overnight charging in your garage. That infrastructure is not widespread in Europe - still a problem waiting for a solution.

Timo | 23 juli 2013

Again, I have to note that this does not apply to entire Europe. It is more a problem to cramped up southwest part of the Europe than rest of the Europe. Of course city dwellers in pretty much everywhere in world have a problems with parking space and lack of garages.

I hope in future there would be some sort of wireless curb charging for everyone in every city, but for that to happen before GenIII is chance.

If Tesla is listening, you should figure out something for us city dwellers too. More than half of world population is living in cities that are just getting bigger every day.

Chacsam | 24 juli 2013

I have been told by local Tesla people in Brussels that they were planning 1 SC station in Belgium before the end of this year, but they seemed to feel like one for the whole country should be enough.

Timo | 24 juli 2013

That's pretty much correct: Belgium is small country, from Arlon to Oostende (pretty much corner to corner) is just a bit over 300km according to Google maps. You can't get too far away from SC no matter where you put it in Belgium, so if you put it roughly middle of the country you have it less than 100 mile away from everywhere.

Brian H | 24 juli 2013

But it may not be on the route you want or need to get there.
Really complex.

Benz | 24 juli 2013

Convenience is important to people. And their choices do depend on that. Charging an EV has to be convenient in order for EV's to be the dominant means of transportation on the roads. The Supercharger network is a part of the charging infrastructure. Therefore I think that just one Supercharger location in Belgium is not enough.

EvaP | 24 juli 2013


Are you sure the ox carts you have seen were in Hungary? Sounds more like Romania or Cuba :)


European borders are not like the one between California or Mexico. They are basically nonexistent. The only way you know you have crossed a border is because the signs are in different language. No lineups, no passport check. Nothing.

Timo | 24 juli 2013

Belgium is small. If you put it in middle of the country, it is just small detour no matter which (longish) route you choose. It would also put it in neighborhood of Brussel by default.

In fact if you think only Belgium you would not need SC at all, because you can get anywhere in the country with single charge, but as a part of the European network, you would need to look beyond borders and in other countries as well. That's what makes it complicated as Brian says.

Also EU might well not be eternal, IMO it has expanded too wide already and as result it is getting weaker and weaker (economically). If EU breaks apart (not unlikely), border agreements might also change. Then it makes this situation even more complicated.

Brian H | 24 juli 2013

Heh. The view from Finland. I agree!

Benz | 4 november 2014

I had already forgotten about this thread.

In my first post I had mentioned a total of 150 for Europe. Now we know that there will be almost 300 in Europe in 2016.

data02 | 13 december 2014

La rete Supercharger italiana cresce velocissimamente, molto più rispetto a quello che tutti pensavamo. Tre mesi fa Dorno (sulla Milano-Genova). Una settimana fa Modena. Oggi tocca a Verona.