How to view your Tesla's location from a PC?

How to view your Tesla's location from a PC?

Is there a way to get the same information that you can get from the Tesla app but from a PC instead?

jbunn | 19 oktober 2013

There are Android emulators you can run. One is called BlueStacks. It installs the Tesla application and launches it, however the Tesla login screen is fussy on phones and tablets. Fussy in the emulator too it seems. I selected a Galaxy phone as my virtual device. I can't get the opening screen to allow me to enter text to log in.

If other people have better luck with a different emulator, or a different virtual device. | 19 oktober 2013


dramingly | 19 oktober 2013

Visible Tesla is a great program. Gives some information that isn't available on the phone app. Runs on java, which pcs and Apples both use.

jat | 19 oktober 2013

Note that you have to give your MyTesla credentials to any such software, so you have to trust the author. In this case, AFAIK the source isn't available, so you are *really* trusting them.

The API is documented in a number of places, so if you can write your own code it isn't hard to do. | 19 oktober 2013

The source is available!

WhisperingCJ | 20 oktober 2013

Of course, you also have to trust Java; not with your Tesla credentials, but with your entire PC :-S

jat | 20 oktober 2013

@kribensa - presumably you would distinguish between the Java plugin for a browser and applications implemented in Java. Otherwise, you would say avoid anything written in C++, since Windows/IE is full of security holes.

derek | 20 oktober 2013

I hated Bluestacks. Seemed like more of a virus than a program. I don't mean that it was malicious...just that it autostarted all the time, and consumed tremendous resources on my very powerful PC, all while I wasn't using it at all. I tried "taming" it by removing autostart, etc. But the number of Windows Services and Processes it runs in the background were daunting.

Thanks for the tip, I'll take a try at VisibleTesla now.

2-Star | 21 oktober 2013

How about a Visible Tesla app for IOS? It sounds much better than the TM Tesla app. I'd love to be able to see my mileage and energy use from my iPhone/iPad.

soma | 21 oktober 2013

Thank you, to the diligent and sharp author of the Visible Tesla code. What amazing contributors to the community this brand benefits from.

It also shows how much info Tesla's own app is hiding from users, maybe out of concern it would be too complicated...

DickB | 21 oktober 2013

I install Visible Tesla and it works good so far.

Duffer | 21 oktober 2013

Really nice app. -- many thanks. Any prospects for an Android version?

EESROCK | 21 oktober 2013

I downloaded Visible Tesla but immediately got the error message "Exception while running application" when I clicked on "VisibleTesla.jar" file. The application does not come up. I tried on both my PC with Windows Vista and on my laptop with Windows 7. Any suggestions on how to resolve the issue?

DickB | 22 oktober 2013


VisibleTesla ran with no problem on my PC running Win7. Thanks to GaryRem for the link to it.

I did download the latest Java 7 update 45. (jre-7u45-windows-i586.exe)
Created a folder “VisibleTesla”
Unzip the contents of “VisibleTesla” to the folder I created.
Open the folder and click on “VisibleTesla.jar” and the program ran.
Nice program.

MandL | 22 oktober 2013

+1 many thanks. WAY better than running an Android emulator.

jjb94941 | 22 oktober 2013

I get an error message "Exception while running Application" when I launch Visible Tesla.jar, having unzipped the contents of the zip-file to a separate folder. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and have verified that I'm running the latest release of Java. Anyone else experience the same error?

BarryQ | 23 oktober 2013

Yes. Also looking for help.

jjb94941 | 23 oktober 2013

@Barryfinn. I think I've found the solution: the first few times I used Winzip and it unpacked all of the files into a single folder and it never worked. I then tried using a different computer and it used the native Windows functionality to extract, thus preserving the folder structure. It then worked.

Very cool app!

Pungoteague_Dave | 23 oktober 2013

I get the same error message and it will not work for me

BarryQ | 23 oktober 2013

jjb94941.... "I then tried using a different computer and it used the native Windows functionality to extract."

Not sure what that means or how to do it. I only use one computer.

Brian H | 24 oktober 2013

In Windows, Extract is a context menu option (rt-click on a zip file.)

EESROCK | 24 oktober 2013

@Brian H
Thanks for coming to the rescue (for me, this is the second time)! I right clicked on the zip file and extracted it. Then I was able to run Visible Tesla.