I hope these are options

I hope these are options

Howdy. First off, I wouldn't have deposited for a Signature Model S if I didn't look forward to owning one. However, that doesn't stop me from hoping some of the things I see are options I don't have to pay for. Such as:

Retracting door handles. See
Are. You. Kidding. Me. I sincerely hope they only function when the key fob is within 3 feet or so. Otherwise whenever you park outside you can count an all the knuckle-head neighborhood kids depleting your battery by constantly smacking their little hands on the "magic doorknob". If aerodynamics are that important, how about a spring-loaded door what I reach into and squeeze a physical lever?

"Infotainment" Touchscreen. See
Seems Tesla has not learned the lesson Toyota did with the Prius. I've owned three Prius'. First and second generation had everything go thru the touchscreen. Therefore I can't buy an after-market sound system. And if the LCD goes down, I can't turn on my A/C or adjust my radio. Stupid.
You can understand why designers like it, as it's infinitely adjustable. I'm sure Tesla will try to sell us the "Hello Kitty" interface in 2013. I don't mind the GPS being on a built-in TV. But everything else? Please give me physical buttons/knobs. PS: what is with that bad leather on the center console?

Chrome trim.
Hopefully this is only on the test models. Trim tells me Tesla can't make a car that has two pieces of metal align properly.

Panoramic roof.
At least the FAQ ( lists this (and sliding moon roof) as options. If I wanted an convertible, I'd buy a convertible. Aluminum please.


Robert.Boston | 8 augustus 2011

Retracting door handles Surely these will only activate when the keyfob is present. Even assuming that that's true, I still worry about icing -- I know, we're told that there will be little heaters, but I'm still thinking that I'll end up keeping a roll of 3" blue masking tape in the car during the winter. I worry that this feature is too cute and too prone to breakage.

Touchscreen I am praying for thoughtful steering wheel buttons. I'm curious why everyone wants A/C on the steering wheel, though; I set my Audi's temp to where I want it, and there it stays pretty much for the whole season. Why the fiddling?

Panoramic roof From the recent blog post, it's clear that this is an option: you can only use roof racks if you don't have the panoramic roof. Like you, Slindell, I prefer aluminum there.

On my list of "optional, please":

+2 seating If I wanted to be able to seat an army, I'd wait for the Model X. Seating for 5 is fine for me, and so I don't want to pay for 2 extra upholstered seats nor to lug them around (or store them).

Of course, I also have a (short) wishlist of options I would add, but that's a different thread; you're looking for things to take away. (I would also take away about 4" of Model S's length, but that's clearly not an option.)

David M. | 8 augustus 2011

I wouldn't expect that the Signature will have any options, except maybe the 5 + 2 seating. It will come tricked out with virtually everything available. I don't think you will be able to de-select the included upgrades with your Signature purchase. Other Signature buyers Want everything and the kitchen sink. btw - I'm not one of them.

I must disagree with you on the infotainment screen. I've had lots of LCD screens over the years. Laptops, TVs, etc. None of the screens have failed. Anyway, that's what your warranty is for. And so, if you have one of the best audio/GPS/everything else systems on the planet, why would you be thinking about some aftermarket replacement?

However, I am in agreement with you on the 5 + 2 seating (which is optional). I would think that an extremely small percentage of buyers would ever want such a thing.

Trnsl8r | 8 augustus 2011

I'll add support here. I'm on the reservation list and if I end up buying a Model S, it'll probably be *despite* the door handles and big-screen, for all the reasons already mentioned. Also, can someone explain to me how someone can open the door for me from the outside if I'm in an accident and can't do it myself? ... and all power is gone?

I'm all for progressive technology and all (case in point, I'm planning to buy a Tesla...) but these two items are not really progressive, just more things that can break, eye-candy, and bragging points IMHO.

I do remember the 5+2 seating being mentioned as an option.

Bardlebee | 8 augustus 2011

I have perhaps an important question that I don't think has been answered or even asked.

Will we be able to upgrade batteries later on?

If I purchase a certain range, lets say the 160 Miles 57k vehicle, will I later be able to upgrade? Now I am not so concerned about the price, if say it cost me 15k as opposed to 10k, I would be okay with this. But, if we have no chance to upgrade I almost feel like most technologies, it will be obsolete within a few years.

I don't have to much of a problem with this except I don't plan on shelling out 60k every five years. This is, in fact, going to be my largest expenditure in my short career and hopefully my last large one. I live simply. :)

Volker.Berlin | 9 augustus 2011

It has been mentioned -- in some of the technical videos, I think -- that one of the design goals for the Model S battery pack was easy changeability. AFAIK Tesla has never been very specific about this particular feature, e.g., they have never made an explicit reference to BetterPlace or any other battery swapping concept that would eliminate the need for quick charging. But the least thing I would expect from an "easy-to-change" battery pack is that you can go to a Tesla facility and have a different pack installed, i.e., upgrade to the latest technology.

Disclaimer: This is all guessing and interpretation, but you can find statements originating from Tesla that warrant such interpretation.

Ad van der Meer | 9 augustus 2011

"Also, can someone explain to me how someone can open the door for me from the outside if I'm in an accident and can't do it myself? ... and all power is gone?"

If everything else fails: a brick, a tire iron, trust me: if the door isn't jammed, I'll get the door to open! If the accident is serious enough, a broken window isn't that important anymore.

Vawlkus | 9 augustus 2011

Jaws of Life still work, even if the door or it's handles don't.

Volker.Berlin | 9 augustus 2011

That's all true. Even ordinary doors may be damaged such that they do not open any more after an accident. Still I think Trnsl8r makes a valid point. There will be incidents where an ordinary door would still open, but Tesla's door does not. It will still be possible to free any locked-in passengers with more or less heavy machinery, but that takes additional time. Time that may cost lives.

On the other hand, we already have this very issue in most of our cars, and it has already been solved in a satisfying manner: Most modern cars, at least in the Tesla Model S' class, have power door locks which automatically lock while you are on the road. The upside is: Thieves cannot open the door and snatch your laptop at the stop lights. The downside: Accidents. But these systems are hooked up to the car's general safety system, which also controls the airbags, the seat belts, and more. When a crash situation is detected, the doors are unlocked automatically. Yes, even this mechanism may fail, but you already accepted this if you drive a car with this feature.

Similarly, I have no doubt the door handles will extract automatically and stay in that position in a situation when, e.g., the airbag is activated. That's sufficient for me.

Trnsl8r | 9 augustus 2011

Thanks Volker.Berlin. It's not that I don't see the others' points, but I also don't see the added value of electronic handles versus mechanical. My 80's Volvo had mechanical handles that did not extend out from the body, so aerodynamics cannot be the reason they're going with this.

And I for one am not walking around with pryers and crowbars in my back pocket...

EdG | 9 augustus 2011

As long as the handles are not all on the same fused circuit, it's unlikely that they'll all go at once. So, until the Rangers come around, a faulty door handle just means you have to enter on the wrong side and scoot over.

Same goes when the driver's door is on the windward side and it's iced over.

Unless, of course, you have a Signature, which comes with the laser powered remote controlled ice removal feature. No confirmation yet, but I think the lasers are mounted on a Tesla satellite (the ones used to power Elon's ship to Mars). The UV lasers go right through snowy cloud cover and the Signatures' paint has special "brighteners" to change the UV laser energy into heat and a bit of red glow. Watch out for refraction coming through the atmosphere, though. Skin cancer may be the least of the problems.

VolkerP | 9 augustus 2011

Yeah, this one is great. I use the version where you laser-point the key fob to the location that should be de-iced if I find a EV-only parking space occupied by an ICE. seconds later: de-ICEd. Wait for the smoke to clear and the debris to cool down a little, park, plug in and start charging.

drbones911 | 9 augustus 2011

I really hope they have the keyless entry and push button start. It is very inconvenient to take the keys out of your pocket. Also, please have enough ground clearance and rubber on the tires to drive in the real world. Thanks

Hfmalom | 17 augustus 2011

Has any asked or heard if ventilated seats are an option? I live in Texas and we use our Lexus ventilated seats 9 months a year. The heated option not so much (about 3 weeks a year).

Slindell | 17 augustus 2011

@Hfmalom: dude, until your post I've never heard of "ventilated seats". After looking it up, it sounds cool (!), but it's another power hog.

@David M: I understand what your saying about LCDs. I've never had one break, either. It's just the thinking behind it; let's spend a lot of money developing an interface for things that could be adjusted with simple, physical knobs. And the LCD will drain power from my milage. But I admit the amount of power used to keep the LCD and O/S running is less than the amount needed to play a CD, and far less that using A/C.

EdG | 17 augustus 2011

@Slindell: "ventilated seats. ... it's another power hog."

Only if A/C itself is a "power hog". Once you're saying you're going to cool the cabin, it is more efficient to cool the people directly than to cool the environment and hope it's enough to cool the people. That is, if you're back/bottom is sweating, you're going to turn up the A/C. You've committed to pulling the body heat out of the car... Might as well do it where it counts first.

Ventilated seats are more expensive to install, but, in general, are not more power hungry.

Timo | 17 augustus 2011

Same applies to heated seats. Heating the seats is much more effective than heating the entire cabine.

mwu | 18 augustus 2011

True, however when I have used heated seats I have also been heating the cabin. The two are not mutually exclusive -- the seats keep your butt warm, but if it's cold enough you're still gonna feel chilly where your body isn't touching the chair. I've basically used it as a stop-gap measure for not freezing quite as much until the cabin is heated. I imagine the same would be true for ventilated seats in hot climates.

I think most people would run both the climate control and the seats until the cabin is comfortable which means a higher drain while both are running.

That said, I don't know if having the seats temp. controlled means you can make the climate control work less (not turned as high) to keep you comfortable, and if that's true I also don't know if that would be enough to reduce overall energy usage below just using one or the other.

kingkong | 19 augustus 2011

why does it need a handle? there should be a proximity sensor to pop the door open.

kingkong | 19 augustus 2011

why does it need a handle? it should have a proximity sensor to pop the door open.

Slindell | 19 augustus 2011

why does it need a door? It should just teleport me inside.

Brian H | 21 augustus 2011

test post

Brian H | 21 augustus 2011

Huh. I had to register as "interested in buying a Roadster" to get past the spam filter.

VolkerP | 21 augustus 2011

they try to limit your number of posts, Brian. Next thing they'll do is make you buy a Roadster and proof-read the owners manual :-)

Timo | 22 augustus 2011

I think if you wait long enough your posts go thru by some automatic system. They still seem to post spam messages in general -forum.

Timo | 22 augustus 2011

How do you register as "interested in buying a Roadster"? I don't see that option anywhere.

Brian H | 22 augustus 2011

Timo; A pop-up invited me to join/register with something, and that's what it turned out to be.

Brian H | 22 augustus 2011

BTW, Timo, I just got an email from Emily saying the new spam filter got triggered by you and I posting "test" duplicates. I told her that was biologically processed bovine pasture grass (not really!) and said I tried the "test" routine only after many efforts to post other comments.

kingkong | 29 augustus 2011

Slindell | AUGUST 19, 2011
why does it need a door? It should just teleport me inside.

Slindell please excuse my sub-human intellegence. if teleport is possible you don't even need a car. Telsa engineers, if you are reading this forum, why not install a sensor instead of a retractable handle.

half brain on vacation kingking