If the Design Studio opened today (July 31) ...

If the Design Studio opened today (July 31) ...

If it opened today, it happened only for the Founders and 227 or fewer Signature owners.
It certainly did not happen for Signature #228.

As a low numbered signature reservation holder, I figured that others would be curious if it had opened for more of us. It did not.

I suppose there are still 13 hours until midnight Pacific time...

ken | 31 juli 2015

Thanks for the update, we are listening to you speak. Let us know when it happens. | 31 juli 2015

Elon said that the Design Stiudio would open in July. He didn't say for whom. Maybe just for him. No soup for you...

holidayday | 31 juli 2015

Did he say which year? ;)

TonyInNH | 31 juli 2015

Actually I believe he said that customers would be able to configure their Tesla's in July and everyone just assumed that meant the Design Studio.

Troy's SnX | 31 juli 2015

I was told yesterday that I would be contacted very soon. No mention made of the design studio. Model X Sig #23

eric.zucker | 31 juli 2015

Better a few more days or even weeks delay than a botched product. It's never good to rush development and engineering, sure recipe for bugs, and some can prove outright dangerous.

Mr Musk is right if he wants us to trust our lives, our wives and kids' lives to this car.

So far the model S is a brilliant success. I'd never have considered buying an American car, Germany being next door and a plethora of Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and other ultra-reliable, efficient and powerful cars available.

Tesla is doing to legacy auto manufacturers what Apple did to the phone industry. It's a real game-changer.

I'm 100% convinced the MX will blow our minds when it arrives, and with the experience Tesla gained on the MS, it will be stellar from day one, and get even better onwards.

Even further, Tesla's outstanding reputation is at stake, they have no choice but to excel. I like that and it reassures me that I'm making the right decision buying a MX before I even need to know the final design.

In a few years, I expect to be able to replace the battery with a higher capacity one and solve whatever range issues I may have. In the meantime the Supercharger network will keep improving, so for me the electric mobility era is starting now. And I'm not going back.

ken | 31 juli 2015

The market closes in another 20 minutes, let's hope that is what they are waiting for. One can only dream!

johnse | 31 juli 2015

@eric.zucker Hear! Hear!

TonyInNH | 31 juli 2015

Except it hasn't been weeks or days, it's been years.

rossRallen | 31 juli 2015

No soup for me either, at Sig #508. I wrote to my NA Tesla Inside Sales Advisor asking what's up.

NumberOne | 31 juli 2015

While I would have been quite pleased to have the design studio up today, Elon was just estimating. It will likely be up very soon, and every day that passes is another day closer. When I get my car (hopefully by the end of October or soon after that) I will have waited for more than three years, which is the longest I have every waited for anything. Every time I drive my truck I think about how nice it will be to drive my Model X, and what a different experience it is going to be. I spoke to a sales advisor who was quite positive about the fact that it is coming soon, but that the founder's models will likely be delivered in September, followed by Sigs and then general production models.

Many of the pre founder cars will be in stores for people to look at. (That last comment is my guess.)

eric.zucker | 1 augustus 2015

I'm pretty sure they won't just quietly open the studio. There will be a big event, press, TV, news coverage.
I had high hopes when a press conference was last convened, but that was for a ludicrous announcement:-)))

ian | 1 augustus 2015

Except for the fact that Elon has said that there wouldn't be a "reveal event". OK, so the words I remember him saying are that we will see the X when deliveries begin so I gurpess they could have a "delivery event". ;-)


Bob.Calvo | 2 augustus 2015

Things should break out around the time of the release of the second quarter financial results.

ernie | 2 augustus 2015

Title to thread: If the Design Studio opened today (July 31) ...
DriverZ | July 31, 2015

Answer to the "If": PIGS WOULD HAVE FLOWN AT HYPERSONIC SPEED....which would have been witnessed at SPORT[ing} events by INSANE people and would have been LUDICROUS.