I'm gonna get a model x- but not one of the first ones

I'm gonna get a model x- but not one of the first ones

Considering that many of the early vin model a cars had lots of issues, I'm going to place my order next year for the model x. Let them get through the bugs and then ill order it. Have been a happy owner of a model s now for a few weeks and my wife definitely wants an x but let the quality issues prove themselves out and then I'll be happy to take delivery in late 2015/early 2016.

toby_wan_kenoby | 5 augustus 2014

Congrats on the MS.

If you were to order the MX NOW you would get it towards the end of 2015. I would assume that orders will flood in at the rate of production or faster once the full specs are known so if you wait another 6 months I would think that delivery would be pushed back 6-9 months. That will put you in mid 2016.

I think Tesla is a lot more experienced now than when the MS came out. MX will be less buggy from the start. And 6 months in I would think that got everything ironed out. So ordering now will already put you past the "buggy" batch, if there even is such a thing.

socalsam | 5 augustus 2014

Possibly. And I agree that the rollout of the x will be less problematic than the s. Not saying there were a ton of issues with the s but between the pano roof, drivetrain and a few other minor things, I'm willing to wait a year or so after the initial release before getting the x.

Boukman | 6 augustus 2014

I understand your concerns, but as was pointed out Tesla is getting more experienced by the minute and I would tend to agree with toby that the MX will have way less issues than the MS. Actually, the only thing that is going to be new is the front power train ( and controlling software) and I am sure it is not that different from the rear one... and they have plenty of experience with that one. They say anticipation is half the fun so take your might enjoy it more after waiting a few more months.

carlk | 6 augustus 2014

There are only a small portion of MX that will be new from MS. Most overlapping parts will be whole lot better than MS from what they have learned in the last couple years. I'm not concerned. I will likely be putting my reservation in the next few days to beat the crowd when the prototype is released. It will probably be a non-performance for wife. I will still be driving my P85+.

carlk | 6 augustus 2014

I missed the part that yours will also for the wife. I can't think of a woman who could afford one wouldn't want this super cool SUV.

Brian H | 6 augustus 2014

A NASDAQ article(?) indicated the MX backlog is already 19K. I would expect that backlog to grow by >>1K/mo for the rest of the year to almost 30K. Orders placed in Dec. might have a 2017 delivery date.

Iowa92x | 6 augustus 2014


socalsam | 6 augustus 2014

they increased production capacity to 2k cars/week correct? that means 100k cars per year. the 20-25k backlog should be taken care of in a few months. Not worried about that.

ghillair | 6 augustus 2014

socalsam, They said production would be 2k/wk by the end of 2015.

Total production of S and X in 2015 will be somewhere between this years 35k and 100k.

If we assume 35k model S and 40k model X and production increasing each quarter, a 30k backlog of MX would take until the 4th quarter to clear.

Red Sage ca us | 6 augustus 2014

I expect there will probably be another expansion at Fremont around late Spring/early Summer 2015. Combined sales of Model S and Model X will be high enough to really start frightening ICE companies far sooner than they'd expect. If Model X ends up outselling any of its contemporaries in 2016, panic will set in, big time.

Boukman | 6 augustus 2014

They are already scared... as well as Exxon, BP, Shell, Hess...etc Also do not forget the people like Pepboys, Autozone, Jiffy Lube, Midas... Danm! Tesla is scaring a whole lot of people...!

Red Sage ca us | 6 augustus 2014

338,253 crossovers were sold in the United States of America... during the month of July 2014 alone. | 7 augustus 2014

There is a classic scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail that comes to mind.
Two sleepy guys are standing guard at the entrance to a castle. They look up and see a knight in armor on the horizon very far away, brandishing a sword, riding furiously toward them. Every now and then they look up and the knight is apparently no closer. They continue to dozing. Suddenly, the knight flashes by them, slashing them with his sword.
Tesla is on the horizon, very far away, riding furiously...

Laryrob | 8 augustus 2014

I think the real problem is the additional features that came out on the S in later models-like the parking sensors etc. The retrofit is outrageously expensive $5000-6000.which is absurd-one would think a little better engineering(or planning) would get it to a reasonable price

Red Sage ca us | 8 augustus 2014

Sometimes the specific intent of extravagant pricing is to discourage interest.

rdalcanto | 9 augustus 2014

I would reserve a car, and then push it back later if you are worried or the delivery is sooner than you want.

socalsam | 10 augustus 2014

That's actually not a bad idea. Might do that- thx for the suggestion. While I feel the x will be a very popular car, tesla should get production up to meet demand. I'm hoping for a minimal wait come 12 months from now.

jdb | 10 augustus 2014

Congrats on your Model S. I have been happy owner of Sig MS since 2012 and as gen production # 677 looking forward to early production version of Model X. Not concerned at all with early model glitch issues, more exciting to be an early adopter and I trust the company and its vehicles. Just had 24K mile service with MS, still exceeds expectations and happy with service center. Plan is that Model X will be for me to drive, wife will get to drive MS full time. Of course if she likes the Model X, she might decide to drive it which would be OK also, looking forward to being able to refuel both vehicles in garage in 2015. So my advice is to go for it.

Brian H | 11 augustus 2014

TM is, and will continue to be, dancing as fast as it can.

the bonnie | 17 augustus 2014

I'm with jdb on this. I've been a happy owner of a Roadster for 3.5 years (and no Roadster should ever be considered 'off the production line') and am looking forward to delivery of Model X Sig #2. If there are any issues to be taken care of, I expect that Tesla will take care of it, just as they've taken care of my Roadster. (And should mention, they've been incredible!)

Any day I delay taking delivery, is a day less that I have an X to drive. Bring it!

Brian H | 17 augustus 2014

Who scored Sig #1?

the bonnie | 17 augustus 2014

I'll let Sig #1 announce himself (he's on TMC very rarely, haven't seen him here), but I have told him to stay out of dark alleys. :)

socalsam | 17 augustus 2014

Car is reserved. I didn't heed my own advice. :)

Btw- if I owned sig#1 or even sig #2, I'd park that bad boy in a garage somewhere, put little to no miles on it and sell it at an auction in 30 years for a couple of million bucks! Just sayin.....

the bonnie | 17 augustus 2014

You're THAT kid! :) The one who spoke up when I was showing my Roadster and clearly was upset with me. I'd just said that I drove my Roadster almost every day. "Don't you think you should be keeping it in the garage, so you maintain the value?"

Noooooo!!!!! I have other investments that have made me money and others that will make me more money. Sometimes you just get to have fun.

socalsam | 17 augustus 2014

Oh I wouldn't get upset at you for driving the car. I think you should absolutely enjoy it if that's your wish. All I'm saying is that there will be some value down the road to serial #001 model x. Regardless, congrats on the reservstion. I figure I'm about 6-8 months behind you. Money gets wired tomorrow from the brokerage account for the down payment and then I should have my reservation number. 4000 cars a month is what we should be seeing if their production line updates live up to their expectations.

the bonnie | 17 augustus 2014

He really was upset over the fact I drove the Roadster almost every day. I could almost hear what he'd be like as an adult. yghhhgh.

I hope things ramp quickly, but usually (not always) companies plan a somewhat slow ramp so if there are problems, they can deal with them before there are a b'zillion product in the field.

Red Sage ca us | 18 augustus 2014

One of these years, I'm gonna walk into a toy show, where someone will have one of those Evel Knievel Scramble Van play sets I loved when I was a kid. It will be in the box, pristine, never opened. I'll pay whatever they want to get it. Then as soon as they hand it over, I'm opening that sucker up and playing with it right there on the show floor. Because I'm that guy. Yeah.

socalsam | 18 augustus 2014

@redsage- if its your money and your product- do whatever you want with it.

ian | 18 augustus 2014

Haha! Well said Red!

I can think of a couple toys I had when I was a kid that I'd do the same with.

Brian H | 18 augustus 2014

My hot wheels race track ....

Red Sage ca us | 18 augustus 2014

My point really is that a pristine Model X, barely used, will probably fetch about the same as a proven Model X, with 2,000,000 miles on it, in thirty years. Both would be unique. Collectors... collect.


jjs | 18 augustus 2014

I loved hot wheels. Now I own one. :) | 18 augustus 2014

Here's a version of the Model X you might want to hang onto:

socalsam | 18 augustus 2014

@redsage. Doubt it but like I said, your car, do,what you want with it.