Interior Design Assistance, Please

Interior Design Assistance, Please

Due to a limited number of cars at the SoCal Fashion Island showroom I am not able to observe all of the decors available with the grey leather upholstery. I have two weeks to select from the Piano Black, Matte Obeche Wood, Gloss Obeche Wood and Lacewood. My paint color is set as multi color red.

Does anybody want to suggest what would look best and be most practical?

ylyubarsky | 29 april 2013

My advice Black with Piano Black if it's a regular order and if you choose Performance - Black with Carbon Fiber

markapeterman | 29 april 2013

My $0.02:
Grey leather looks best with lacewood.
Tan leather looks best with obeche matte.

I have seen a multicoat red with tan leather and it looked great.

Getting Amped Again | 29 april 2013

The Obeche wood has tan and grey streaks that match either the tan or grey leather.

It's all personal taste. For me, the matte finish is more high-tech and modern looking, as is the grey leather.

Chunky Jr. | 29 april 2013

My original design on the website was one of the wood ones, but once I saw it in person, I went with Piano Black for mine. So much of the interior is black already, I thought it blended in better.

David Trushin | 29 april 2013

I would go with black leather and obeche gloss with the red. I like it better than the others because all the leather is the same color.

rick524 | 29 april 2013

Thanks all for the suggestions. I am now more convinced that the grey leather is for me. The obeche matte looks great in the photos from Got Amped. Markapeterman says lacewood is best looking with grey. Sure could use a photo of that combo.

hnashif | 29 april 2013

I was considering red with tan and glossy obeche. I could not stand the wait. I ended up w/grey exterior with grey seats and matte obeche.

I think that the matte has more cool tones and the glossy has more warm tones matching grey and tan seats respectively.

I like the contrast of grey or tan against black on the doors more than black seats. If you going with a performance model, then black seats w/red piping could be fine.

prytog | 29 april 2013

Multi-color red is popular for granite counter tops. Too bad their isn't a stainless steel interior option :)

prytog | 29 april 2013

...whoops, "there isn't"
joke: fail :()

dsecrist | 30 april 2013

hnashif, +1

I was going to get blue with grey leather and obeche matte, but when I decided to wait for the multi-coat red I settled on tan leather and obeche gloss for the reasons you mentioned.

Mark Z | 30 april 2013

@rick524; Visit the Costa Mesa Service Center and check if any of the Model S vehicles in the accessible parking lot have your interior color choices. Looking through the side windows will "tint" the interiors slightly green while the front windshield has a warm tint.

Comparing the wheel and paint colors is another good reason to check out the choices others have made. Tesla Multi-Coat Red is a beautiful color!

rick524 | 30 april 2013

Excellent suggestion, Mark. Thanks! | 30 april 2013

I have the Gray leather with Lacewood. It has a matte finish and non-directional grain.

I was considering the piano black, but I noticed while it looks great when clean, fingerprints standout. I didn't like the Obeche only because the grain is vertical (seems like it should be horizontal). These are really minor points and all the choices look good.

Best is to see an actual car with the combo you're considering as Mark Z suggests.