It's done

It's done

Model x reservation made. Funds are being wired monday to secure a place in line. Wife couldn't be happier as she has been driving the model s more than me.


Now the wait begins. Hurry up tesla and get those cars going.

pvetesla | 16 augustus 2014

What's your res #?

socalsam | 16 augustus 2014

I'm wiring money on Monday so I'll get it then. Right now I only have the super secret number that you aren't supposed to give out.

Hopefully the dashboard is up soon so that we can start picking colors and features.

vperl | 16 augustus 2014

You will get that chance to choose what ever about a month or so from production. No info on colors or anything else on MX . your probably at or above 12,000 RN . best hopeful delivery winter 2015.

socalsam | 16 augustus 2014

I'm good with winter 2015.

socalsam | 19 augustus 2014

Wire sent yesterday. It still hasn't posted so no reservstion number yet. I'll post it as soon as I get confirmation that they received the wire.

jason.b.martin | 19 augustus 2014

I was 12,128 back on August 8th

socalsam | 20 augustus 2014

The delivery date will depend on when they start shipping. If they start shipping march 2015- 12000 vehicles will be delivered by June of 2015 assuming 1000 model x deliveries a week. As you all know, production was doubled at the factory with the addition of a second line and that is supposed to be fully functional by years end. I'll be optimistic and go out on a limb and say that I'll get my model x by August of next year.

Obviously this all depends on the fact that they are not any further behind on the scheduled release of the car.

the bonnie | 20 augustus 2014

Are you assuming they will immediately start shipping 1000 vehicles/week or is that date assuming a reasonable ramp up to that number?

pvetesla | 20 augustus 2014


Now you got me all excited!! I hope you're right. I'm #7163. The only reason it's that high is that I had to convince my wife to take a chance on the car. She loves driving my MS so she gave the go-ahead.

Brian H | 20 augustus 2014

The second line is a replacement for the first, not a dupe. So no doubling.

pvetesla | 20 augustus 2014

Way to shatter my dreams.

ian | 20 augustus 2014

Yup. Can't forget they'll still be pumping out S's as fast as they can too!

socalsam | 21 augustus 2014

So I sent in my wire on Monday. Tesla can't find my $5000 wire. I'm so pissed right now. Not only is my deposit floating around somewhere in cyberspace but I'm getting dropped on the reservation line.

Alex K | 21 augustus 2014

@socalsam | AUGUST 21, 2014: So I sent in my wire on Monday. Tesla can't find my $5000 wire. I'm so pissed right now. Not only is my deposit floating around somewhere in cyberspace but I'm getting dropped on the reservation line.

Sorry to hear that. I made my deposit using a Credit Card (Amex) for the Model X. When making a payment for the Model S. I was able to do a ACH bank transfer, which was a lot easier than a wire transfer (originally I was going to mail them a check). I guess that doesn't help you, but just wanted to point out for others that CC and ACH does work well.

socalsam | 21 augustus 2014

Finally got an email that they have my money. 4 days of not knowing. Should have done a credit card. Do not do wire transfer. They don't have their system optimized for this.

Reservation # is #12482

crmohler | 21 augustus 2014

I reserved an MX a few days ago (#12,316). Now I have to research the implications of the federal and CA tax rebates, because I understand that you can only get a rebate every two years? I received my MS 12/13 and suspect I'll be receiving the MX some time in Winter 2015. I figure there are posts on here about that so I'll volkerize.

Brian H | 21 augustus 2014

No, some have purchased more than 1 MS, and got rebates on each.

craig | 22 augustus 2014

My Model X reservation was placed in 2012 (#2,813). I already have my new license plates TX- T MODL X so now I just need a Model X to put them on. Also added enough solar on my house to cover the EV charging for my current 33,000 miles per year. Cant wait!

barrykmd | 23 augustus 2014

crmohler - You should be fine. I have a rez number in the low 6000's and I'd be surprised to get my MX less than a year from now.

crmohler | 23 augustus 2014

Cool thanks @barrykmd and @Brian H. Who knew that the anticipation and forum obsession would start all over again with an MX reservation when I'm already happily driving an MS?!?

pvetesla | 23 augustus 2014

So true. The closer it gets the worse I'm becoming. Kinda fun to be reliving the MS days.

RocketReed | 24 augustus 2014

I'm in! After debating of either getting a used Model S with low miles or a Model X I decided to go for the X. Reservation holder #12519 as of Aug 22, 2014. Hoping for a May 2015 delivery. We'll see.

socalsam | 24 augustus 2014

It won't be May. Maybe August. But definitely not may. They are so behind and delayed that frankly it's a bit embarrassing. Yeah they want to get it right, get it perfect, blah blah blah. But in the hype of it all, they are delayed. Well over a year. So no chance in hell it will be May. I'm optimistic about august but even that is wishful thinking.

paradis | 24 augustus 2014

I'm still hoping that my #3747 will come in April to coincide with the end of my current lease, but I'm afraid it's going to be May or June and I'll have to rent something for the month or 2.

phition42 | 24 augustus 2014

Mines just over 7000, won't give it out exactly, so far the delay looks more like 6 to 9 months....not well over a year, but the I tend to be a glass half type

socalsam | 24 augustus 2014

From Wikipedia:

The Tesla Model X is a full-size crossover utility vehicle (CUV) in development by Tesla Motors. The prototype was unveiled at Tesla’s design studios in Los Angeles on February 9, 2012.[2] The Model X is being developed from the full-size sedan platform of the Tesla Model S, and will be produced with it at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California.

Production was initially scheduled to start by the end of 2013, and later postponed several times in order for the company to achieve Model S production targets and to focus on overseas roll outs.[3][4][5] As of February 2014, the company expects to begin deliveries for retail customers in the second quarter of 2015.

The delay is from end of 2013 to 2nd quarter of 2015- that to me is well over a year.

Red Sage ca us | 24 augustus 2014

"Production was initially scheduled to start by the end of 2013, and later postponed several times in order for the company to achieve Model S production targets and to focus on overseas roll outs."

Yeah... I believe that Tesla realized they were going to need a whole lot of batteries a year ago.  They had hoped for a total production in 2013 of maybe 15,000 vehicles.  People forget that they originally intended to release the Model X in Fall 2013, at least in limited production, so that run would have been contained within the quantity of 15,000.  Once they realized that orders were coming in for Model S way faster than they expected, and after the great reviews of Model S, and after the explosion on the stock market, they decided to take care of immediate demand for Model S and push off Model X a bit.

At first they pushed it to Q1 2014... then Q4 2014... then said everyone would have to wait until 2015.  Just so you know, there is no 'problem' with the Model X at all.  But the added time, and supply of cash, allows Tesla to make it a better vehicle than it would have been in 2013.  That will mean it will have a good chance of being that much more impressive to automobile reviewers, and hopefully garner more Car of the Year honors for Tesla Motors. 

socalsam | 24 augustus 2014

I'm not saying its a problem at all. I'm a fan of the technology. I own a p85 and have a reservation on a model x. But let's call a spade a spade. Doesn't matter how you spin it, they are delayed with the delivery of the model x by over a year.

If there are going to be unforeseen circumstances, then tesla should just keep their mouth shut and not make any promises at all. Rather than under promise and over deliver, this is a case of over promise and under deliver.

Red Sage ca us | 24 augustus 2014

Once again, the unforeseen circumstance was that Tesla Motors ended up building around 7,000 more of the Model S in 2013 than they thought they would. They immediately requested a LOT more batteries from Panasonic, who said, "No." What Panasonic did agree to was deferred shipments of slightly higher quantities of batteries, with most of the larger shipments coming in 2015 and beyond. Thus, the Model X will be coming in 2015.

J.T. | 25 augustus 2014

@socalsam Rather than under promise and over deliver, this is a case of over promise and under deliver.

This has been their way of doing things from the beginning. The question is: are they successful in spite of it or because of it? "You can't argue with success!"

AFAIC they can over promise and under deliver on everything. I simply do not get invested in their warped sense of timing.

Red Sage ca us | 25 augustus 2014

It is certainly better than the General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler/Dodge principle of, "Always Promise, Never Deliver!"

General Motors Aims to Have 500,000 Electric Vehicles on the Road by 2017 -- Counting hybrids...

Ford's Electrification -- Mostly hybrids...

Chrysler debuts all-Electric Dodge EV, Jeep EV and Chrysler EV cars -- All canceled...

socalsam | 25 augustus 2014

@red sage

Why are you trying to justify the delay? Doesn't matter why they are delayed. Doesn't matter it's because of increased demand for the model a or the lack of batteries. All im saying is that they are delayed over a year from their original announcement.

What's the point about posting about y&m and Chrysler here. We aren't talking about them. We are talking about tesla.

Just admit they are delayed and move on. It's not a big deal, it's just the reality of the situation.

Red Sage ca us | 25 augustus 2014

It is my nature to always believe that, "Why?", matters. This is not to excuse, but to explain. It makes for a more complete conversation.

finished | 25 augustus 2014

Yup. They are delayed. Next post.

socalsam | 25 augustus 2014

Yeah- seriously- they are delayed. The "Why" doesnt matter. move on.

barrykmd | 25 augustus 2014

In my opinion the delay is related to the falcon wing doors, not battery supply. They hyped it so much early on, there's no way they can back out of that boondoggle. So they keep working on it, trying to make it work right.

Red Sage ca us | 25 augustus 2014

Best. Doors. Ever. | 26 augustus 2014

If a delay occurred in the past, but one makes a reservation now, then there is no delay--yet.
If one delays making a reservation until Model X production fulfills all demand, then there is no wait.
If one buys a Model X off the showroom floor, I'll be dead.
It's good to be alive and waiting.

socalsam | 27 augustus 2014

The doors are pretty freaking cool. Must be my fascination with the mercedes sls and it's gull wing doors why I like the model x doors.

carlk | 28 augustus 2014

The falcon wing door is cool. Any soccer moms who drive a Cayenne or Odyssey see one open in the parking lot will want one.

socalsam | 29 augustus 2014

Agree carlk. Falcon doors are a must have. Totally worth it in this case.

socalsam | 7 september 2014

Getting extremely impatient with the wait! Come on Tesla- get this show underway already.

triciawade18 | 8 september 2014

I'm ready too!!! will be the coolest mom ever dropping off my little one :)
already have the plates:

Predicting spring of 2015??? :)

Mark K | 8 september 2014

Tesla is aggressive about difficult goals.

Thank heaven for that spirit, without which, the Model S would not exist.

Sometimes stuff takes longer to get done right.

But what defines Tesla is doing it so well that it's worth the wait.

The X will be well worth it.

Given that global Model S sales have already overloaded Panasonic's capacity, even if the X were ready today, Tesla's supply chain could not support it right now.

The extra time helps them eliminate initial bugs, and get the car quite well refined from the start of customer deliveries.

It all works out. I think buyers will love this car.


BTW - the falcon doors are not only defining of the character of the car, but in fact highly effective at their intended purpose - generous access with very little side clearance.

teslaaddict | 10 september 2014

I should have bought more shares of TSLA at 38$.(Growling).
Have a S Looking forward to the X with great expectations.
Res # near 1100's.

ian | 11 september 2014

You and me both Howard! ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 11 september 2014

I should have bought twice as much TSLA as each of you neglected to pick up...

ian | 11 september 2014


Sluggo | 12 september 2014

Picked up my new S yesterday. Simply blown away! Reserved X this morning for my wife.