Jay Leno Drives The 2012 Tesla Model S

Jay Leno Drives The 2012 Tesla Model S

Nice walkthrough and test drive with Jay Leno in his garage series:

sagebrushnw | 29 oktober 2012

Thanks Joe for posting the video. Can't get enough of Tesla S!

nickjhowe | 29 oktober 2012

Decidedly muted, but positive review.

Quote "While Tesla claims a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds, word is that sub-4.0 second runs are possible, establishing the Model S as a legitimate sport sedan."

So 4.4 doesn't qualify as a sport sedan? Really?

reitmanr | 29 oktober 2012

Thanks for the Leno test drive video. Very Cool!

MB3 | 29 oktober 2012

Thanks for posting. That blue paint is awesome. At first I thought it was black, but later lighting let the blue shine through. There was another S in the background. I wonder if he's an owner?

Epley | 29 oktober 2012

The black S inside was Elon's. Model S 2.

How'd he get the car to burn out? Turn off traction control?

Schlermie | 29 oktober 2012

How did he get passed by a Prius on the freeway?

TikiMan | 29 oktober 2012

Nice review! I have worked with Jay, and when he is not doing his show in front of a live audience, he is a fairly mellow guy. Thus, overall, I think he was fairly enthuastic about the car!

jinglehyme | 29 oktober 2012

Was that car black or blue in color? Looked Blue to me. Am I wrong?

David70 | 29 oktober 2012


He sounds like a believer to me. It also seems that he drove it quite a bit before doing the video.

TikiMan | 29 oktober 2012


Jay is the ultimate car connoisseur, and I see him all the time in Burbank, driving his amazing plethora of exotic vehicles!
If Jay wants to own one, it's always a good sign!

cerjor | 29 oktober 2012

When he did the burn-out it looked as if the road was wet.

breading | 29 oktober 2012

"How'd he get the car to burn out? Turn off traction control?"

That's my guess as well. Both times I've driven a Model S I was on wet roads and testing the acceleration never yielded a burn out like that. I could only get the wheels loose around corners.

sergiyz | 30 oktober 2012

You can disable traction control, this is how he did that.
I've managed to spin the wheels a couple of times even with the traction on, just for kicks ;)