Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

I have decided on the 60Kwh battery, 19 inch wheels, and the pano sun roof. I am not a road or stop light racer. I may like to accelerate to the speed limit quickly then level off. On the freeways I go with the flow of traffic. The 40Kwh would handle 80+% of my daily commutes, but the 60 offers much better performance, the extended range will reduce anxiety, and 80% charging and future deterioration will be covered .

Probably won’t get the Sound Studio as my hearing is not the best. However, I am still debating the Tech Package ($3,750) and the Active Air Suspension ($1,500). Are they worth it?

Leofingal | 21 april 2012

Yes. I am currently debating the 60KW battery too, and am close to getting it, but I definitely will get tech, air, and leather (for the heated seats).

gagliardilou | 21 april 2012

The 60KW is what I needed but am upgrading to the 85KW for the same reasons.

jerry3 | 21 april 2012

The active air suspension is going to be worth it because of the better ride, handling, and ground clearance that it gives.

I suspect that anyone not getting the tech package is going to be very disappointed because the tech package has a lot of the items people expect in a premium car.

Robert.Boston | 21 april 2012

Agree with @jerry3. Together, the Tech Package and Air Suspension will move your Model S solidly into the "premium" category.

For me, the Air Suspension is almost a necessity, as my summer place is about a mile down a gravel road, but the extra range from being able to "sit down" on the highway will be appreciated -- plus the better ride and handling.

Tech Package has several things very high on my "want" list. If you're thinking of resale value, I think this package and leather are good pay-back items.

stevenmaifert | 22 april 2012

I'm buying the S for the driving range the 85kWh battery affords. Right now, TM is the only show in town for that. The performance, styling and gee whiz electronics that come with it are a bonus for sure, but not my primary consideration. I'll get the standard white, leather seats and Sound Studio package. Nothing in the Tech package really excites me. I would consider the turn-by-turn navigation if it was offered as a stand alone option, but when you can buy Garmin's top-of-line 5" unit with lifetime maps and traffic alerts for $400, TM can take a hike with the way they've packaged theirs. I'm planning on keeping the car until either I die or the car dies, so I'm not too concerned with resale value.

BYT | 22 april 2012

Just yesterday I realized of the 4 Garmin GPS's I purchased in the last 2 or 3 years that 2 of them have completely died on me and have become $300 paperweights and since the warranty doesn't extend beyond a year, I have to replace them. Not to mention the $100 cost for the map updates.

I am definitely getting the tech package!!

stevenmaifert | 22 april 2012

With the exception of the battery, the Tesla limited Model S warranty is 4 years or 50,000 miles. I'm assuming here that it applies to the installed options you get at time of purchase too. If your primary reason for getting the Tech Package is the nav, you could replace a lot of worn out Garmin units with $3,750!

BYT | 22 april 2012

First off, I am posting from Model S VIN 00023 and no, the Nav is a very small factor in my reason for making an upgrade to the tech package.

jcadman22 | 22 april 2012

+1 @BYT for posting from a Beta

Is anyone concerned about the air suspension longevity? I've heard horror stories about OEM systems in Audis, Range Rovers, and (gasp) Lincolns failing and costing many thousand $ to repair/replace.

Volker.Berlin | 23 april 2012

jcadman22, here are two older threads that discuss expected problems with air suspension. As always, you can find examples for expensive failure as well as examples for trouble free usage for years on end:

BYT | 23 april 2012

@jcadman22, thanks, the geek factor was through the roof and I couldn't resist trying it.

I also was listening to the audio in the Beta since the place was quiet and it sounds fine to me so I asked the Tesla Motors Assistant Store Manager Kyle Thompson if this was the standard audio package in that Black Beta Model S VIN#00023 and he said, "OH NO, that isn't even as good as the base Model S sound system." Neither of us are Audiophiles however but I liked what I was hearing. It was playing a clean stream from the online Slacker Radio.

I asked again about the front license plate, not updates there. Drivable Model S's may come as early as July after the first Signatures have been delivered and he confirmed they are still on schedule.

At the Menlo Park Store they have the evolution of the Model S' from Concept Car (no VIN#), to VIN#00001 the very basic rough, and I mean really ROUGH test car, and finally the Black Beauty Beta VIN#00023.

Photo Links:

Larry Chanin | 23 april 2012

Thanks for the photos.

I was in the Shasta White beta in January. I believe it was VIN#14. It had a lacewood dashboard trim that was a charcoal grey. In your last photo the lacewood looks dark brown. The Design Studio only shows a charcoal grey lacewood trim, so I'm wondering what's going on. I hope they are beginning to experiment with wood colored shades of lacewood. In particular a lighter more natural shade would look great with a tan interior.


BYT | 23 april 2012

No problem Larry, I'm luck to be close to all the action!

The lacewood was a little darker, not as dark as it was in that photo but was on the dark side. It was not grey, a definite brown shade on Vin #00023.

I get the impression when I talk to folks at Tesla that when we look at these Beta's and they say 90% production models, they really mean that there are a lot of little things that most likely will change. Notably the rear headrests, front plate mounts of some sort, the audio doesn't sound as it will in the final cars and even some of the materials and quality are not up to par necessarily with what ends up in the car you end up purchasing.

Larry Chanin | 23 april 2012

The problem is that if Tesla does begin to offer brown lacewood as displayed in this beta, there are folks that have already configured their cars without access to this information.


BYT | 23 april 2012

Being a holder with a P before my number, I wouldn't know anything about that. I hope those who did place their orders however would get a chance to see what they are getting before it's finalized? Hoping for everyone's sake.

Every version of the lacewood I have seen live has been a dark brown along with the banana leaf. It does look a lot darker grey, almost a lighter black in the design studio versus real life.

Teoatawki | 23 april 2012

Also in the stores it is a dark gray, which is a criminal way to treat a wood with so much natural beauty.

Larry Chanin | 23 april 2012

Also in the stores it is a dark gray, which is a criminal way to treat a wood with so much natural beauty. - Teoatawki

I couldn't agree more. Here's how good lacewood can look.


JoeFee | 23 april 2012

Rock on Larry!

Elijah03291977 | 31 oktober 2012

Ok thank you

Elijah03291977 | 31 oktober 2012

Who are you!!!

Elijah03291977 | 31 oktober 2012

I need to get a vin number for a tesla x model to have a insurance quote can any pne help thanks god bless

s_curve | 31 oktober 2012


Get everything. If you're gonna be a a grizzly.

Teoatawki | 31 oktober 2012


You'll have a hard coming up with a Mod X VIN, since there is only the prototype. I don't know if it even has a VIN.

Brian H | 1 november 2012

You'll have to wait about 15 months or so to see any VINs for Model X.