Just installed Lloyd Berber in Black-how to secure?

Just installed Lloyd Berber in Black-how to secure?

Having tried the original solid black, and the Lloyd silver mats, I just put the black Berber in and both wife and I think they look Fabulous. The grey spots in the black greatly reduces the appearance of debris/trash on the mats.

Has anyone installed the screw-in clips for the mats? Any suggestions for where best to locate the mat such as tight back against the drivers seat well or towards the pedals? Also, are the clips needed and how best to install as well?

Liz G | 2 mei 2013

I never bothered to put the clips in. I need to adjust the drivers side a small amount once in a while but not really an issue.

DouglasR | 2 mei 2013

I have the Luxe, and didn't bother with the clips. It works fine.

R3dStang66 | 2 mei 2013

I didnt but the clips either. I am considering putting double sided velcro to see if thats an option.

FFox | 2 mei 2013

I drove 4 weeks before I had my husband install the clips last weekend. My desire was not to install them, but the mats kept slipping and curling under. I'm a happy camper this week.

mbcaffe | 2 mei 2013

I got the Lloyd ultimate mats. Finally installed the clips I drilled a small hole in the Tesla carpet to get the clip to screw in by hand.

jeffaa | 2 mei 2013


pencil2man | 5 mei 2013

I had tried industrial strength adhesive Velcro,in order to keep the top part of the passenger mat from folding over. The tape would not stick to the carpet in the car floor.