LA to Indio (275 R/T) on one charge? In real time.

LA to Indio (275 R/T) on one charge? In real time.

I have to go to Indio and return. I charged to the max range, (my first time in 6 weeks of ownership) and have 269 miles on tap. I'll have a laptop with me and will post if anything interesting happens. I'm planning on recharging at a blink/recargo/plugshare spot on the way back if necessary, but I'm really going to try and make it on one charge. It's 6:10 am here now and I'm planning to be underway in the next 10 minutes.

Flaninacupboard | 13 maart 2013

Go slow.

shop | 13 maart 2013

You should be able to make it. Is it 275 miles rt? I did San Diego to Indio and it took me about half a charge one way, but then my trip distance was only 240 miles. And I wasn't going slow. Don't drive faster than 70...

mdreader1 | 13 maart 2013

I have to do a trip from Thousand Oaks to Indio and would love to hear how it goes for you. What charging stations you needed to use, etc.

cbentinck | 13 maart 2013

Good luck

EVTripPlanner | 13 maart 2013

Not sure where in LA you're starting from, but my "Route Energy Estimator" estimates 44 kWh there for 127 miles at average road speeds (66 mph on I-10 now) and 46 kWh for return trip at about same speed. That is without any winds and moderate HVAC. While the estimate might be a little high, I think you're cutting it quite close! You can try out the (early beta version) of the estimator at

shop | 13 maart 2013

That's a pretty cool app.

info | 13 maart 2013

I actually arrived at 8:30 with 134 miles left. The Nav system said that I travelled 124 miles. I started with 269 and by my old school math, I should have had 145 left. I only "lost" 11 miles which is not bad because I had traffic for the first 50 miles and I did about 60 mph average. Then the road opened up and I did 70+, at times 80+. I am an older guy who has driven professionally and am not a stranger to drafting. I did a bit of that, but not much. There was a time when I was going to arrive with 118 miles, but managed to make up 16 miles. I will be leaving in an hour and am hoping to make it to the Supercharger in Hawthorne. I think it's about 135 miles, so it will be interesting.

I did not use a/c on the way out because the temperature was 57 when I left Long Beach. It's now 74 and climbing. It is absolutely beautiful and I understand why people live here. (Of course if you are here in June, July or August you'd understand why someone once said, "If I owned Indo and Hell, I'd rent out Indio and live in Hell."

I'll report on the way since I've taken the laptop out of the hatch.

shop | 13 maart 2013

You must have caught a day when it isn't windy! Good luck on the way back and remember that driving above 70 mph drains a lot of extra power from the battery...

JZ13 | 13 maart 2013

I am doing a similar drive in a couple of weeks. I am going to Indio from OC to golf with a client. It's 240 miles round-trip. I want to drive at normal speeds which will be as high as 80. Fortunately he has a 14-30 available in his garage so I can re-up while we hit the links.

The only caveat is that I ordered the 14-30 adapter a few weeks ago and it still has not arrived. If it doesn't arrive in time I will have to go make my own adapter. I will be concerned that my client will be afraid I am going to burn his house down with my self-made contraption.

Mark K | 13 maart 2013

Best shot to make it back is to limit to 55. Drag gies up with the square if velocity, so it is the dominant factor in your trip.

Boring, but effective.

info | 13 maart 2013

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! I think I Brodered myself. I finished up in Indio at about 10:45. I had heard about a "famous" deli in Palm Springs called Shermans. You know the place, celebrities pictures on the walls, etc. It's right across from the HIlton which has a charger. I was taking a picture of the wind farm and missed the exit. By the time I figured this out I was 12 miles past. Undeterred, I turned around and got lunch and charged for about 45 minutes.

Although I arrived in Indo with 134 miles in the tank, and thought I could make it back, when I pulled out of my parking spot, after about 2 1/2 hours, I lost 4 miles to 130. My 25 mile screw-up took me down to 60 miles in Palm Springs and after staying 45 minutes for lunch I left with 77 miles. The Hawthorne Supercharge was over 100 miles away. When I got to 25 miles left I pulled into Moss Chevrolet at the Moreno Valley Auto Mall. They were very nice and allowed me to plug into a Volt charger. I thought I was saved since Volt is 220 volts. I thought I could get 50 miles in a couple of hours. Not so. The Volt charges at 15 amps and I've yet to see the mileage meter move. There is a blink charger at the Walmart on McKinley st. whcih does charge at 22-25/hour, but it's 30 miles away and I don't want to leave until I have about 40 on the clock. It's 2:30 and I think I'm going to be here a while.
I may try and search out another charger, but this one seems to be very, very slow.

shop | 13 maart 2013

Welcome to the wacky world of EV chargers. The most reliable "charger" (other than a supercharger) is an RV park with 50 amp service. There you can truly get 25 miles rated charge per hour. All other EV chargers are really hit and miss and only "work" for extended periods, like all day charging or over night.

Gotta say, on a trip with zero margin, taking a detour wasn't the most brilliant thing I've heard someone do...

info | 13 maart 2013

Well, no one ever said I was the most brilliant person. The detour was a combination of errors, mostly caused by my own stupidity. Like Forest Gump's mom said, "Stupid is as stupid does". Boy and I felt bad when Brian corrected my grammar and spelling. I've got plenty of time to sit at this Chevy dealership and work on my Mensa application.

ian | 13 maart 2013

Brodered indeed. Hope they have a nice selection of magazines or you brought a good book!

dbfish | 13 maart 2013

1084 Columbia Ave in Riverside is several 30amp chargers at the University of California Bourns Tenchnology Center. Looks about 13 miles from you and would triple your charge speed.

info | 13 maart 2013

Thanks for the tips. There is a Blink charger at a Walmart off McKinley that is putting out 28 mph. I'm up to 50 and can make it home on that with 10 ??? to spare. I spent a bit more time, but most of it was my own fault. I'll try it again later in the month when I need to go this way again. As a test it was a failure, but as a day it was a success.

Brian H | 13 maart 2013

It was a successful test of the driver ... who needs some fixin'. ;)

weeandthewads | 13 maart 2013

It appears that food wins out over reason.

c.bussert67 | 13 maart 2013

Elevation is a huge factor! Looking at mileage just isn't enough info. I used way more energy going to Vegas than coming home. That's because its about a 1400 ft climb overall, going there. Coming back I was hauling between 75-85 and used less than 300wh/mi.
I'm tempted to try to make the 270 mile trip home in one charge... going there, I need to charge on the way, its just too much mileage plus elevation. Besides, who would pass up chili's baby back ribs? Only problem is I get BBQ sauce on the supercharger when I unlpug. LOL

info | 13 maart 2013

I'm home. And here's the rationalization. If I had used my gas car, which I still have because no one wants to buy it, I would have gotten home at 3:30, instead of 6:30. Now I did save $85 in gas, but it cost me 3 hours. During that three hours, I shopped a bit in Wal-Mart (Funny, I can shop in Wal-Mart for an hour and a half and not have anything in my cart) I got to spend an hour with Chevy salesmen who all wished they could sell Tesla's. I typed a couple of notes and talked to some clients on the phone. Not at all wasted time. I made some new friends and maybe picked up a client on the way as I handed out several cards.

I enjoyed the day, didn't have a SERIOUS inconvenience, took time to smell the roses, took in tons of compliments about the car and generally felt good about the car

ian | 13 maart 2013

Mission accomplished. Adventure had.

portia | 13 maart 2013

sounds good, richard, I found I drive differently (stops vs not stopping) and basically just enjoy the new way of doing things. thanks for the report.

c.bussert67 | 14 maart 2013

Superchargers will fix all that...
Sure I could make the 270 mile trip to vegas from my house in one shot, but the superchargers allow me to do it with gusto! It takes 5 hours at 55, or go 70 with a 1 hour supercharge! (did I mention the ribs at Chili's are totally worth the wait) No time wasted!

shop | 14 maart 2013

Sell your gas car on eBay motors as an auction. I've sold all my cars that way and it works well.

info | 14 maart 2013

Shop ,
Thanks for the advice but I think I've got two hard cars to sell. The best car ever made was the 400SE Mercedes. It has a V-8 engine and a short wheelbase in the S body. I leased it in 1992 and have tried to replace it several times and have always sold the replacement car because I liked the old Mercedes better. Now, although I have great respect for my old friend, loyal companion and trusty, reliable ride, it is time to put him out to pasture. The problem is that the car has 330,000 miles on it. It's worth less than $3,000 and if you want a $3,000 car, you don't want to think about $2,000 repair bills. If you can afford the repairs, you don't want a 20 year old car, even though it looks great (except for the driver's seat which shows a lot of wear) and runs better. The second car is a 1982 380 SEC with a single timing chain and 182,000 miles. This was used as an "extra" car, but it too, has it's own set of difficulties. I put them on CraigsList and E-Bay and all I've gotten is an invitation by several young women (or people who claim to be young women) to join their chat sessions because my ad was so alluring. (The ad: Old Mercedes for Sale)
Of course, I could use some advice. The E-bay I tried didn't give me an auction option. I may have gone straight to E-Bay motors and just set a price with no takers. If I've done it wrong, I'd appreciate a tip. Thanks again.

jkirkebo | 14 maart 2013

"And here's the rationalization. If I had used my gas car, which I still have because no one wants to buy it, I would have gotten home at 3:30, instead of 6:30. Now I did save $85 in gas, but it cost me 3 hours."

Or you could have limited your top speed to 60mph and done the whole thing without charging. Would have cost you minutes, not hours.

shop | 14 maart 2013

@info, a lot of people get confused by the eBay Motors selling options. First, you go to ebay motors,

You then select How To Sell A Vehicle from the Sell dropdown at the very top.

Make sure you select Start a New Listing (not sell locally).

Then type in your car one liner description, make and model. Select the category to sell under.

Then finally, you get to this screen:

Again, select Sell Nationally Using the Auction Style format.

This will set you up to sell your car in a fixed amount of time (I usually start selling on a Thursday and pay the extra few bucks to have a 10 day auction so that I have two weekends worth of traffic).

I have found that I get a good blue book price, certainly better price and WAY less hassle than selling to a dealer. And way less hassle than any type of ad. Cars are very desirable assets and the bid price will end up at the correct market level. If nothing else, a dealer will buy it at the dealer's buying price, but so far I've sold four cars, all went to private buyers at the blue book private sale price (more or less). And I don't get calls from people wanting to see the car and never showing up, etc.

Some tips: If you have a reasonably complete file folder of repairs, scan them into a PDF and upload it so that people can download the PDF. Take 24 pictures, and upload those in the listing, include one picture of the dash/odometer. I do not put a reserve price, the car always sells at a good price.

I happen to be selling my ICE car now that I've got my Tesla. Click here to see it for an example of what a listing could look like (the initial car specs were supplied automatically by eBay).