LA Times Article

LA Times Article

lov2krz | 9 februari 2013

I liked it.

KendallPB | 9 februari 2013

Not bad, though they should've done a final fact check before publishing. Tesla is already producting and delivering the 60kWh cars, but clearly the article was written a little while ago because they say only the 85s are being sold right now.

Also, their regen comment is misleading. The Model S doesn't use regen braking when pressing the brake pedal, but taking your foot off the accelerator triggers regen braking--mentioning regen, they should've pointed that out. We get the benefits of regen and save on brake pad wear.

christine_orita | 9 februari 2013

The author did say "Strip away the financial drama and all that's left is the best electric car ever made"

He certainly got that right

He also said after nearly a week spent in the cockpit, that Tesla has legitimate shot at making automotive history....

This guy gets it like the rest of us :-)

Brian H | 10 februari 2013

Yeah, a bit dated, but ... Predicting the Q4 results "in late February", 2 days before the actual release (article dated Feb. 9)! And other little slips.