LA to Vegas via Barstow Supercharger: Who has done it?

LA to Vegas via Barstow Supercharger: Who has done it?


On the fence between 40 and 60kW battery. I live in Las Vegas and infrequently drive to LA. Assuming worse case weather conditions, how reasonable is it to assume I could drive to the coast in my 60kW Model S with 3 passengers and luggage at a speed equal to the flow of traffic using the Supercharger in Barstow? Is the additional battery capacity of the 60kW battery going to make my Model S a reasonable choice (A/C running, cellphone/iPad plugged in) over our ICE vehicle for this rare trip?

sharpe222 | 20 januari 2014

I've heard they haven't just delayed it to put the one in Vegas first. I'm an 85 owner but unwisely stopped at 210 in Barstow one night which caused some anxious moments. Uncommon or out of the way routes will sometimes require pre trip planning and monitoring of speed/conditions which all owners should fully expect. La to Vegas is a route all owners should be able to do without any issues and Primm would solve them all.

sharpe222 | 20 januari 2014

In addition contacting Tesla and letting them know how much we still want the one in Primm can't hurt!

Docrob | 20 januari 2014

Yeh the dot on the planned SC list previously positioned in what could only be Primmm disappeared a few months ago. They're just begging for more "Broder" like incidents on what must be in the top three Model S road trips and also one that Rental car road trips from LA is likely to be very popular, Model S renters will be much less well versed in S charging and driving characteristics and therefore this route really does warrant a level of overservicing that Primm would provide.

sharpe222 | 20 januari 2014

In truth range wise they picked the wrong location for the Barstow charger. If it had been placed East of Barstow instead of the outlet mall then it would give about 20 more miles on that side of the trip where it is needed.

RDoherty | 20 januari 2014

So you arrive in Vegas with very little charge left -- where do you then charge in the city?

1LuckyGuy | 20 januari 2014

To you guys who have done the trip in an 85, do you pay much attention to your speed? I'd really not like having to always worry about going 80 and not making it. That isn't cool.

Burt Court | 20 januari 2014

jw40 is right, you can't drive much under 80 without being a hazzard on this highway. Been driving it since '58 (boating at Lake Mead) and have seen every situation imaginable from construction of the freeway, truck lanes added, blinded by butterflies, mystery planes buzzing thru the Mohave, etc. Superchargers in Primm and/or Baker will be necessary as more Tesla's hit the road.

Kimscar | 20 januari 2014

Just checked with my contact at Tesla about the red dot not there anymore for the Primm location. No real answers but he suggested that we go to the supercharger page a little over half way down where it says "how can I bring a supercharger to my area" and fill out why we want one in Primm. He says they look at that. I will fill it out and I suggest all the others that want it fill it out also as there is no dot there as of now.

1LuckyGuy | 20 januari 2014

@Burt I have hit the butterflies too! Thousands of them hitting our car! Wouldn't say I was blinded but damn it was messy!

1LuckyGuy | 20 januari 2014

Kim, post a link and make a thread about it. All of us SoCal people will sign it! I'd rather see one in Baker myself. But hell, why not both!

KWTESLA | 20 januari 2014

Enough of the whoa is me range talk! I'm leaving for Houston Tx. Next month with no superchargers for two days of the trip. We plan on seeing the sights also. Grand Canyon , Petrified Forest, etc. Stop talking and get rolling enjoy a real life ! We might even detour to Buckeye Az. Ampedrealtor is offering free salsa at his home for the Buckeye opening date!

Brian H | 21 januari 2014

"Whoa is me"? Woe is me that I read such a thing.

hademarco | 21 januari 2014

@kimscar and jw40, thank you. Great info and suggestion. Will follow your link on your new thread.

@RDoherty, there are many chargers in Vegas in various places hotels, convention centers: just check out recargo/plugshare. There will also be superchargers there soon in downtown. There is a Tesla Service Center that has a HPWC outside of the building available 24/7 that is not currently on recargo that you can use also.

NKYTA | 21 januari 2014

@sharpe222, I wouldn't have voted for moving it 20miles from where it is. It would be more of a stretch to come from Harris Ranch for me.

sharpe222 | 21 januari 2014

good point I overlooked that connection on the network and I have been to Harris Ranch! Anyway a Primm one would be the solution to all of this.

NKYTA | 21 januari 2014


Darmok | 21 januari 2014

This is the best site for Las Vegas area chargers. It has the service center chargers. Generally better than Plugshare/Recargo.

Burt Court | 21 januari 2014

Has anyone observed the mileage range at the bottom of the Baker Grade, at the top (Mountain Pass), then at Primm, and/or the reverse. Curious as to the discharge and re-gen on this serious hill.

hademarco | 22 januari 2014

@Burt, I was observing from the top down to Baker grade going to Barstow. I not only not did not use any miles, but picked up 3 miles with regen going with cruise set at 70MPH.

SamO | 22 januari 2014

+1 @hademarco

Burt Court | 22 januari 2014

Thanks, hademarco, thats interesting and encouraging. You must have been way up in miles going thru Baker.

hademarco | 22 januari 2014

@Darmok are you Mark on Plugshare? You're on my way to my cousin's house. I'll be sure to call you up next time to top off when I get back there again.

Darmok | 22 januari 2014

@hademarco, Matt on plugshare.

Darrenshepard | 3 februari 2014

We'll just did the LA to Vegas trip this weekend in a 60kW Let me say never again .... unless they put a SC at State Line. Left Barstow with 203 miles and our point of destination was 157 miles I figured drive conservative @ 70mph and there shouldn't be a problem, well didn't turn out that way got to Primm NV with 24 miles left and 37.4 miles to go. Now Barsow to Primm is 119.6 miles where did this go wrong should I have lost that much battery? Now for the drive home drove I drove 65mph ended up in Barstow with 37 miles left so driving at 65mph when posted speed limit is 70mph and everyone passing me at 75-85 was the only way to make it NOT SAFE We'll Tesla looked at my logs and said numbers looked fine but wants me to bring vehicle in to have battery checked. So if you want to drive to Vegas don't do it with a 60kW unless they put a SC at State line.

Darmok | 3 februari 2014

Plenty have done the trip in a 60, me included, but as you saw conditions, even if not obvious, can greatly affect range. All will be better off when a SC is in Primm.

hademarco | 3 februari 2014

There must have been headwinds both ways. Please Tesla, put a supercharger in PRIMM.

Brian H | 4 februari 2014

Uphill both ways. ;p

Darmok | 4 februari 2014

Winds can certainly shift out there. That's part of the problem. You never know for sure what you're going to get. Let's hope we get Primm.

SamO | 4 februari 2014

As strong an advocate as I am for a Primm Supercharger, ANYONE in a 60 can make this drive in ANY condition.

Drop your speed ONLY on the mountain climbs. You will still be passing trucks and slower traffic. You can even make up the time loss, by increasing your speed to 75-80 on the steep downhills.

moonfresh | 1 juni 2014

We should also add to the reason why Primm is a logical location for a SC is to help those with the 85kw in a few years. As the batteries ages, so will its ability to store charge. What do you guys think? Any new info on a SC being built in Primm?

NO2PTRL | 1 juni 2014

Last week in my P85, made it to Barstow from Woodland Hills with 58 miles remaining, and had 75 miles left upon arrival at the Vegas charging station.
Drove 78 to 85 mph most of the way, except for traffic.

Used cruise control most of the time.

I guess 40's and 60's could use a Primm SC'r, but don't see much of a need for 85's.

SCCRENDO | 2 juni 2014

@NO2PTRL. Going from Vegas to Barstow and with high winds it can even be dicey in an 85. I was not driving very conservatively and was eyeing my buffer. Left Paris with 220 rated miles and arrived Barstow with 4 miles. The guy next to me raced for Teslarati somewhere near Vegas and ran of juice the week before. The third car there ran out of juice 3 miles out of Barstow. Definitely shouldn't be a problem in an 85 but I believe you need to be aware of the elevation changes and wind.

NO2PTRL | 2 juni 2014

It was windy on the way back, not overly but was buffeting the car around, and still made it with miles to spare.

JAD | 2 juni 2014

The wind can be a killer on that trip. Couple years ago left Vegas in my F150 and nearly 30 gallons of gas. The car stalled and then restarted on the Barstow off-ramp. So 4-5 mpg and well over $100 in gas (I was towing the racecar). That trip can surprise you in an ICE as well. Very doable, just watch the gauges and slow down when necessary.